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Jer ONeills

Irish Forums Member
Location: Dublin & Boston, MA


Personally I don't buy into white or Black, neither are a race or remotely anything specific or a credible culture!

You can be Irish and darker skinned like Paul McGrath
You can be foreign and lighter skinned and not Irish in Ireland.

Far too many lighter skinned non Irish here on minimum wage paying zero tax and costing us all!
That is more a government fault than theirs! (same goes for all immigrants regardless of shade of skin)

POINT this is nothing to do with my inbuilt intolerance and all to do woth extremes of the so called BLM movement that perverse and is actively encouraging Faux victim hood and supposed oppression.

Reality check the world out,where you will be called names and discriminated agaisnt for one reason or another, people don;t need a supposed unique skin tone of white or black (both are extreme simplistic BS notions ) to be intolerant

The BLM movement is perverse and dangerous, as it encourages those who perceive themselves as 'black' to consider themselves as victims before an event, to have rights to call anyone a racist who even looks at them!

Total BS labels used by extremists and by extremely wealthy faux liberals who don't have to live in the real world but need to exploit it.

The real world that for an absolute reality has seen far too many immigrants enter and abuse a small nation like Ireland especially these past 16 years.

Too many immigrants of so called whites and so called blacks, far too many of them in such a short space of time to be healthy or sensible for any society to cope with or adapt to and look after properly (didwe not have enough native poor and disadvantaged and homeless to be so called caring about), the way things have gone we will become just another pish pot no culture little yank land like britain, so called melting pot but in reality divided lives and broken society and the people of established native Irish and their identity and culture specifically targeted by the media to blame and the only ones who can be intolerant and racist.

Much like this black lives matter movement has taken on a perverse racist agenda.

The man who was murdered by cops in America is an American problem, it has f all to do with Ireland or any part of Europe, and f all to credibly do with so called whites.
The cops who killed him were just typical of those who abuse power, armed thugs given a uniform, and the video shows they were a mixed group, Asian African heritage forcertain involved in the brutality, that REALITY seems to not be newsworthy!

What black lives matter out of no interest at all!??
is it just the ones who are perceived real or imagined to have been given a unequal time of life by the so called whites (plenty of jobless poor homeless so called whites in this world who don't appear to have any much power in their own lifes let alone others)

Or does it include the millions of so called black lives in various parts of the world who's lives are being taken abused and destroyed in far higher numbers in the real world on a daily basis by other so called blacks !

See now how this BLM is perverse selective BS and a ignorant naive and often racist agenda! just by that REALITY of what goes on in much of the world if not especially Africa!

Places like the great new South Africa where so called free so called blacks treat other so called blacks from surrounding nations less than dogs!

Anyway while this BLM is allowed to spread as if it is credible

Counter with Irish white lives don't Matter (at least to the extreme liberals or many of the so called vital immigrants we are told we somehow can't do without)

What a sick society Ireland has become that these sexual crimes are not reported headlines in Ireland and questions not asked in the mainstream media and politicians in the Dail.


This evil bastard was 'working' in care homes (money making machines for private business investors) for years in Ireland

A healthcare assistant who admitted raping a 73-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s in an Irish nursing home has been given an 11-year sentence.

The victim was attacked in her room in the early hours of 3 April, during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown.

She was found in a distressed state later that morning by a staff member.

Emmanuel Adeniji, of Royal Canal Court, Kilcock in County Kildare, had denied rape but later pleaded guilty after his DNA matched a sample from the victim.

The 52-year-old worked in healthcare for 15 years before the attack and he had no previous convictions.

The judge at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court described the rape as “an egregious breach of trust by a qualified and experienced healthcare worker”.

The victim’s family told the court Adeniji had “single-handedly destroyed our mam’s life”.

CCTV footage from the nursing home at the time of the rape showed Adeniji going in and coming out of the woman’s room at about 03:00 local time on 3 April.

Later that morning, another staff member found the victim upset but coherent.

Gardaí (Irish police) were called and the woman was able to make a statement about the rape.

She told officers she was in her room all the time as residents were “locked in because of the virus”.

Adeniji was arrested 11 days later.

The victim’s daughter told the Central Criminal Court that her family have been unable to hug her mother to comfort her since the attack.

“We always said we will dread the day she loses her memory, but now one day we hope she wakes up and doesn’t remember,” she added.

The judge said the effect of the rape on the victim had been “devastating” with the woman experiencing feelings of “depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares and a lack of safety”.

He imposed an 11-year prison sentence on Adjeniji, with the final year suspended.Irish Community Images

Seems the one sided and racist BS blm promotes people who 'consider themselves as black and different to carry out violence and RTE does nothing.
Ifthese were supposed 'whites doing this to a supposed black we would be informed on main news and voices raised in the Dail!

Kicking the head repeatdely by cowards who perversely and ignorantly talk of slavery as some form of reasoling for cowardly kicking someone repeatedly in the head!

Irish Community Video

As for this so called gang incident (gang against 1), the LA gang type talk is as pathetic as sickening as the mentally deranged stabber.

Irish Community Video

The one making the video should be arrested and jailed for promoting and actively encouraging the stabbing of a beaten stabbed person on the floor.

That sick cowardly video maker needs to be locked up and educated in basics of decency.

Ireland what ever your skin shade, disown and never encourage at any time this sick import from the usa, gang culture is a sickness.

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