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British Police Systemic Corruption - Plebgate

       British Police Systemic Corruption - Plebgate British Police Systemic Corruption - Plebgate Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     British Police Systemic Corruption - Plebgate

Kind of strange to witness the leaders in the British Government stating that the Police in Britain have systemic corruption issues.

David Davis was extremely cynical about the British Police on Newsnight this week, even stating that there was no surprise that the Police did not want to turn up to answer public concerns over Plebgate.

Cameron even stated in the House of Commons that the British Police have questions to answer.

The PM said: "What's being discussed here is the fact that ... the former chief whip had a meeting with Police Federation officers in his committee where he gave a full account of what had happened, they left that meeting and claimed he had given them no account at all.

"Fortunately this meeting was recorded so he has been able to prove that what he said was true and what the police officers said was untrue.

"He is owed an apology, the conduct of these officers was not acceptable, these things should be properly investigated, as the Home Secretary has said."

It will be a shock and sickening for so many British people to be able to witness just how systemically corrupt the British police can be.

They need to wonder just how much worse it is for those the Police do not consider their own, foreigners they do not have to answer to!

The viewing public in Britain and across the world, should however think of the far more disturbing overall reality of this rare evidence, which proves corruption within high ranking British Police and their PR machine.

Not many people have the confidence and access to the media that a MP would have, most people who are victims of abuse by the systemic and individual corrupt British Police, remain just that, victims of the British Police corruption.

Understand this is a rare opportunity to prove that the level of corruption and blatant liars in the British Police. The liars and corrupt police from the lowest rank to the highest ranking Police officer.
Of course not all are bad, but clearly, may are bad, very bad, rotten.

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I doubt it, but perhaps some British politicians will be able to acquire some empathy for ordinary people. Some British politicians might at least think again about what went on in Northern Ireland, and for many Irish people in Britain.
The British police corruption of the Birmingham six, Guildford four are only headlines. Thousands of Irish people have been victims, abused by British forces of law and order.

Maybe at least one British politician, will start to question the past claims of British so called law and order, back to a time where successive British governments took the word of British Police and British Army as the unquestionable truth.

The British Government gave a free reign to their supposed forces of law and order. Diplock courts, torture was carried out in the name of so called British justice.

Sickening to witness British Politicians now cry foul when the same systemic corruption that they enabled is used against them.

The Sun newspaper like most British news, looks for gossip, to present and exaggerates gossip as news. The nastier gossip the better for all too much of the British media, not just the pathetic Sun.

Sick to watch these Police authority liars even try to wriggle and excuse their way out of their lies and corruption, even when faced with clear evidence of corruption and lies.
Worse their superiors, think the lies and corruption is OK, see no case for prosecution or even a public verbal reprimand.

Plebgate! what about Irelandgate

Britain's real shame and systemic corruption against thousands of Irish people during Westminster so called 'Irish Problems'

Why do British people, encouraged by their Government (systemically corrupt when it comes to Ireland and the Irish) imagine that the only completely innocent Irish people murdered by British supposed forces of law and order, happened on Bloody Sunday.
The British state murdered hundreds of Irish people in the 20th Century.
Thousands of Irish people were also innocent victims of systemic British state corruption and liars.

Past time, that the British Government accepted it was a British problem, one of state systemic corruption of law and order. A problem they created, as they did in other former Colonies.

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British Police Systemic Corruption - Plebgate
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