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20th Century Ireland History divided by British terrorists

        20th Century Ireland History divided by British terrorists 20th Century Ireland History divided by British terrorists Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     20th Century Ireland History divided by British terrorists

All violence is wrong,but there has been a constant problem with the history (the stories) of the use of violence in Ireland.
The problem being the control of the story of violence, the selective portrayal by many a narrator.

For centuries, powers in London have manipulated events in Ireland for personal gains, and still do so. They have been the story tellers! The history writers.
The once all powerful and the self interested English Crown, used all their powers to manipulate the story told.
From their own ignorant and indifferent masses, to the curios across the world, the Crown and Westminster have perversely presented themselves as a benign, some sort of moral and heroic peace broker.

They have cynically impressed on the worlds media, that the violence was Irish, was internal and sectarian. Violence in Ireland was always Irish at core and Irish at fault.
The selective presentation of violence, the manipulation of events and subsequent ability to control the history was not just perverse and cynical, it was often was pure evil, anything but crude.

This control of Ireland and the Irish by interests in London, has been evident since first invasion in the 12th Century, when under control of Norman Lords Ireland was seized piecemeal. Through to the Elizabethan genocidal campaigns, and onto date.

Some Irish history revisionists, some perhaps in the pay of Whitehall, have manipulated history on behalf of the Crown, managing to convince even some Irish people, it was all their own ancestors fault.
Somehow and perversely, the victims of crime and terrorism have been portrayed as their criminals. The so called 'revisionists', (which in reality is of course a different bias viewpoint) have presented the issues and causes for conflict in Ireland as organic and internal, when not petty, pointless and sectarian.

They leave out the historical reality of Ireland, the imposed Colonial laws and imposed union via terror, via london terrorism.
These revisionists gloss over or complicate that fundamental basis, often leave out parts of the history of Ireland that show Ireland was a colonial conquest, subdued by extremes of violence. They want people to forget that Ireland is not a natural part of Britain, how could it be? Two distinct islands, divided out of plain sight by seas.

Ireland was a London Colonial conquest, taken by London Crown orchestrated violence, taken by way of extreme and brutal violence and terrorism, taken like most every other Colonial conquest, just more violently than most.
The Irish natives, like the Various Indian and Asian and African and native Americans, were cynically used against one an other, purposely divided in order to colonize and seize over all control.

Revisionists leave out the parts where Westminster took Ireland by force of Crown terrorism, made slaves of Irish natives and murdered countless thousands down the centuries. That Westminster only maintained Ireland by continued force of Violence or threat of violence /terrorism.
Most cynically of all, some historians still choose to forget who were the first terrorists in 20th Century Ireland.
The references and records are evident.
The UVF terrorists, British terrorists, they were arming themselves with German guns before and during WW1.
Like the current crop of fleg waivers, were British nationalists, British extremists.
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Even in recent times, before what the British Crown Politicians refer to as "the Irish Troubles".

It was actually British terrorists who carried out the first murders.

The UVF murdered innocent Irish people, UVF Gusty Spence and co, so called Queens soldiers, who murdered completely innocent people, who's only crime being presumed Catholic being presumed Irish and not British.

First bombs of the power stations, blamed on Irish nationalists, now known as the work of British loyalists terrorists.

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"English men go home"

Was the shout of the so called British Loyalists!

On 11 October 1969, Constable Victor Arbuckle was shot dead by British loyal terrorists on Belfast's Shankill Road during serious rioting in protest at the recommendations of the Hunt Report. He became the first police fatality of the Troubles.

The last RUC officer to be killed as a direct result of the conflict died on the 6 October 1998, a month after he had been injured in a British terrorists Red Hand Defenders pipe-bomb attack in Portadown.

A one sided propaganda history inspired for Westminster attempted to describe all wars and troubles in Ireland as religious in essence, when the reality was a national identity.
Westminster did not want British or Britain to be seen as having terrorists, but they did and history will show this.

As a new era dawns, it is very important that people and especially Irish people, should understand that terrorist violence was done on all sides, including by the Crown Westminster British state. Ultimately Westminster was responsible for creating and encouraging the current divisions in Ireland. Responsible for the artificial division of Ireland of India and Pakistan of Palestine, and so If any single body has more blame it is the Crown that made wealth from their colonies and the acts of Westminster.

George Galloway sums up the Orange Terrorists of the early 20th Century, who defied democracy and were backed by the British Crown empire of Westminster.

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20th Century Ireland History divided by British terrorists
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