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Child abuse fagging the British Politicians cover up

       Child abuse fagging the British Politicians cover up Child abuse fagging the British Politicians cover up Information
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Irish Tim Brazil

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Child abuse fagging the British Politicians cover up

Seems the British politicians have no real desire to own up to their own systemic abuse of children.

Typically Westminster likes to point the finger of shock at others, but never examines its own evils, evil which it has a thorough and habitual history of!

Not just the children abused by evil knights of the mafia realm, like Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Jimmy Saville.

As was posted here and from around the internet before, what about the countless thousands of victims of British public schools, where fagging was thought acceptable until recent times.

Typical british finger pointing with no basis, yet they ignore their own thousands of child abuse victims in Britain!
How typical of Westminster and their cronies.

Irish Community ImagesI have a question about this.
Where did Senator Mary O'Brien get the evidence for her repeated claim that children of Irish Army deserters who joined the british Army in ww2, were especially targeted for harsh treatment by the state?
This claim, appears to be untrue and having no substantial specific evidence. Crucially this claim appears to be a purposeful lie, a emotive heart string puller to get people to accept the insane & immoral proposal that - deserters are really brave, heroes all.
Irish Community Images

Some British chancer called Robert Widders seems to have first claimed this, and did so without any real investigation. He had no direct or family experience. The claim is vague, based upon nothing more than ex deserters exaggerations.
Widders is a ex British soldier, it was him who made these wild claims and did so to promote and sell a book.

The anti Irish BBC repeated the false claims, which have no basis in historical reality.
There was no special treatment for children of deserters.
Sad reality is Children were treated badly those days, not just Ireland but all around the world. Orphans often especially poorly treated. Abuse of children and vulnerable adults still goes on in much of the world if not all the world, but don't tell supposed carers like the Senator, as she is not really interested in that story of reality, she likes to promote the bias stories and interests of her British hubby who is on nearly 90,000 a year as a charity worker!! A charity that got money from a plastic paddy British army band playing at a Irish children's charity event. How perverse!

Supposed Brave British soldiers in Ireland murdered children

How the 'supposed super heroes British SAS' murdered a innocent Irish boy and lied covered up

Buy a British Poppy help pay welfare of army Sex offenders

Anyway back to british soldier Widders and the BBC, who appear to be conveniently and selectively ignorant of the historical facts that industrial schools in Ireland were actually a British invention and placed in Ireland via their colonial terrorism.
They are also selectively and conveniently ignorant that in the UK child abuse was institutionalized for centuries, children seen and not heard that most perverse British idea!

Fagging was systemic in British public schools, and make no mistake here of what fagging was! it was institutionalized child abuse and particularly British and considered acceptable for generations. The British class system rotten from the top down.
But Westminster is unlikely to ever admit it. Despite some of the members, (M.P's & former public school) likely to have personally known victims, may even have been a victim of British institutionalized child abuse.

It is time that Westminster apologized to its own people for the abuse of children and the evil legacy they left around their former empire.
It was Westminster that founded the poor house and the most evil industrial schools in Ireland such as the Magdalene laundries.
All British!

Evil that the coward politicians in Ireland have kept quiet about, they prefer to jump on the anti Catholic bandwagon as it is easier and fashionable to criticize the Christian religion.

Historical roots of institutionalized Child abuse in Ireland
Magdalene Laundries were set up by Westminster not the Vatican
The Anglican foundling school systemic murder and abuse of thousands of Irish children still covered up, no apology from the hypocrites in the Anglo crown church.

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Child abuse fagging the British Politicians cover up
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