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Michael Feeney MBE sentimental of british colonial terrorism

       Michael Feeney MBE sentimental of british colonial terrorism Michael Feeney MBE sentimental of british colonial terrorism Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Michael Feeney MBE sentimental of british colonial terrorism

Michael Feeney MBE
Wonder why this Mayo man of the year, managed to get that medal from a descendant of a successful branch of a pan European organized crime family?

Some cynics might say that old Mick Feeney was given his muttley medal because, he helps promote the naive concept that participation in past British Colonial wars of terrorism were somehow honorable and glorious.
Brave heroes who should be especially remembered.

Mick feeney mbe peace park or 'Remembering Mayo's Fallen Heroes' as one exceptionally unquestioning so called journalist headlined.

Heroes! really is that really the case, just because someone unfortunately loses their life whilst they were being paid to fight in some Colonial war! that stark reality - somehow equates all dead or wounded british army, as heroes and brave! Really!
Real strange concept as the ones I have come across, have only shown the obvious commonality of having "needed a job that paid someone with zero qualifications or any notable personal qualities" and being generally as "thick as shit" who get regularly smashed out their heads on drink with all meals provided back at camp.
unfair you think?
Not according to the British army itself
BBC NEWS | UK | Army has 'poor literacy levels'
Half of British Army recruits have the skills of children leaving primary school. Having the mental capacity of a primary school child, just 11 years of age. Unable to complete day to day tasks.
Up to 9% were at the lower standard expected of seven and eight-year-olds.
The British army managers state that a high proportion of the British Army are mentally challenged, with learning difficulties.

Just the sort of people required to solve the worlds problems!!
Brave British soldiers in Ireland murdered children
But of course, yeah they are all heroes, do not the BBC and every British media outlet tell everyone when they force everyone to wear a Poppy.
All to honor these 'heroes', and not some rag tag group of disadvantaged Kids who can't even match a primary school childrens ability to communicate, are suddenly transformed into heroes as soon as they don a british uniform "for pay".

How brave people like Coughlan VC must have been, being paid and going with other mercenaries with guns and cannons to put down natives in foreign lands, like in India, where natives armed with a few rifles were trying to resist Colonial slavery in all but name.
How noble and glorious was the british VC winner.

Irish Community Images

Closer look at article on Micks so called peace park
Irish Community Images

Sure what harm hey, all perfectly innocent and noble and glorious, hey Mick mbe

Michael 'I'm all sentimental for Bully boy Colonial wars of terrorism for profits' Feeney, asks a simple question.
Irish Community Images

The only problem for the logic of Feeney mbe is, the very same logic can be used for Irish who fought for every and any other cause, including other terrorists who bullied and used violence for politics, or someone like Coughlan VC, essentially a hired terrorist for pay and profit.

Anyone want to toast and commemorate as heroic and especially brave, some long dead Nazi SS soldier bully boy who helped crush Jewish resistance in Poland, he is after all a Iron cross winner and using Feeney mbe simple claim, sure what harm!

Irish Community Images
As feeney mbe might say.
They were simply acknowledging the fact that the man won a German Cross in Gold, the highest recognition of bravery in the German Army.

Why shouldn't that be recognized?

Another point of view,
.Irish Community Images
University of Delhi academic, Harish Trivedi, saidthe Irish in India had a dubious reputation for being particularly cruel as occupiers. Amidst widespread brutality, the Irish distinguished themselves as being even more brutal than the British” (see graphic – CLICK to READ). Why not, they were British hirelings, obliged to vent their subservient self-hatred on a subject people they were paid to put down. Just as the Germans enlisted Ukranians, Austrians, Romanians and others to run its death camps, the British enlisted subject peoples in its armies and colonial administration to tame other parts of its empire.

Not just or exceptionally the Irish
The cynical Britsh army used poor beaten up natives to go an put down other natives. Indians were used against others.

That cynical reality is where the mass murderer Idi Amin got his murdering start in life, he was a British hero once.

See also, The Irish in Foreign Armies: REMEMBRANCE,, for info on the Irish who helped put down the Kenyan rebellions of the 1950s. Have a look at the British soldier holding up the two severed heads contributed in aid of Britain putting down resistance in Malaya. If he was Irish, why not celebrate him?

The Mayo War Park is park of the effort to sanitise Britain’s imperial project, while the Irish government and its mass media tries to reverse Ireland’s anti-colonial heritage and become part of the EU’s imperial project. The Irish Times, returning to its pro-British roots, even ran a regular column in 2008 from a Lt Bury, a British soldier in Afghanistan, simply on the basis that he is from Wicklow.

Part of the big lie suggests that Irish cannon fodder willingly joined these armies in the past. The answer came from Irish former members of the British and US armies who had no illusions about the nature of the forces they had joined and who dismissed the colonial mindset of Irish apologists for empire:

Irish Times Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Irishmen in British uniforms

Madam, - Six months after emigrating to the US in November 1961, I received a notice from "Uncle Sam", through the local draft board, to report for duty at an induction centre in Brooklyn, New York. My instinct was to go home to Ireland, but having neither the wherewithal to return, nor any prospects on a small farm in the West of Ireland, I felt I had no choice but to comply.

Days later I was inducted, sworn to "pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America" given a uniform and sent off to Fort Dix, New Jersey for basic training. I served six years with the US army engineers during the "Cuban Crisis" and the early years of the Vietnam War before being discharged in 1968.

I may have wished, as Sarsfield did, "that this were for Ireland", but it wasn't; and at no time did I consider myself to be an Irish soldier. How could I? I agree with Séamus Ua Trodd (September 11th) that he was an Irish soldier. But I was not.

The Irish nation afforded neither me, nor my fellow countrymen in the American army, any recognition - nor did we ask for any! We were cannon fodder for empire, nothing more.

The notion that Irishmen in the British army, either now or in the past, deserve special attention because they claim to be Irish soldiers or to serve Ireland, is preposterous.

As a nation we have broken the physical chains of the British Empire that bound us; decolonisation of the mind may yet take some time. - Yours, etc,

JOE McGOWAN, Mullaghmore, Co Sligo

Irish Times Thursday, September 18, 2008

Irishmen in British uniforms

Madam, - I write on the on-going debate on "Irishmen in British uniforms". I was that soldier.

I ended up many years ago in the British Army due to the fact that (a) I happened to be resident in England for work purposes and (b) was officially a British subject having been born before the Declaration of a Republic in 1949, and was unfortunate to receive my "call-up papers" for national service. I was completely surprised by this, not being aware of my eligibility. But for the fact that I had been engaged to my English girlfriend for only one week, I would have been on the first boat back home, hoping to continue the relationship from long distance. However, my heart ruled my head, and I accepted my fate.

Having spent all of my childhood in care, I took to the discipline and security of military life like the proverbial duck to water. After a few months, I signed up as a regular, as opposed to a conscript, the extra pay being welcome as I was now married. I served a total of 18 years, reaching the rank of sergeant.

My subsequent disillusionment, and shame, at having been a British soldier came about as a result of the treatment of Irish nationalists by the British Army during the "Troubles" in the north of Ireland, but even more so by the attitude of Margaret Thatcher towards the hunger strikes; to the extent that I returned the two medals awarded during my service.

Had I realised that I was suited to military life prior to being called up to the British army, I would most certainly have joined the Army of my own country, and not, like Lt Bury and others, join a foreign army in order to "gain adventure" in assisting the occupation of another country and, let us be honest, the deaths of innocent civilians. - Yours, etc,

PETER PALLAS, Clarecastle, Ennis, Co Clare

A fitting Irish response to this imperial craw thumping would be an event in remembrance and memory of the victims of empire on the day the Feeney fool appears in Buckingham Palace to get his gong.

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Michael Feeney MBE sentimental of british colonial terrorism
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