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Bord bia misleading small labels. Irish producers losing out

        Bord bia misleading small labels. Irish producers losing out Bord bia misleading small labels. Irish producers losing out Information
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Irish Author Bord bia misleading small labels. Irish producers losing out Sceala Irish Craic Forum Irish Message
Brian T Dublin

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Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Bord bia misleading small labels. Irish producers losing out

I always assumed that Bord bia was set up to represent Irish producers.
Bord Bia is after all paid for, funded by Irish tax payers.
Bord Bia is an Irish semi-state company with the aim on promoting (sales of) Irish food and horticulture, abroad and in Ireland itself. wiki [1]
As the twitter account implies.
Irish Community Images

Irish Community Images
Irish is after all what the Bord Bia logo implies.

It will then, surely come as a major surprise to many Irish people, that Bord Bia now also represents British food producers from NI.

If Irish people or others want to support non Irish revenue paying producers, that's up to them. The fun of food is variety, but the essence remains quality.
Irish People deserve to know what they are buying, where any food comes from, the labels that imply this, should be very clear.
Much clearer than Bord Bias are at present.

Bord Bia Labels are currently not that clear, and surely misleading people into buying products perceived to be Irish that are not actually Irish.

I never knew for example, did you know that Bord Bia have different labels now!
Irish Community Images
The problem is the above somewhat clearer labels are not of the actual size and clarity you would see in shopping.
The above are magnified many times, they do not represent the typical which is not the size of a regular postage stamp.

It takes a real effort to read the very small print of any one of these Bord Bia labels. Perhaps then many Irish people will just note the Bord Bia stamp of approval and assume the product as Irish of Ireland. Assume they are supporting Irish farmers who pay taxes in Ireland, Dublin Revenue. Supporting their own nation.

Leaving aside shoppers concerns for a moment.
Surely the British unionists will be outraged once they find out that they (more British than the British producers) are having their British foods enter Ireland and other parts of the world, effectively presented as simply Irish.
Just wait until the unionists find out that their precious fleg is missing from NI food produce. We can expect the DUP & UUP & British Conservatives and UKIP to make vocal complaints to Bord Bia about this!
Willie McCrea will go and have a rant in the house of Commons of Westminster about their loss of fleg and kulture.

Clearly any national branding is supposed to imply just that!
So in a reach out to the British unionist minority in Ireland, let us fix the foolish oversight of Bord Bia.
Irish Community Images
This is what Bord Bia should be doing to make clear where the produce comes from and who it benefits if you purchase it.
There should of course be a opt out for Irish people anywhere in the Ireland of Ireland to declare their preferred national identity.

After all are not the British Unionist minority in Ireland those long standing zealous guardians of respect for Irish identity, as kev highlghted before.
Irish or Northern Irish and British
It is literally all one way for the unionist fleg waivers.

British unless it comes down to a profit, then they can't get enough distinctly Irish identity.

bord bia should make their ads clearer, like this
Irish Community Images
not this
Irish Community Images
It would be a surprise if most Irish people did not just assume that any Bord bia label means Irish. No questions necessary.

Why is the Irish tax payer funded Bord bia representing foreign food producers anyway?
I am all for a united Ireland, and what ever that means within the reality of a European Union (including the entire Island of Ireland) where I can come and go and live where ever I (and around 500 million other people) choose, when ever I please and demand the same rights.

Flags and symbols change and fade.
Food and the need to establish the origin and source for quality will always be important.
At present a labeling of national origin is as generally the most frequent indication of source as we have.
What we have in Ireland at present via Bord bia, appears to be them encouraging the cynical manipulation of Irish origin.
Just a image of Irish and Ireland

Bord Bia are using Irish Images to present British foods of Westminster tax paying food producers as Irish,who are cynically using Ireland and Irish when ever it suits them financially.

What does this cynical use of Ireland and Irish identity (when ever it suits them) say about the credibility of British Unionist culture and their precious fleg.

The Irish are tired of being taken cynical advantage of by natives and foreigners, peoplle who use Ireland and Irish people. We do no care if the foreigners are of some African or Asian or European or other origin, or if they are British or Irish taking advantage of Irish.
Just stop it.

We should be able to assume that our own states national food authority supports Irish producers only.
Bord Bia is supposed to be Irish and is funded by the Irish tax payers, who generally do so with enthusiasm, because they assume that Irish food producers would benefit, and they and their community would benefit by default.

1. Bord Bia (English: Irish Food Board) is an Irish semi-state company with the aim on promoting (sales of) Irish food and horticulture, abroad and in Ireland itself.
They act as link between the Irish producers and customers worldwide. For that purpose they have several overseas offices, amongst others in Amsterdam, Shanghai and New York.
Bord Bia is mostly known for its certification of Irish food products.[1] The logo connected to this scheme is used at home and abroad.[2]
Bord Bia works for both small and large producers. For small producers by promoting and certifying Farmers Markets. For the bigger producers by offering a whole scale of international marketing services.
In 2008 Bord Bia received 30 million euro for an advertising campaign in the period 2008-2013.[3] In 2009 the "Oireachtas Grant-in-Aid" was 28 million a year. With other incomes (earmarked grants, levies and so on) she has a budget of about 43,5 million euro.[4]
Part of the work is promoting better ways of producing, by innovation and setting "best practice" standards. According to the report Pathways for Growth, published by Bord Bia, Ireland should [5]
"adopt a strategy of developing a world-class agricultural industry by 2016 and set itself the goal of becoming the most efficient, most highly innovative food and drink country in the world."
In May 2011 Bord Bia published their goal of increasing the food exports by 40% in 2020, compared with the 2010 level.[6]
Bord Bia was founded in 1994 as an amalgamation of the Coras Beostoic agus Feola (the Irish Meat and Livestock Board) and the food promotion activities of the Irish Trade Board. In 2004 it amalgamated with Bord Glas, that used to be responsible for the development of the horticulture industry. In 2009 Bord Bia took over the promotion of seafood from BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mharaigh)

Bord Bia in summary, is effectively no longer just a Irish food promoter, even if it is only the Irish who are effectively paying for Bord bia's existence.

So shoppers next time you look at a Bord bia backed product as being Irish, supporting those Irish tax payers who help fund the public services in Ireland, remember to look closer at what they actually mean.
You will have to do their job for them.
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Bord bia misleading small labels. Irish producers losing out
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