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PIRA bombings, how many were British undercover bombings

   Irish Movies    PIRA bombings, how many were British undercover bombings PIRA bombings, how many were British undercover bombings Information
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Boyle Bru

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Ireland

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     PIRA bombings, how many were British undercover bombings

All acts of terrorism are wrong, but it seems when it comes to Ireland the world has been encouraged (by the British crown) to imagine that only Irish are terrorists.

Perverse flip on a definition, when the historical reality of the very British presence in Ireland was through the use of extremes of terrorism. Murder and violence of every kind and Colonial designer famines. The union was not a democratic entity ever, or by popular request or approval!

This is not just old history, through out history, through out the 20th Century and even today in the 21st Century, British terrorists in Ireland are still using violence or the threat of violence against the population of Ireland.
British Terrorism, state terrorism and state inspired terrorism has been the fundamental reason for continued presence, for the division of land for a minority!
These jokers from Britain are pointing fingers at Russia going into the Crimea!
Unlike the British the Russians have a border, they do not have to cross a sea.

As more research reveals the depraved levels of British terrorism in the recent war in Ireland.
Researchers are now revealing that the British Crown Government not only trained and controlled terrorists, but instructed them as who they could terrorize.

Should not some of the bombings that were once presumed as the work of the IRA, (presumed because that is the briefing of the British state to the news media) be reinvestigated.

When people think about the Miami showband atrocity, they think of the violent evil and cowardly British terrorists who murdered innocent musicians.
People think of the twisted brutality of the British terrorists that night, who were using bombs and dum dum bullets on innocent musicians.

People need to think some more about the nature of the attack on the Miami showband. The aims of the British terrorists.
Think of the reality that we only know what went on because the British terrorist plan backfired, literally blowing to pieces British army UDR terrorist Bombers.

If the British terrorists had of not blown themselves up that night, would we have ever known?

The British crown has carried out thousands of terrorist attacks in Ireland, their corrupt Crown state has covered most of it up, they have controlled the news events, and the Irish government has not ever been up to task, demanding justice.
Bearing in mind the context of the corrupt controlling British Crown state who have covered up so many crimes over the years, and denied the public the truth by locking secret files away for a century or more.

Bear that reality in mind as you wonder -
If the British terrorists had of not blown themselves up that night, would we have ever known who carried out the attack?

Would the British terrorists have been brought to justice?

Even today Cameron and the British government refuse to hand over state files about the British terrorists who bombed Dublin and Monaghan.
The British crown are systemically corrupt, look at the news this week how their London police treated the parents of murdered Stephen Lawrence.

Remember the British secret services, their police are a police force that have a history of placing agent provocateurs, to encourage mayhem, division and even terrorism.
The British even had a police undercover who was at the Shell to sea in Mayo!
Google - UNDERCOVER British police officer, Mark Kennedy!

Back to the North and the subject
PIRA bombings, how many were British undercover bombings
The Crown RUC and RIC police force in Ireland have a shameful history, more a Colonial militia than Police.
The UDR were just a sectarian terrorist unit, that took over from another B specials.

We know for a fact that British terrorists in collusion with regular British security forces had no moral code, would carry out the worst of atrocities and do so in false flag, in perverse aims of blaming Irish nationalists.

The Miami show band murders prove this not as a bias claim or conspiracy! but as a matter of fact.

Miami Showband attack

Boyle was one of the Mid-Ulster Brigade UVF gang that carried out the attack against the popular Irish cabaret band, the Miami Showband on 31 July 1975. Author Martin Dillon suggested in his book God and the Gun: the Church and Irish Terrorism that he was one of the leaders of the unit.

At about 2.30 a.m. as the band was returning home to Dublin from a performance at the Castle Ballroom in Banbridge, their minibus (driven by trumpeter Brian McCoy) was stopped on the A1 road at the townland of Buskhill, seven miles (11 km) north of Newry, at a bogus military checkpoint by UDR UVF gunmen dressed in British Army uniforms.

At least four of the men like Boyle were serving members of the UDR.

The bandmembers were lined-up with their hands on their heads facing a ditch and asked to give their names and addresses. Saxophonist Des McAlea, who survived the attack, later testified that Boyle had become angry at some of the other gunmen who had joked with the bandmembers about the success of their performance that night.

At this point, Boyle and Wesley Somerville went to the rear of the minibus and placed a ten-pound time bomb on board. This was meant to explode as the band drove through either Newry. or after they reached the Irish Republic, killing all five band members on board.

According to Dillon in The Dirty War, The plan behind the UDR UVF bombing was to portray the band members as republicans smuggling explosives for the Provisional IRA.

Immediately after Boyle and Somerville closed the rear door, clumsy soldering on the clock which was used as a timer came apart and the bomb detonated prematurely. The bus was blown in half; Boyle and Somerville, who were both in the vicinity of the explosion, took the full force of the blast and were killed instantly with their bodies hurled in opposite directions. Boyle's body landed in the road, fifty yards away from the front half of the destroyed vehicle. It was ripped in two and badly burned. Both men were decapitated and dismembered; one limbless torso was completely charred. Survivor Stephen Travers later saw a photograph of one of the dead men and described it: "He didn't have any head, just a black torso, no head, legs or arms." A severed arm with the tattoo "UVF Portadown" was later found a hundred yards from the scene.

According to Michael Browne of the Irish Mail on Sunday the arm belonged to Wesley Somerville. Boyle was aged 22 at the time of his death; he was unmarried and worked as a telephone wireman.

The remaining UDR UVF gunmen opened fire on the Miami Showband members who had been blown down into the field below the level of the road. Three of the band members were killed: trumpeter Brian McCoy, guitarist Tony Geraghty, and lead singer Fran O'Toole. Saxophone player Des McAlea and bassist Stephen Travers were both wounded, the latter having been shot with dum-dum bullets. Several days before the Showband attack, Mid-Ulster UVF leader Billy Hanna was shot dead, allegedly by Robin Jackson, who assumed command of the brigade. According to authors Martin Dillon and Paul Larkin, and journalist Joe Tiernan, Boyle had accompanied Jackson when the latter shot Hanna outside his home in Lurgan.

Weir maintained that Jackson was an RUC Special Branch agent. An international panel of inquiry (headed by Professor Douglass Cassel, formerly of Northwestern University School of Law) commissioned by the Pat Finucane Centre to investigate allegations of collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the security forces concluded that there was credible evidence that Jackson was the principal perpetrator of the Miami Showband killings, and although he was questioned afterwards by the RUC, he never faced charges.

Two serving UDR soldiers and one former UDR soldier: Lance-Corporal Thomas Crozier, Sergeant James McDowell, and John James Somerville (brother of Wesley) were given life sentences for the killings.

Within 12 hours after the attack, The British terrorist UVF issued the following statement giving their own fabricated account of the event:

"A UVF patrol led by Major Boyle was suspicious of two vehicles, a minibus and a car parked near the border. Major Boyle ordered his patrol to apprehend the occupants for questioning. As they were being questioned, Major Boyle and Lieutenant Somerville began to search the minibus. As they began to enter the vehicle, a bomb was detonated and both men were killed outright. At the precise moment of the explosion, the patrol came under intense automatic fire from the occupants of the other vehicle. The patrol sergeant immediately ordered fire to be returned. Using self-loading rifles and sub-machine guns, the patrol returned fire killing three of their attackers and wounding another. The patrol later recovered two Armalite rifles and a pistol."

"It would appear that the UVF patrol surprised members of a terrorist organization transferring weapons the Miami Showband minibus and that an explosive device of some description was being carried by the Showband for an unlawful purpose. It is obvious, therefore, that the UVF patrol was justified in taking the action it did and that the killing of the three Showband members should be regarded as justifiable homicide. The Officers and Agents of the Ulster Central Intelligence Agency commend the UVF on their actions and tender their deepest sympathy to the relatives of the two Officers who died while attempting to remove the bomb from the minibus."

Sick lies of so called Soldiers!

We know for a fact that British terrorists in collusion with regular British security forces had no low depths or moral code.

We know that British terrorists have carried out many terrorist acts and blamed them on the IRA, the first bombings of the troubles were by British loyalists.

First Explosions
30 March 1969
Explosion at an electricity substation near Belfast which was carried out by a British Loyalist terrorist group possibly the Ulster Protestant Volunteers (UPV) or Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). This incident was initially blamed on the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

21 April 1969
Explosion at Silent Valley reservoir in County Down which was carried out by a British Loyalist terrorist group possibly the Ulster Protestant Volunteers (UPV) or Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). This incident was initially blamed on the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Thursday 21 October 1969
British terrorist Thomas McDowell, member of the British Loyalist terrorist group the Ulster Protestant Volunteers (UPV) (or the Ulster Volunteer Force, UVF), died when a bomb he was handling exploded prematurely at a power station near Ballyshannon in County Donegal.

First Member of Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) Killed
Saturday 11 October 1969
Victor Arbuckle (aged 29) was shot dead by British Loyalists terrorists during street disturbances on the Shankill Road in Belfast.

Westminster British Terrorist murders & bombings in Ireland

So why have not more bombings that were presumed the work of the PIRA, but denied by them, not looked at again.

These so called Loyalists and British unionists have demonstrated their warped sense of British nationalism, they are extremists.

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PIRA bombings, how many were British undercover bombings
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