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Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders!?

       Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders!? Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders!? Information
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Irish Author Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders!? Sceala Irish Craic Forum Irish Message
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders!?

Picking up on Tim's post!
Anyone know if one of the Queen of England's noble knights (look at the form of some of these sirs), one Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie was ever seriously questioned about what he knew about the pitchfork murders!?

General Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie GCB OBE DL is a former British Army General who became Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
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Irish Community Images

He was the boss in overall charge of the murderers in the Argyll & Sutherland highlanders at the time soldiers under his overall command murdered innocent Irish people in cold blood and then covered murder up.

I read Martin Dillons book The Dirty War -
Dillon claims Captain Andrew Malcolm Burlton Snowball the Officer who knew about the murders and covered up for the murderers, (who never saw a day in jail for his crimes) and was allowed to resign without ever facing real justice!
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According to the book, the police records accounts show Andrew Malcolm Burlton Snowball, lied for years about the horrific murders, that Andrew Malcolm Burlton Snowball had kept quiet, helped covered up murder, perverted the course of justice, and when this liar was eventually encouraged to confess his role, Snowball even implicated his own Father in the cover up of Murder. Snowball senior was another former British army officer.
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In some context (but no excuse) Andrew Malcolm Burlton Snowball was only 20 years old at the time of the Pitchfork killlings! Now does anyone really believe that Snowball aged just 20 did all this covering up all off on his own back! Even with the perverse and criminal advice and guidance of his former British army officer Father.

Look at some snippets from Dillons Book The Dirty War.
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Googled trying to find out what Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie might know about the pitchfork murders and cover up.
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Can find any recent mention by Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie stating that he knew about the Pitchfork murders.

If he did he missed out the brutal cowardly murders of innocent Irish people by soldiers under his command, on his otherwise bullish CV.

Sir John Jeremy George Mackenzie was born in Nairobi, Kenya, the son of Lieutenant Colonel Mackenzie DSO QPM Seaforth Highlanders. He was educated at the Duke of York�s School, Nairobi, and arrived at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as an Officer Cadet in September 1959. He was commissioned into the Queen�s Own Highlanders in July 1961 and joined the lst Battalion in Singapore. He took part in the suppression of the Brunei Rebellion in 1962 and later served with the SAS training local tribesmen in the confrontation against Indonesia.
(sounds like a forerunner of the UDR)

Sir Jeremy Mackenzie subsequently served in Germany, Sharjah and Belize then attended, and was Top Student, at the US Ranger course. He graduated from the Staff College at Camberley. He was a Company Commander with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in the north of Ireland, the Brigade Major of 24 Airportable Brigade and was Second in command of the Queen�s Own Highlanders in South Armagh, taking command when the Commanding Officer was killed at Warrenpoint in 1979. He was mentioned in Dispatches during this tour.

He commanded the 1st Battalion Queen�s Own Highlanders in Hong Kong in 1980-1981 during the height of the Illegal Immigrant onslaught from China, and was made an OBE.

Sir Jeremy Mackenzie instructed at the Army Staff College, Camberley and served on the Staff at the Ministry of Defense as a Colonel before being promoted to Brigadier in 1984 to Command 12 Armoured Brigade in West Germany. From 1986 he was first Deputy, and then Commandant of the Staff College before being promoted Major general as Commander 4th Armored Division in West Germany. From there he became Lieutenant General, was knighted and was appointed Commander 1st British Corps. Subsequently he started the Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, and was its first Commander from 1991 to 1994. He was promoted full General in 1994 in the post of Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe and served three Supreme Allied Commanders over four years, having special responsibility for the Partnership for Peace Program involving 27 nations of Central and Eastern Europe, the Expansion of NATO, and the force generation of NATO forces in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and most latterly, Kosovo. He was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB) in 1999, having previously been awarded the US Legion of Merit twice in 1997 and 1999, the Czech Republic�s Cross of Merit First Class, and the Officers� Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 1998. He was an Aide de Camp to the Queen from 1992 to 1996.

Sir Jeremy Mackenzie retired from the Army in March 1999 and was Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea from August 1999 to 2006. He is Senior Military Advisor to Beretta and Benteler; Director of Selex Communications and Chairman of Blue Hackle Security.

UK Gear Limited was founded in 1993 by David Hinde and has its headquarters and customer services at the Wolston Priory, Warwickshire, England. It also has an international office in California, USA. The company is recognised as a leading manufacturer of high performance athletic footwear and has built a powerful reputation as a pioneer of increasing durability in advanced sporting products.

In the same way as car manufacturers develop their cutting edge technology with Grand Prix Teams, UK Gear have formed a unique relationship with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) to help develop its products and only when they have been rigorously tested by the RAPTC are they given the right to bear the Army�s famous cross swords insignia. A Royalty from each sale of UK Gear shoes is paid to the British Army.

UK Gear shoes have been worn by all British Army recruits since 2008 and were also approved by the US Army Running Shoe Program for US Army recruits in 2010.

What is the point of this?
Apart from showing how well Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie has done for himself.

Irish people violently murdered under his command their bodies treated like garbage, one thrown into a slurry pit.
The murders covered up for years as he and Snowball got promotion.

Perhaps Snowball too (he also landing directly on his feet after resigning for the eventual confession to his role in the pitchfork murders, brutal cowardly murders that he covered up for years) would have got to a knighthood, if it were not for the lowly soldier who could no longer keep brutal murder a secret and confessed in that Glasgow Police station 6 years later and thereby spoiling his former (by then Captain) Lieutenant Andrew Malcolm Burlton Snowball's army career.
Irish Community Images

It is now clear that during the initial investigation, McKenzies statement, whether honest or not! led the police away from the British army murderers who were under his command.

Years later, when the cover up was exposed by the confession of a lower rank! Was the then Captain Snowball just the more convenient officer who had to be seen taking somewhat of a punishment!
Take a fall! as small and immoral fall that it was, in Snowball who covered up brutal murders, in simply being allowed to resign!

What is the point of British justice? If some are allowed to not ever face it by design of the British system!

What is the point in highlighting the cover up now!

Apart from the hope of bringing to justice British state murderers and their accomplices, this re look at a specific horrific set of Murders in Ireland, informs the reader of the role of British state terrorism in Ireland, of British state terrorist agent provocateurs that can now be seen as promoting conflict and sectarianism in the North of Ireland, if not creating the all but civil war!

The reader should bear in mind that the pitchfork murders , horrific as it was, is just one incident of many more acts of British state terrorism carried out at the very start of the troubles.
The pitchfork murders, Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, the recent confessions by members of the Force Research Unit all happened long before the PIRA were well armed or likely determined or able to emerge for longevity, at least not with the widespread support they would have as a consequence of British army murders and torture, and the terror and general thuggery of the British army and British state in the North of Ireland.

Legal caseworker with Relatives for Justice, Shauna Carberry.

�The British army has been responsible for killing up to 300 civilians during the course of the conflict. From 1970 to 1975 the British army were responsible for 182 deaths.

�The HET have examined all of these killings yet they have not brought one soldier before the courts. It is unclear whether or not they have even forwarded any file to the PPS seeking a recommendation for prosecution.

The really perverse joke is the British media want to believe, are probably told to believe, and certainly want to portray, that they were not British terrorists, but good guys and that any innocent Murder of Irish people was a acceptable mistake.
They are determined to portray events of British terrorism as having some reasoning, serving a purpose of the greater good, that served to defeat the PIRA and Irish nationalism.

Hear bloody sunday shot list liar Sir mike Jackson (what is it with these sirs and perverse lies) define hypocrisy as he provides context and morality for British terrorism!

Irish Community Video

As the above extremely perverse closing highlights -
The British media is happy to assist in the suggested presentation that the murder of innocent Irish people, that British state murder, that British state terrorism, the murder of hundreds of innocent Irish people was a plan and effective and moral!
The perverse cowardly murderers are presented as having plausible moral cause, in this supposed investigation to British state terrorism.
Even when the British army were murdering Irish school kids

At least one has the moral code to speak the truth even if it is decades too late for one to have some moral guts and honesty.
Members of British army acted more like Nazi stormtroopers

Irish Community Video

Re their colonial crimes, British mainstream media investigations typically give some confession with one hand as they perversely conclude British honour in the other.

Really!? These cowardly murderers who have been paid by the Crown to murder random Irish people! they defeated the Irish resistance against the Crown!

it is more than strange then that the PIRA carried on for twenty plus more years, 2o plus years after these hundreds of cowardly murders of innocent Irish people!

Strange that the PIRA got bolder and bolder, nearly taking out the entire British government cabinet years after!

Strange then that Irish nationalism, the Irish sense of distinction from Britain and the British, especially in the North is stronger today than it ever was in 1969.

Of course the independent reader, not under the influence of any bias,
concludes from logic that the PIRA were not defeated by the British terror machine or any threat of British state terrorists or via the collusion of any number of paid agents.
No more than the PIRA ever defeated the British war machine.

Ten Irish hunger strikers who defied the British supposed justice system prove the lie of the British state!

Politics and equal civil rights, the recognition of every Irish persons right to Irish citizenship, the right to equal voice and legal recognition to their
Irish identity, no matter their being born in a British controlled part (on paper) of Ireland!
That reality was what encouraged the PIRA to rethink their purpose, that equality of the close of the 20th Century is what isolated those who imagined violence was going to win something more instant.
The freedom to be Irish and to not be bullied by a Orange state, that was what got the PIRA to realize the pointless cyclical nature of violence.

In context, think back to 1969 and the Orange extreme British nationalist state, that ruled with a iron fist and by terror, when even the tiniest of Irish flags were illegal, people were arrested for displaying Irish symbols.
Did the British state terrorism defeat the Irish resistance! No it never did and never will.

The equality in Ireland came not from Britain but was forced upon them by the USA and Europe. Manners forced on Westminster. Today Britain is just another part of Europe, no more significant than Ireland.
The Irish have no need to fight and play into the hands of the saxe coburg crown any longer!

As has been said here, The Crown have always welcomed those Irish ( at least those who it knew it could beat up) who tried to use violence against their superior bully boy army.
Those who used violence ironically provided the British corrupt state the excuse they needed, to do nothing but promote convenient division by terrorism in Ireland, it enabled Westminster to portray their Colonial presence in Ireland as a Irish problem and one of simple sectarianism.
They a impartial good guy!
Those Irish who reacted (as understandable as it may be for victims of British army murder terrorism and violence) played into the Crowns hands.

So now we have a form of peace, we need to look at those politicians who did their best to avoid Peace that included any Irish dimension.
In order to understand what their motives were and how they went about perverting society, controlling events.

If Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders! and if he had any involvement in the cover up of the brutal murders of innocent Irish people.

Another question arises, who inspired him?
Was he given orders from higher up?
Time to start looking at the old men from Westminster of the British state who have blood on their hands.
Those political perverts and cowards who did nothing to promote peace, used instead their orders for violence to encourage more violence.

Politicians in both Islands, more afraid of losing their seats and salaries than the effects of violence on everyone, especially the victims such as Michael Naan (31) and Andrew Murray (24) who were brutally murdered in cold blood by the British state. Treated as if they were second class humans under the watch of Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie, former Aide de Camp to the Queen of England, who knighted him noble!

Time for ordinary Irish and British people to realize they were both lied to!Told lies for political reasons and not for any moral code.
To realize they are collectively played, pawns in the perverse nature of the British Crown who have claimed continual benefits over the centuries of conflict in Ireland, over the heads of poverty and the dead.

Many people died for no real cause in the North of Ireland, Irish and British, PIRA UDA and British army, they died, their lives taken and their families made victims as their victims were, all through the pointless cyclical nature of violence. Violence that too many politicians encouraged and most did nothing to dissuade by even handed moral means.

Many if not most need not have died, if Britain and Ireland had a majority of moral leaders sought to treat people equally.
Unlike the orders of cowards.
Irish Community Images

British Solders could not, would not have behaved so badly so often if they were not actively encouraged by their supposed superiors!
British army violent actions and poor general behaviour that encouraged so many Irish to fall into the trap of physical reaction.

Irish Community Images

Irish Community Images

Knight of the supposed realm indeed!!!!

Irish Community Images
Irish Community Images

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Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murders!?
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