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British Government care about Jean McConville! Doubtful!

       British Government care about Jean McConville! Doubtful! British Government care about Jean McConville! Doubtful! Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     British Government care about Jean McConville! Doubtful!

Do the British government really care about Jean McConville?
Going by the past actions of the British Government it is extremely unlikely, very doubtful that the British Government or the media they effectively control, genuinely have any general care about the death of any Irish, not even Irish mothers or Irish Children.

The British Government (via their cowardly thug and generally extremely ignorant british soldiers) have murdered so many Irish Mothers and Children and shown no care for justice, either historically or retrospectively.
On the contrary, when it came to investigating the violence against and murders of thousands of Irish women and children, victims of the British army and their proxy forces in Ireland, Westminster real interest was in deflection and excuses.

Let us examine some of the Irish mothers and children murdered by the British army and British secret services.

As the upcoming Ballymurphy documentary will ironically highlight, if the British Government had ever been genuinely interested in equality and justice in Ireland, and had actively shown this by putting in prison their many cowardly soldiers who were nothing more than common thugs and murderers, some described by their own Officers as behaving like Nazi storm troopers), if the British Government genuinely cared! then, as the impartial and inquisitive historian concludes, the troubles as we know them may never have occurred.

History shows that the British Government did not generally care about the murder and torture of Irish men women or children, on the contrary the cowardly hypocritical and evil British establishment actively promoted and excused and covered up the murder of hundreds of Irish men women and children. They murdered Millions of Irish down the centuries in Ireland a Colony (let's not forget the fundamental) they claimed via historical physical force /terrorism not by any democracy.

Shamefully, the Irish Government and most Irish politicians were generally quiet and content and determined to remain conveniently and selectively ignorant.
They allowed the perverse so called British justice to reign without any serious questions being asked.
Perverse they also claim to care about Jean McConville!
How many Irish politicians have ever been as vocal or habitually placed to instant recall for political or any other purpose, the names of the many times more Irish Mothers murdered and tortured by the British army and Westminster Crown.

For example!
Has Enda Kenny (or any other so called leader of the Irish nation for that matter) ever deflected a question or argument that he does not want to address by reminding any British or Unionist politicians about the cowardly and obscene murder of Joan Connolly by their british army?

Would he or Martin or Gilmore know any of the names of any of the dozens of Irish women and children who were shot in the face by the British army, many murdered in the process, others blinded for life.
The result of the cowardly aimed shooting in the face of Irish women and children with live rounds and plastic baton rounds by British army and police.

Irish Mother Emma Groves was blinded for life because of the actions of a coward and thug given a gun and paid to go bully the Irish.
The Westminster crown salaried cowardly thug shot the Irish Mother in the face as she was in her own home and from point blank range.
Irish Community Images

11 year old, Stephen McConomy, was murdered by a british army soldier who shot the Irish boy in the head.

In April 1982 eleven year-old Derry schoolboy Stephen McConomy, like hundreds of other children in the city, made his Confirmation. Two weeks later he was dead. He was shot and killed by a plastic bullet, fired by a British soldier just yards from his home in the Bogside.
Irish Community ImagesIrish Community Images
The St John's Primary School pupil had been out playing with friends on April 16th, 1982 when a member of the British army's Royal Anglian regiment shot him in the head with a plastic bullet. Eyewitnesses who tried to go to the boy's aid were prevented from doing so by the soldiers, who threatened to shoot anyone who went near him. Eventually Stephen was taken to Altnagelvin hospital and then immediately transferred to the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast where he died three days later.

More than 1,000 people attended the schoolboy's funeral and leading figures, including the Bishop of Derry, Dr Edward Daly, called for an end to the use of plastic bullets.

As was common practise for the selective and hypocritical British Crown justice, no British soldiers have ever been charged in connection with the Irish schoolchild's murder.

The British army murdered hundreds of Irish children in the 20th century.
Few were ever charged, not one was convicted and thrown out of their supposed heroes.
Even when the evidence was crystal clear, the British so called justice system ensured their child abusers and murderers walked free.
British SAS murdered innocent Irish boy and lied to try and cover up

The evil coward British army thug and murderer probably wears a poppy every year, as he marches along accepting the ignorant applause in honour of the supposed brave heros all of the british army!!

Irish Community Video

We Will Remember Them
& pursue justice


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British Government care about Jean McConville! Doubtful!
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