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Ireland (Social welfare fraud)

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Ireland (Social welfare fraud)

With the Irish economy in a poor shape, Irish people are obviously angry.
But are they getting angry at the foreign bankers who funded in partnership, the activities of Irish finance criminals. Are we getting angry at these financial suited criminals. Are we getting angry at the Irish politicians and high earners who have made big money rain or shine in Ireland.
All these people have stolen or taken so much from Ireland, but not one of them is going to suffer financially. They will probably view general suffering as opportunity. Buy up homes and land, bankrupted business on the cheap.
Social welfare fraud is wrong, personally I have never taken a red cent from the social welfare funds. I have been fortunate to have always been working and healthy.
I agree that any foreign immigrant found guilty of social welfare fraud in Ireland, should be deported and banned for life from Ireland. There are too many of these scammers here, who harm the lives of so many in genuine need of social welfare assistance or protection, both immigrant and native.

This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Saturday, April 02, 2011
I do not understand how no one made a phone call about the big earners, maybe they are just too clever and cover all bases.
1,000 social welfare fraud tip-offs a month
The Department of Social Protection has been receiving more than 1,000 reports a month from the public on possible social welfare fraud.
New figures from the department show that last year it received 12,648 anonymous tip-offs either by phone, letter or, in the majority of cases, email.
That is almost double the figure for 2009. Figures for the first two months of this year show a similar level of reportage of potentially bogus claims, with 2,131 contacts made to the department’s Central Control Section.

The Government has made cracking down on social welfare fraud a central plank of its revenue-saving efforts. The Irish Examiner reported earlier this week that last year the department saved close to €500 million through social welfare fraud measures, although this fell short of its target.
The latest figures regarding anonymous tip-offs came in a response to a parliamentary question from Fine Gael Cork East TD David Stanton.

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton revealed that of the more than 12,000 tip-offs received last year 9,738 cases of suspected fraud were sent by the Central Control section to the relevant area for examination.
Ms Burton said it was not possible to pursue the remaining cases because either not enough information was provided with the tip-off, or no claim was being paid. In addition to the reports made anonymously, other contacts were made directly to scheme sections and to social welfare offices.

The response from the minister does not, however, outline how many of the tip-offs turn out to be actual cases of welfare fraud on investigation.
Former minister for social protection, Eamon Ó Cuiv, told an Oireachtas Committee last year that just one-in-five anonymous tip-offs resulted in fraud being uncovered.

The new figures do highlight the growth in public awareness of welfare fraud. Last year’s record number of tip-offs contrasts sharply with just 1,044 in 2008 and 604 in 2007.
November last year had the highest single number of reports being made, with 1,657 tip-offs. Last June had the lowest monthly figure, with 721 reports.

Fraud facts
- More than 1,000 welfare fraud tip-offs made monthly.
- 12,648 tip-offs made to department last year, double the 2009 figure.
- 2,131 tip-offs in first two months of this year.

There are several posts here claiming that foreign immigrants as a group, account for most social welfare fraud. This was posted to show some evidence.
Welfare fraud estimate is 3 billion
I am not for one second trying to excuse any social welfare fraud.
Are immigrants just the easiest or most obvious target to identify?

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Ireland (Social welfare fraud)
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