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Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker

        Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker Information
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Brian T Dublin

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker

I used to get a tad irritated when I saw negative reference to Saint Bob.
Considered it cheap shots, or even typical Irish begrudgery.

Then I read the police witness statement of Paula Yates into the death of Michael Hutchence.

Some very disturbing claims made by the former wife of Geldof according to
She claimed that sir bob Geldof had said himself above the law and believed it, and had acquired substantial power and influence from the charity event live aid!!
Irish Community Images

Irish Community ImagesDon't forget I am above the lawIrish Community Images

So while this section of post of some years back, would have annoyed and angered me back a while. I now see it as real sense made 'against the tide' of the time.
Much like someone pointing out other infamous celebrities hailed as charity saints!!
Irish Community ImagesSlur Rob Gold Off may ye see call himself a musician
but he has produced feck all of note, bar he don't like mondays, and the fact is musically even that pleasant wee verse, is one that someone of no great ability could recreate without cutting one of their ears off.

In other words, Rob deserves the title of notable musician almost as much as Charlie feckin Chaplin.

Slur Rob Gold Off is not proud to be Irish he in fact has made his disgust at almost every aspect of Irish culture and life clear!

When the pretentious old rat talks of hating nationalism and nationalists he means Irish or anyone who is not a british nationalist.
Irish Community Images
Goldoff is so biased and out of touch with what actually went on in the North, he does not know, (or likely ever cared) that the British unionists and loyalists are about as extreme and crude base Nationalists as anyone could unfortunately encounter on earth.

Rob because he makes his money in England, because he gets a knighthood off the descendant of a old mafia family, Goldoff is blind to (or selectively ignores) British nationalism and racism, especially anti Irish racism.

Goldoff = Irish nationalism bad, but British nationalism good.
Goldoff = utter hypocrite and full of it.

The british knight royal chancer Slur rob goldoff only sees Irish nationalism as a problem!

He has when ever it suited derided the Irish, and he has derided the love of Ireland by the diaspora, like all typically hypocritical lacky Paddy Englishmen, slur rob has been especially angered by Irish Americans and their general love of being Irish.

Slur Rob Gold Off is imo a cultural fecking parasite, he uses Ireland and the name of Irish when he clearly has nothing of it bar an accent! and even that's debate able.

But leave aside my personal opinion

The public should at least ask questions of their supposed heroes!
Remember after all these are the same public who historically asked f all questions about the Bishops and Politicians, the same general half wits who thought money grew on trees, because a chancer like Bertie told them.

As for Brits and their love up of Goldoff , this is a supposed culture that used anti Irish racism for entertainment until the PC laws of the EU put manners on the freaks! a supposed culture that held up Benny Hill peeping at schoolgirls as such fun entertainment! Held up Slur Jimmy Saville as a British national treasure and Saint!

So going against the 'official grain' is fine by me!

The recent biography of him and the interview with Goldoff's own sister should have left people at the very least uneasy at their uncrowned saint king bob.

She said in the interview, in a lovely naive way and not at all because she had a bad relationship with Robert.
She said (not me) "Robert was always power crazed and driven by fame and fortune. He would do anything for power / fame"

I admit to not writing down the exact words
but no God above would forgive her if she tried to retract it as meaning that essence.

Oh I almost forgot the clear difference and the other fact

Before live aid

Rob Gold Off and his band were all but poisoned dead rats!
Ye see not long before (but long enough for the bills to be looking deadly) The then Bob Geldof had made a very silly mistake, a bad judgement call if ye like!
That of mouthing off to producers in the states (before the arty fecks thought it showed art, and art meaning to them even more money)
Bob and his record company had like many before tried to break the American market- but risky Bob the confident had flung all in the chance!

For so it is written in the book of job

He had took his shirt off in the arena and bared his boney chest as a mighty Gladiator of chuck away pop music and they did say who will rid us of this boney fecker! and many with silk jackets with rolled up sleeveth did cometh and prod it thus, their weapons were mighty, no tanks but with bone crushing spears of no thanks, and feck off, your music is fit for small pubs at best.

As Van the man would say

Tell me the story
Now that its over
wrap it in glory
for one Irish rover

Wrap it in Glory now
Slur Bob's a feckin chancer

What was it Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker told the Africans asking for the return of their cultural antiquity and stolen treasures back from the ironically named British museum.

He effectively told them the British museum was the best place to house them, and to be more concerned with other things.
Slur Bob indeed!

For all his anger and complete bullshit and supposed care of the poorest in the world.
Fact is people, children are still starving in Ethiopia and across the world, even more today than in the days of Bobs self publicity stunt.

Even more millions of Africans are starving today, maybe even more millions than Slur bob has accumulated in personal wealth.Irish Community Images

I thought the title bestowed, was not only cynical but undeserved. Bob was a real Irish hero, Wasn't he?
Like Most Irish mentioned, I do not suppose I ever did really asked a single question of what the tv presented me with. Years on, and with knowledge of reality, I now know that yer man was bang on the money about Goldoff!
Not cynical at all, but fitting and fully deserved, because the target is indeed a most slick and perverse sham of a genuine charity worker.

So tonight we would like to present the award for the wealthiest Irish charity worker of all time, to
Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker
For his sterling efforts at enriching and celebritization of his own self.
Arise Slur Rob Goldoff.
He don't like Money, he fookin loves it.
Sad to note that he has clearly raised his daughter with the old west brit disregard, and even basic lack of respect that he has for Irish culture and history.

How sweet can peaches get.
Despite his wealth, Bob has developed a reputation for stinginess. ‘My dad is literally the biggest tight-a***,’ Peaches once said. ‘He’s a miser, an Irish potato famine miser.’

Slur Bob is not the only one, he just highlights our own general lack of credibility on human care.
Irish patronizing charity workers, charade

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Slur Rob Goldoff Multi Millionaire Charity Worker
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