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Eastern European & Nigerian fraud drug Criminals in Ireland

       Eastern European & Nigerian fraud drug Criminals in Ireland Eastern European & Nigerian fraud drug Criminals in Ireland Information
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Limerick Queen

Sceala Philosopher

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Eastern European & Nigerian fraud drug Criminals in Irel

Sun May 19, 2013 10:28 pm

Some Eastern European embassies and the Nigerian embassy need to get a grip with how too many of their respective nationals are carrying on in Ireland. Act before all Eastern Europeans and Nigerians are assumed as chancers or scammers or worse serious criminals.

For example, the number of Lithuanians and Nigerians reported as involved with serious crimes and fraud is surely not just coincidence.

Press reports show Eastern European and African criminal drug gangs are targeting Ireland, and are now importing the extremely addictive and damaging crystal meth drug into Ireland.
This drug will devastate parts of Ireland, something needs to be done before it is too late.
What is Minster Shatter doing! We are tired of his personal campaigns that suit his bias, he is supposed to serve the Irish people.

Of course the naive do gooders and extreme liberals will as usual instantly accuse anyone who dares mention a 'black person' or 'foreign immigrant' of any kind, in any negative light, what so ever, as nothing but a racist.
Like Robby said (who is black African and lives in Kenya) Nigerians have a bad name across Africa. Because of the email scams, People all over the world relate scam when they hear the word Nigerian. That is really unfair to all the good Nigerians, but it is a worldwide reality because the Nigerian Government did not act.

Many Irish people believe that our own politicians are to blame, allowing people who have criminal convictions into Ireland. In the past we attracted mainly migrants who were looking for work and willing to contribute legally to Ireland. Recently we seem to be attracting a high percentage of criminal low lives especially from Eastern Europe and Nigeria. Most Irish People and Journalists believe this is because our systems are wide open to abuse to fraud. They are encouraged to come here and commit fraud and other serious crimes.
Serious criminals from Eastern Europe and Nigeria obviously think Ireland is a soft easy target.

Sickening to read how these Nigerian criminals thought of Ireland.
Sickening to know that liberal extremists and solicitors effectively encourage these criminals.
A remarkable insight into the view of Ireland as a destination for foreign criminals was discovered by gardai in Dublin last year after they had arrested three Nigerian nationals, members of an organised mobile phone theft and drug smuggling organisation. The gardai checked the phones of the three arrested and on one, they found a text that had been sent to an associate back in Nigeria. It read: "Come to Ireland. It is a virgin country. There is plenty of money to be made."

Not just Nigerians, Ireland is attracting criminals from Eastern Europe and Roma theft gangs.

The Garda (who are being ordered to cut back costs by Shatter of the 'new citizen parades charades') can not cope with our own home grown criminals. Ireland's Law enforcement agents of every kind in Ireland are being told to cut back, so more and more foreign criminals will come and take advantage.

It will take some brave victim of crime tostand up on our behalf and take legal action for negligence in court against who ever is ultimately responsible for the lax laws in Ireland. It will take some brave victim to take the European Union to court for encouraging the free movement of serious criminals across Europe.

The People of Ireland need and deserve to be protected from fraudsters and criminals. Native and immigrant alike demand that criminals and fraudsters are locked up, and those who are immigrants be deported and banned from ever entering Ireland again.

These reports of serious crimes that have involved Nigerian immigrants, just look what has been going on in Ireland.
Decent Nigerians and their embassy need to do something about this.

The murder recently of Lithuanian gangster Gintaras Zelvys in Rathcoole, Co Dublin, is a further signal of the invasion of Ireland by foreign criminals involved in everything from organised begging to hi-tech crime.
They are attracted here, gardai say, by what the criminals regard as a remarkably lenient justice system and the low risk of being caught.

An elaborate network of flight patterns using European hub airports - designed to confuse police and customs officers trying to intercept drug couriers - has been exposed by the Garda operation.

Detectives from the national drugs unit seized 90 kilos of high-potency cannabis with a street value of well over �1m in a series of swoops over the past 10 days.

And with the aid of members of the national immigration unit, a total of 10 suspects, including a woman from Newbridge, Co Kildare, have been arrested.

Five Nigerians and four South Africans were also questioned by detectives under the drug trafficking legislation after being detained mainly in raids on Dublin hotels.

Gardai discovered that the Nigerian-controlled syndicate was concentrating mainly on using Ireland as a transit country to smuggle drugs into Britain and had been operating the Dublin air route for the past 18 months.

Nigerian fraud driving tests in Ireland 2009
It is believed that the suspect, who is in his mid thirties was a driving instructor in his home country. He has been living in Ireland for the past decade. The defendant appeared at Dundalk District Court in March and was convicted of similar type charges dating back to 2009. He received a community service order of 200 hours and was banned from driving for five years. A garda source confirmed that investigations were ongoing and that further charges are likely. �We are concentrating on the Kilkenny and Wicklow areas,� he said.

Nigerian fraud driving tests in Ireland 2011
Gardai arrest Nigerian impersonator suspect
Published on 13/07/2011 10:26
A NIGERIAN who was arrested on suspicion of impersonating his fellow country men and women in order to sit their driving tests for a fee of 500 euro has been released on bail.

Nigerian fraud driving tests in Ireland 2013
2013 Irish people are still at risk of this very serious fraud crime, carried out by Nigerian national(s)in Ireland.
Irish Community Images

African gangs use 'front' businesses to sell 'meth' -
African gangs using front businesses as bases in inner-city Dublin are the ... for the highly addictive substance methamphetamine, known as cryst. ... into Dublin city centre in large numbers to buy from the, mainly, Nigerian ...

A man has been charged today in connection with the first ever seizure of the drug crystal meth at Dublin Airport.

Pheilman Khamali (aged 39) from Lesotho in Africa has been remanded in custody for a week.

Around 2.5 kilograms of crystal meth was found concealed in the framework of two suit cases yesterday by a team consisting of customs officers and members of the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

It is the first haul of its type at Dublin Airport, but the third time the drug has been seized in the State. In 2009, crystal meth was found in Kerry and in 2008 it was seized in County Offaly.

Gangs from eastern Europe importing drugs into Ireland
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
CONOR LALLY, Crime Correspondent
GARDA� AND Customs officers investigating the activities of an eastern European drugs cartel have made the biggest seizure ever in Ireland of the highly-addictive synthetic drug crystal meth.

Some 6kg (13.2lbs) of the drug were found in an operation in Co Offaly. The drug, the official name of which is methamphetamine, has only ever been found here in very small quantities.

The discovery was made as part of Operation Chestnut which was established last year to investigate gangs from eastern Europe importing drugs into the Republic.

Members of the Garda National Drugs Unit and Revenue's Customs officers put a surveillance operation in place after two vehicles suspected of containing drugs entered the Republic via Dublin Port.

The two vehicles were driven to a yard in Birr, Co Offaly, where they were left for collection. On Tuesday, when a man entered the yard to retrieve the drugs, garda� moved in.

The man, a 39-year-old Lithuanian national, was arrested at the scene under section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act. He was taken for questioning to Tullamore Garda station.

The vehicles containing the drugs were taken from Birr to Garda headquarters in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, for analysis.

A search of the vehicles yielded 8kg (17.63lbs) of herbal cannabis and 6kg of a substance which garda� initially believed to be cocaine.

However, analysis of the drugs yesterday revealed that the portion of the haul believed to be cocaine was in fact crystal meth.

A senior Garda source described the find as "very significant".

"It's a drug we've been worried about for a long time because of the problems it's caused in other countries. But until now we've only ever had a few seizures and they've been very small. The biggest one anyone can remember was around 200 grammes."

Tuesday's haul is valued at up to �150,000. However, garda� said the drug is found so infrequently here and in such small quantities that they have never established a per-kilo street value for it.

Garda� believe the man arrested in Birr was working for a Lithuanian gang distributing drugs around Ireland.

Investigations were continuing last night, with follow-up searches in Cork and Kerry.

Garda sources said Operation Chestnut was established because of concerns that eastern European gangs, mainly Lithuanian, were importing drugs into Ireland in greater quantities than ever.

Some of the gangs have used African couriers to move drugs by air into the state from South Africa, while other consignments have come from Europe hidden in cars that travel into the Republic by car ferry.

Last autumn garda� working under Operation Chestnut, acting on information supplied by Customs officers, made a number of arrests and seized drugs in two separate operations.

In one case a female British passport holder of Africa origin was detected carrying a suitcase containing herbal cannabis. The drugs had been flown in from South Africa via Germany.

Garda� followed the woman to an address in west Dublin, and when she reached the house the officers move in. They found 20kg of herbal cannabis in her suitcase and found cocaine valued at around �100,000 at the house.

The British passport holder was arrested, along with a South African woman and Nigerian man.

In the other Operation Chestnut case, two Nigerians and a Lithuanian national were arrested in south Dublin as they were attempting to collect cocaine valued at �250,000.

The drugs had been sent by post to the address from Peru via Belgium.

Garda� were tipped off after the Belgian authorities notified Customs officers here, and the drugs were allowed reach their destination by a controlled delivery.


Methamphetamine is a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant that can be injected, snorted, smoked, or ingested orally.

Users feel a short yet intense "rush" when the drug is initially administered. However, a user can stay high for up to 12 hours.

The immediate effects of methamphetamine include increased activity and decreased appetite. It also lowers a user's inhibitions and greatly increases sex drive.

The drug is produced from a cocktail of chemicals in back street laboratories in the US, Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Central America.

I don't know of many Irish people who ever expected, or think positive, the extremely high per capita number of immigrants that came into Ireland, and came in such a short time. They have been allowed in either via EU laws or lax or corrupt Irish laws that encourage economic migrants to pretend they are asylum seekers.

Why are any Nigerians or for that matter Indians or Pakistanis or others in Ireland in any number anyway? Nigeria or others are not in the EU. Nigerian embassy say no need for any Nigerian to be claiming asylum in Ireland.

Extreme liberals, will assume some of the following responses, that of a simple racist.
Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland responding to Questions by Nigerians in Ireland

You said that most of the negative reports Nigeria is getting are mostly from Nigerians themselves. So what is your government doing to correct this negative impression particularly here in Ireland?

Let me start by telling you what we did as the representative of the Nigerian Government: first, we tried as much as possible to counter some of the bare-faced lies told by Asylum seekers who wanted to curry favour, to attract the attention of the Irish people to enable them to remain here. When you read things like these you would want the authorities at home to first of all investigate whether these stories really affected these people. If the stories were false of course we had to go through the same route they went to refute them. The Second thing we did was to go round many counties of Ireland to educate Nigerians, to inform them that the more you disgraced yourselves the more the Irish themselves will look upon you as part and parcel of what you said you were running away from. So between then and now I can see that much of that bad publicity has reduced.

I understand your position as the Nigerian Ambassador who is obviously compelled to counter these lies people tell to secure residence status. But let's look at it from the humane angle: a foreigner who left his or her country to seek for a better life in Ireland and had only the Asylum option would naturally make any claims, no matter how spurious, if such claim holds immense possibility for obtaining residency?

Are you in support of Nigerians coming here to tell all manner of lies just to stay here?

It is not about what I'm in support of �.

Let me tell you one thing, among the asylum seekers you have criminals who escaped from prisons�

I still want to get your human-angle response to my question.

I am not against anybody leaving the country to live anywhere to seek economic advantage or relevance for himself and his family, but he has to weigh the risks involved in doing so.

Note the next statement by a Nigerian in Ireland that clearly thinks bogus asylum claims are less controversial than the cost of a passport!

Now to a more controversial issue: early in 2005 people were charged over �400 for a new passport. Going by the exchange rate of one Euro to a Naira then, it was a whooping 73,000 Naira. Now knowing that the official cost of a new passport inside Nigeria was just 5,000 Naira was this high fee justified?

The Nigerian missions do not fix passport fees; they are fixed by the Immigration Services at home. We only implement.

But the general impression created is that before you came here, during the tenure of the last Nigeria Ambassador, the charges weren't so exorbitant?

That is unfair. We inherited a regime of fees and that is what we are operating with till today. When Ireland was using the Irish Punt it was 260 Irish Pounds for a replacement passport. When the currency changed to Euro it was the direct equivalent of 260 pounds that we were given, which was �395. The problem arose when people came in large members, with proxy passports, no visas, no evidence of how they came here. And we had an avalanche of Nigerians who had to pay for oaths like the declaration of age, of marriage, all sorts of documents. Apparently, there had to be an attendant slight increase to up to �400. Some �410 Euro or �430 Euro, depending on the number of documents required by an applicant. We didn't change anything.

Are you then saying that the charge was a punitive measure?

It was punitive, but we didn�t fix it. It is also the case in London, Berlin, Rome, etc. But it's not the same fees. In Rome it used to be 500 Dollars�Fees for replacing lost passports are fixed taking into account local conditions.

I learnt it's just 50 pounds in the UK.

It is not. It is 169 pounds for a lost passport. It used to be higher than that, but at some point the mission in London had to reduce it. Here I have also reduced it after that crisis. We had reported to Headquarters that Nigerians were complaining.

You have reduced the fees to how much?

350 Euros only for lost passports. However, it is still 100 Euros for renewal of passport that has completed 10 years or a fresh issue, and 50 Euro for endorsement of a child in the mother's passport.

This is Ambassador Ekong-Omaghomi , The Nigerian Ambassador in Ireland answering questions.

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Eastern European & Nigerian fraud drug Criminals in Ireland
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