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IRISH LIVES MATTER showed the way

        IRISH LIVES MATTER showed the way IRISH LIVES MATTER showed the way Information
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Paddy in Oz

Sceala Philosopher
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     IRISH LIVES MATTER showed the way

About Time The Irish Around The World Started Demanding Statues Of British Colonial Racist And Sectarian Terrorists Be Either Removed Or Plaques With Their Full Story Told Added.

How Some Of These British Evil Colonials, So Called Heroes! Were In Reality Often The Lowest Most Violent Criminal Evil In Ireland Or Against The Irish.

Sir Francis Drake
Sir Walter Raleigh

2 Examples Of supposed heroes, English crown carefully selective perverted stories retold by the later british crown agencies, and until recent times as if heroic by mainstream british crown media including if not most especially by the historical BBC

Only recent times have more people heard the other fuller story that tells of debased bully boy Cowards, extremely violent thugs who were Murderers of unarmed civilians (by their own accounts) of the old of Irish Women And Child Murderers, Slave Traders.
These so called English heroes were actually violent criminals working (stealing) on Behalf Of Their Mafia Boss A So Called Royal.

These Criminal Thugs And Their Boss (Royals) Were Nothing But a franchise a Organized Crime Syndicate.

We Made A Good Start In Removing The Likes Of The Hanoverian Terror So Called Queen Victoria.
Irish Community Images

Educated People in England understand why

Irish Community Video

And The Slave Trader Admiral Nelson

Time To Demand The Removal Or Real Fuller Story Told of all these so called heroes, right up to the top of the rotten barrel and their mafia boss, the so called royals of britain (todays version are actually a part of the Hanoverian Germanic Saxony mafia syndicates)

IRISH LIVES MATTER Showed People Around The World The Way.

The Previous generations of Irish tried reason, so many tried to explain how symbols and statues of what were terrorists offend, many tried all fir means possible to have monstrosity put in a museum, But when some gave up others did not just accept the status quo (shyte english band)

The few said right, if They Don't and Won't Accept There Is Another Story And Act By Adding That Full Story To The So Called Heroes Then Act

Irish Community Images

Some just Won't Continue To Just Accept The Lies and Bullshit For Ever, They'd argue If You Do! then more and new generations of People just accept or worse believe the perverse lies.

Full story and off the streets as if some noble hero and put in a museum or get rid!

Irish Community Video


Irish Community Video


And note well! the younger generation are aware of the past, we don't need statues of colonial terrorists and slave traders or colonial royal commissioned child killers and abusers to know they what and who they were.
Statues of such filth is perverse and has no place in the public streets in the 21st century.
IRISH LIVES MATTER even the millions of Irish who were put to sword or worked or starved to death by the soldiers and guards and 'entrapeneurs of British so called royals.

Even some of the German population after WW2 had to be forcibly shown what their so called leaders heroes were actually doing!
Many of course knew and were involved and benefited, but many did not know, some no doubt still refuse to accept it ever happened or worse can selectively and perversely justify it in some selective context.

The moral to this story is

Don't just accept the Emperer has new clothes, not even if all around crowd around applaud and marvel without a question.

More questions were and will be asked by this image than a image that people just pass by or read only a perverse selective myth on a small plaque.
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IRISH LIVES MATTER showed the way
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