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Boycott the Bank of Ireland Boycott Boucher

        Boycott the Bank of Ireland Boycott Boucher Boycott the Bank of Ireland Boycott Boucher Information
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Frank Devenny

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Location: Mayo. Ireland

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Boycott the Bank of Ireland Boycott Boucher

After the bully boy Boucher's comments that he would make sure to veto any financial help for Irish home owners and families who are struggling to make basic ends meet.
Irish people who are struggling mainly because banks were run like casinos by over paid clowns.

Bank of Ireland will seek to veto mortgage write-down ...‎
Bank of Ireland chief executive Richie Boucher's pay was raised briefly as he and senior executives from the bank began presenting their latest ..

It is now time for the generally lacky and cowardly and self interested Irish people to start acting like the stereotype of the fighting Irish.

The stereotype that has the Irish as rebels and a people who will stand together and if necessary fall together rather than bend.

Sadly that stereotype like all other Irish stereotypes is misleading.

We as a nation have allowed corruption, voted in gobshyte and inept and bent politicians, been idolaters for mitres and subservient to crowns over our own neighbours and people, and we have generally been shamefully apathetic to community in recent times.
We have stood by and watched as our neighbours were beaten up, and our families destructed and forced into economic emigration.

Worse we Irish have stood by and done nothing as decent working class people and their families have been kicked around by over paid over rated self promoting bully boys like Boucher.

This bank took our money when they were going to the wall, or rather the inept government gave them our money, when they were going to the wall because they were mismanaged by people like boucher.
But now this otherwise bankrupt bank, through their current over paid head mouthpiece Boucher, have the nerve to say they don't want to know about Irish people in need.

Boycott Boucher
Take your money out the Bank of Ireland, as they have proven a selfish and uncaring and irresponsible lender.

Points from article showing the full story of Boucher, who was one of the big contributory factors in the bank of Ireland collapse.
Boucher headed up Bank of Ireland's Irish retail division from January 2006 onwards, as it shovelled loans out while property prices roared.

He's definitely in the frame for the bank's stupid lending practices that helped almost sink the country.

That he has survived the cull of bankers and gets paid €843,000 while people struggle with less money and higher taxes hurts.

Boucher was part of Brian Goggins' team that nearly sank the bank. It cost the taxpayer billions. Some €9.9bn in loans were transferred from Bank of Ireland to Nama by the end of 2011, with the State agency paying €5.6bn for these loans. This represented an average discount of 43 per cent, which indicated a far better quality loan book than any of its rivals. Anglo and Irish Nationwide had average discounts of 61 per cent. The State also lobbed in €4.8bn to bail out the bank, and it gave an open-ended guarantee of its liabilities.

Real good to see the bank of Ireland share price falling after Boucher's threats not to help.

To hell and shame with these banks and the selfish and the overpaid and generally morally corrupt bankers.
Until they sort out the mess they created, we are all going to be held hostage again and again.
If they are not forced to help clear up and pay for the mess they helped create, if they are allowed to just carry on as usual, if no lessons learned, then somewhere down the line they will collapse again and we will be told we have to cover for them.

Time for Irish people first, not the bank share price and the interests of foreign vultures.

This is a bank, a so called Irish bank back in profit!

This is the perverse lies spread by the pathetic non investigating Irish journalists, who copy proof each others ignorance. They only people convinced are those who bought shares and are hoping to ride the gravy train of money for nothing,. as they ride along the backs of Irish people who are really paying in tears and stress for the so called back in profit bank!

The reality is this bank is a sham, paper exercise, it only appears to be making profits because the Irish tax payer has been robbed.

The truth about the bank of Ireland, that you are paying for the get rich quick scheme for a few

Irish bank Robbery. Largest ever Irish state bank robbery.

On top of that sham, around 5,500 staff reductions all so the few rich like Wilbur Ross can make more money!

He makes more money, While we pay more dole in our taxes for the staff who have lost their jobs.
While we cover the Bank of Ireland NAMA losses!

What a great scheme scam for the rich!
What a morally corrupt perverse sham!

You have the power, we collectively have the power to force these banks into social responsibility, that they pick up their share of the burden.

Boycott this bank, do not take any loans, take your money out.

Make the banks part of the problem, force them to accept their share of responsibility, help clear up the problem with morals and social care.

A problem let us not forget that these banks along with politicians, were instrumental, the core designers in the creation of.

This is a bank that has some dubious history on behalf of foreign interests.

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