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English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists

       English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists Information
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Brian T Dublin

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists

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So what she appears to be a nice old lady, most old lady's are!
many young let alone old ladies would like her lifestyle and Health care 24/7 doctors on call at the drop of a hat.

in the 21st century where people still live on the streets and go without basics, and across the planet millions are starving, so what she appears nice.
So did Hitlers old bird look kinda sweet, so likely did Ghengis Khans mrs.

Who she is, the celebrity misses the point and blinds reality!

Believe it or not, not all people who live in Britain are into the idolatry of the descendants of historic organised crime families.

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So what she appears a nice old lady!

the institution is immoral and obscene
like the historic British systemic child abuse known as fagging and corporal punishment of children in schools until recent times, like the historic unquestionable cheering and adoration of jimmy saville, the masses are currently blinded to immorality and obscenity by bling and a unquestioning enabling tv media!

lord this lord that his noble this or that - and we in Ireland are being informed we are somehow mature for welcoming such perverse obscenity as bowing to the descendants of historic criminals and bully boys.

English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists

Says he refuses to accept a knighthood from the Queen - unlike his pal Sir Mick Jagger.
He hinted that the Palace had already offered him a New Year's honour but he turned it down because he believes the gongs are a waste of time.
Asked if he had been approached, he says: "Might have."
But he adds: "I would never have any intention of accepting anything like that. I seriously don't know what it's for. It's not what I spent my life working for.
"It's not my place to make a judgment on Jagger, it's his decision. But it's just not for me.
"Am I anti-monarchy? I'd only have a serious answer to that if I was living in this country."
David Bowie
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Proof they fart just like any one else. So that's how they win all those medals, for farting. They are not really Royalty, not living Gods. Just actors of a pathetic humanity.
"I have a few problems with the monarchy -- from serious to less serious. One of them is why does she have to deal with her subjects with such a sour face? Surely her life can't be that hard! As one of her subjects, whatever that means, I can't think of too many examples of overt empathy and compassion. They just don't come to mind. ... A lot of things go on in this country, and she ain't no Dalai Lama, you know what I mean? At some point, you either go, well, arrogance, therapy or Prozac -- take your pick."
Asked if he'd accept any award in Queen Elizabeth II's annual Birthday Honours List, he replied, "F--- no!"
Johnny Marr

The singer and songwriter has told the BBC he believes the Royal family are benefit scroungers who do not speak for England.
"I do seriously believe that they are benefit scroungers, nothing else."
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It is not just a Irish thing to be anti Monarchy, anti Royal family. anti instant privilege, born into advantage.
It is logical to consider monarchy as a pathetic but obscene relic of a bygone age.

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It is not just the majority of the Irish who oppose the encouragement of these so called Royals.

Irish Community Video

Being anti Monarchy, refusing to accept that any humans being needs to be born into instant advantage, extremes of privilege.
Such values are Christian values, they are also core values of many other religions. These values are non-conformist values.
Contrary to the stereotypes, they are also values held by many
English and British people
About ten million people in the UK, say they are against the monarchy. Many more are indifferent.
Others have the insight to explain what should be obvious.

Irish Community Video

British Queen not welcome in Ireland.
Irish people having issue with the visit of Liz Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, has no automatic link what-so-ever to do with disliking English or British people.
It is not just a Irish thing to be anti Monarchy, anti such extremes of privilege. Confirmed as fact by many people in the UK who are Republicans. English Republicans and British Republicans.
Many famous people in the UK refuse to acknowledge Elizabeth Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha as their monarch. That is the real surname, it is not Windsor, they created that name to make them appear ethnically ancient English and not essentially Prussian.
British people, UK based anti Monarchists, and not just Irish, do not want to encourage or welcome any outdated and undemocratic monarchy.

So can we have a mature conversation. Can we have mature arguments trying to convince us that we should be spending 30 million on security for a billionaire. A billionaire who's family fortune was gained by cruel exploitation of humanity and especially so in Ireland.
So it is not anti British or anti English to oppose this visit by the woman who claims to be the Queen of England.
British Republicans

That racial decoy is used by the most ignorant in attempt to make the issue simple, silence debate.
Yes, there are extremists who consider this as a racial thing, on both sides of opinion.
There is a very small minority of Irish who would love to be British unionists. Matching their minority and ignorance is the opposite who hate anything British.
Concentrate upon those minorities and we will lose the opportunity to make better future relations in these islands.
It is not anti English to be opposed to Monarchy, any monarchy.
Fact - There would be no such upset or opposition to a visit by a British Politician, British Prime ministers and below visit Ireland regularly. Blair, Major and Callaghan to name but a few, have all made official visits to Ireland.

Anti British or anti English? Really? For that matter, most informed Irish do not even consider the Queen particularly English at all. She is ethnically German and her husband a Greek. Her lifestyle is not typically English or British, many of us do not accept that she credibly represents the British person in any form.

Just like our fellow English and British Republicans - Anti Monarchists agree.
Irish Community Images
Flag of a proposed "British Republic" used by Chartists and Radicals in the nineteenth century. Sea green colours were often used by the Chartists and earlier Levellers. Many Chartists were Irish. Probably based on the symbolism of the Newfoundland Tricolour (The Red representing England, the White Scotland and the Green for Ireland.

Pressure has been applied against Republicans in England - Parliament passed the Treason Felony Act in 1848. This act made advocacy of republicanism punishable by transportation to Australia, later life imprisonment.
Incredibly only recently relaxed officially in law.
The Law Lords ruled in 2003 that this law does not prohibit peaceful printed advocacy of anti-monarchy sentiments. So it took a legal case in 2003 to allow the advocating the abolition of the monarchy in print as lawful and no one can be prosecuted for it, despite a 19th-century act still on the statute book that bans it

Advocates of republicanism for the UK
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Independent columnist
Julian Baggini, philosopher and writer
Norman Baker, MP (Liberal Democrat)
Jonathan Bartley, theologian
Steve Bell, cartoonist
Tony Benn, former MP (Labour)
John Biggs, AM (Labour)
Honor Blackman, actress
Jo Brand, comedienne
Piers Brendon, writer
Pete Broadbent, Anglican Bishop of Willesden
Heather Brooke, journalist, writer and FOI activist
Russell Brown, MP (Labour)
Julie Burchill, writer and columnist
Ray Burns (Captain Sensible), musician
Beatrix Campbell, journalist and author
Jon Canter, television comedy writer
Louise Christian, human rights lawyer
Nick Cohen, The Observer columnist
John Cole, former BBC political editor
Stan Collymore, former footballer
Jeremy Corbyn, MP (Labour)
David Crausby, MP (Labour)
Roseanna Cunningham, MSP (Scottish National Party)
Ian Davidson, MP (Labour)
Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and writer
Edzard Ernst, academic
Bill Etherington, former MP (Labour)
Linda Fabiani, MSP (Scottish National Party)
Simon Fanshawe, writer and broadcaster
Paul Flynn, MP (Labour)
George Foulkes, peer, former MP and MSP (Labour)
Jonathan Freedland, journalist
George Galloway Politician
Rob Gibson, MSP (Scottish National Party)
Roger Godsiff, MP (Labour)
Christine Grahame, MSP (Scottish National Party)
Alasdair Gray, Scottish author
Paul Greengrass, film director and screenwriter
Roy Greenslade, journalist and academic
Mark 'Barney' Greenway, musician
Philippa Gregory, novelist
John Griffiths, AC/AM (Labour Co-operative)
Mark Haddon, novelist
Johann Hari, The Independent columnist
Stephen Haseler, professor, author
Roy Hattersley, former MP (Labour), member of the House of Lords
Paul Heaton, singer
Christopher Hitchens, author and columnist
Anthony Holden, writer, broadcaster and critic
Ted Honderich, philosopher
Kelvin Hopkins, MP (Labour)
Mick Hume, The Times columnist
Julian Huppert, MP (Liberal Democrat)
Brian Iddon, MP (Labour)
Robin Ince, comedian, actor and writer
Glenda Jackson, MP (Labour)
Bethan Jenkins, AC/AM (Plaid Cymru)
Patrick Jones, poet, playwright and filmmaker
Kitty Kelley, journalist
Philippe Legrain, economist and writer
Mike Leigh, writer and director of film and theatre
Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail columnist
Ken Loach, film and television director
Tim Lott, author
Caroline Lucas, MP and leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
John Lydon, musician
Kenan Malik, writer, lecturer and broadcaster
Michael Mansfield, QC
Johnny Marr Musician
Jim McGovern, MP (Labour)
Ann McKechin, MP (Labour)
Chris McLaughlin, journalist
John Milton, poet
Brian Moore, former rugby union player
Suzanne Moore, journalist
Morrissey, musician
Brendan O'Neill, journalist
Thomas Paine, author and revolutionary
Julia Pascal, playwright and theatre director
Edward Pearce, The Daily Telegraph columnist
Caryl Phillips, novelist
Stephen Pollard, author and journalist
Stephen Pound, MP (Labour)
Lance Price, writer and journalist
Gwilym Prys-Davies, peer (Labour)
Claire Rayner, journalist
Brian Reade, Daily Mirror columnist
Vicky Richardson, journalist
Steven Rose, scientist and writer
Michael Rosen, novelist and poet
Geoffrey Robertson, QC
Alan Rusbridger, editor, The Guardian
Arthur Scargill, former trade union leader, leader of the Socialist Labour Party
Anthony Scrivener, QC
Mark Seddon, journalist
Will Self, journalist
Paul Simonon, musician
Dennis Skinner, MP (Labour)
Joan Smith, novelist, journalist and human rights activist
Mark Steel, comedian
Peter Tatchell, gay rights campaigner
Dick Taverne, peer (Liberal Democrat)
Adam Tomkins, John Millar Professor of Public Law (Glasgow University)
Sue Townsend, author (wrote the best selling political satire The Queen and I in which Britain becomes a republic)
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian columnist
Jonathan Trigell, author
David Walton, educationalist, political campaigner and comedian
Nigel Warburton, academic
Graham Watson, MEP (Liberal Democrat)
HG Wells Author
Francis Wheen, journalist, writer and broadcaster
Peter Whelan, playwright
Sandra White, MSP (Scottish National Party)
Bill Wilson, MSP (Scottish National Party)
Leanne Wood, AC/AM (Plaid Cymru)
Gary Younge, journalist
Benjamin Zephaniah, poet (publicly refused to accept an OBE in 2003)
English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists
Republicanism is democracy, is a philosophy based upon equal rights and respect of all humanity. Monarchy is the exact opposite.

The Irish people should not encourage any monarchy here, not just the ones who claim to be English Royals.
All are equally as pathetic in the light of day.
Ireland needs maturity, not another fantasy majesty. Ireland should help educate all humanity, promote equality a sense of fairness, not this.
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Her state craft spin doctors prescribe a Smile after the English Royals do a North Korean style stage managed (by franc the wedding planner) visit to Ireland
Irish Community Images

Comments that reflect the majority but unheard voice of Ireland.

Irish QuotationMcGuinnes made the most sense. But even he lets himself and his supporters down by trying to fit in to questions. Many of us have problems with royalty, the queen of england visit was not natural or because of any demand. Those behind it made Ireland look a joke, like North Korea. They even had to hire in that awful little wedding planner, Franc to stage manage events. Literally using Children by giving them bodhrans to drown out protestors.
Why did he not speak out. McGuiness loses credit points by ignoring the majority of Irish who consider honesty a basic requirement, and can still think for themselves.Irish Quotation

Unionists sops and extreme British nationalists like ruth fugly Edwards quote (without any actual evidence) that 95% of the Irish wanted the English Queen to visit in Ireland.
Fact 95% could not care less, they were told by the media who were told by politicians!
The tiny .0001% of Irish people who voluntarily queued to view the English branch of the Sachsen coburg gotha family, would do so for any celebrity.

Irish QuotationLike that disgraceful McAleese pair and their stage managed visit of the Queen of England.
That side show was supposedly one of Mary McAleese great achievement in the Presidency.

Thousands of Irish children forced to emigrate - as she staged managed the visit of a foreign billionaire.
A nation brainwashed into dreaming the visit was natural and welcome.
RTE even commissioning a supposed history show prior to the event.
The Story of Ireland RTE Fergal Keane OBE. History myths?

What was natural or remotely mature about employing a celebrity wedding planner Franc to stage manage the Cork visit. What a disgrace, when everywhere public was shut down, Irish people told they could not walk their own streets.
Did Franc the effeminate wedding planner presumably come up with the idea of handing out hundreds of bodhrans to primary school children. Children cynically used, told to bang the drums as the Windsors got out the car!
Why so?
So as to drown out the protests of adults, people who were not into celebrity tv, or one of those 'on the make' from the visit.
Protests that were not even shown on RTE, who stage managed their camera angles.
The Irish public and the world not shown the real picture of events. Unprecedented security and unprecedented propaganda before and through out the so called visit.

Irish Community Video

Irish Community Video

Irish Community Video

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There is nothing mature or natural when you stage manage a visit, allowing only young children to go anywhere near a public visitor.
But RTE tell us we are now mature. We are somehow mature because we had a so called royal family to visit us. We are somehow mature because we accept the concept of royalty - in the 21st century.
A Royal dynasty who made their money from historical criminal activity and global terrorism.
How mature, how moral we have become!Irish Quotation

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English and British Republicans Anti Monarchists
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