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uk most corrupt dirtiest money laundering state on earth

       uk most corrupt dirtiest money laundering state on earth uk most corrupt dirtiest money laundering state on earth Information
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Boyle Bru

Sceala Philosopher
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     uk most corrupt dirtiest money laundering state on earth

The UK is one of the most corrupt nations on Earth
The corporate tax haven index published by the Tax Justice Network shows that the three countries that have done most to facilitate this theft are the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. All of them are British territories. Jersey, a British dependency, comes seventh on the list. These places are effectively satellites of the City of London. But because they are overseas, the City can benefit from “nefarious activities … while allowing the British government to maintain distance when scandals arise”, says the network. The City of London’s astonishing exemption from the UK’s freedom of information laws creates an extra ring of secrecy.

The UK also appears to be the money-laundering capital of the world.

Headlines in the oxymoron itself are at last catching up with what has been shown here for many years prior.
Irish banks run by failed brit banking executives
What the bankrupt British did with their corrupt banks
Corruption and theft by British banks and City of London
Broke Britain printing money - loan to Ireland
UK banks helped Nazis launder stolen Gold
List Of treasure Robbed From Ireland In the British Museum
Elizabethan theft of Irish land and murder of native Irish

the oxymoron uk is and has been since its conception in the early 19th century (yes even the idea it is ancient is a total fabrication) a most corrupt state.
even the previous 'created' oxymoron of a supposed united kingdom of england and scotland dates only to 1707 (a mere generation older than the USA)

Anyway digressing of reality behind the pomp BS aside, the uk in essence was set up by a Hanoverian mafia in 1801, a system set up to benefit most a select few, the boss (so called royal) at the top getting a cut a share a percentage of all that went on (one way or another)

Corrupt then under a Hanoverian George III,
Irish Community Images A Germanic parasite thug mafia boss who only 3 years prior (*1), oversaw and personally directed the mass slaughter of around 50,000 Irish natives, mainly completely innocent men women and children , and the torture and crimes against humanity against many times more.
The mafia Boss George III reverted even to his previous tactics of hiring Hesssian (Germans) cutthroat mercenaries to assist and lead in torture, just as he had in his lost American colony.
These Hessian mercenaries were cruel and cowardly lowlifes thugs.

To highlight to the ignorant Irish and english alike how they have both been fed myths read this from a 1798 diary (even the regular troops were like george - germanic)

10,000 soldiers will be sent from England are boosted on the 11th when 425 members of Baron Hompesch's 2nd battalion of riflemen embark at Cowes in the Isle of Wight on the Medusa and Ulysses. Saunder's Newsletter is informed that the Cork-bound unit are `as fine a corps as ever was seen, all Germans, scarce a man under six feet high, and of the best discipline'. The use of other foreign formations such as the `Hessians' of the 60th regiment and Swiss mercenaries is also under consideration.

Best discipline as in 'willing to follow orders to kill torture complete strangers human beings for pay" aka british paratroopers or marines in Aden to Ireland aka waffen ss.

Corrupt now under his germanic parasitic descendant
Irish Community Images
look how proud she was just a few years ago to be connected to someone who profited from genocide, terrorism, slavery (forget the perverse BS fairy tale about britain supposedly abolishing the slave trade, reality was the germanic mafia had worked out they could profit more by franchise, keep their public hands cleaner, just like the Her majesties city of London launders money today) every crime against humanity.

Ask yourself who was on the back of the South African coins during apartheid?
Who founded and profited most from the slavery in Africa that everyone knows (but does not ask the right questions) went on (still goes on) until just a few years ago. franchised out to supposed private companies like De Beers!
(in the tradition of previous third party but commissioned terrorist ltd companies like Hudson's Bay Company or London guilds that terrorized natives in Ireland used by previous mafia who were taking a cut of the profits of terrorism and crime)

The uk charade most perverse so called royals are not really just a mafia are they? Correct! this current lot are the worlds number 1 mafia that has rewritten and laundered every crime under the sun and made the perverse and gullable naive alike, actually lookup to these Germanic in-breds and not connect or care that these mafia are the products and beneficiaries still of serious crime!

Nothing has changed but change is a coming When Scotland finally breaks away, the oxymoron uk will be done.

1. 1798 united Irishman rebellion, when protestant catholic & dissenter alike resisted as one, Ireland and being Irish their common bond.
Such a threat to George III and his invented 'british and uk' his mafia set about the purposeful and perverse sectarian division of Ireland (divide and conquer)
The perversion control of the RC religion and creation of the orange order was encouraged at this time.
Divide and conquer, pervert and control.

Take a read some of ye ignorant if you actually think the British (invented by germans) created catholic protestant 'thing' is actual history or remotely the real problem!

From one of the hired horses mouths in 1798( when the bribed RCBishops ofireland werebusy condemming Irish and taking the kings shilling to build maynooth seminary etc.

‘We first pillaged their camp [of the defeated rebels], where they had erected altars with many church ornaments; their tents were put to the torch. This terrorized the area, orders having been given to burn the barracks and the dwellings of the inhabitants of the town where pikes were found, which were carried out immediately. It is painful to take such extreme measures, but necessity required it, for such severe action terrorizes [the people] and soon suppresses insurrection and serves as a warning to the rest of the country. All men with weapons in their hands scattered across the country were pursued, and those we apprehended were sent back to New-Ross, where a court martial was established at which they were judged without delay and hanged. That day, we killed or took about 700, rounded up by our mounted troops, which terrorized the whole county and made us formidable without further effort.’

In addition, in support of the reputation that the Hompesch had earned, Villiers reports no less a witness than the surrendered rebel leader Fr Philip Roche:

‘Roche, brave and resolute, having been condemned [to death] declared to General Hompesch that it was his troops that caused Roche’s misfortune and brought an end to the rebellion so suddenly, that the terror they had inspired in his rebels was so great that he could not, at the sight of our chasseurs, re-encourage them and keep them together.’

Villiers also claimed that their harshness was, in part, reprisal for attacks on their outposts and the slaying of Hompesch sentries.

Above: Uniform of the Hompesch Rifles (5th Battalion, 60th Regiment of Foot, Royal Americans). In pursuit of Humbert’s invading force in Connacht, they embellished their severe reputation, summarily hanging rebels who approached them thinking, on account of their unusual uniforms, that they were French troops. (Bibliothèque et archives du Musée de Condé, Château de Chantilly)

Under Sir John Moore, ‘Hessians’ took part in the attempted suppression of the Wicklow mountain rebels Holt and Dwyer. Moore eventually decided against pursuit, withdrawing his troops to Blessington, and when news of Humbert’s invasion reached Dublin he marched west, travelling by canal barges from Sallins, Co. Kildare, to Tullamore, King’s County. In pursuit of Humbert’s invading force in Connacht, the 5/60th embellished its severe reputation, summarily hanging rebels who approached them thinking, on account of their unusual uniforms, that they were French troops.

Strong Catholic element

It is in relating an earlier incident, however, that the Villiers account will seem most bizarre to Irish eyes. The Hompesch had a strong Catholic element, including Villiers himself, who attended Mass regularly among the local people at Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow. He reports:

‘Having been there on Sundays and feasts, four or five officers, and some of our company attended church to hear Mass, which made such an impression on this fanatical people, having seen that we were Catholics like them, that we inspired them with trust, and, considering us with respect, this encouraged them to bring in their arms, leave the rebels and return to order. They also brought us food in abundance and often would not accept payment.’

Perhaps more surprisingly, the Hompesch Mounted Rifles also contained Catholic officers. Prominent among these was Bryan O’Toole, a native of County Wexford, who had served with Walsh’s Regiment in the Irish Brigade in France but had returned to Ireland in 1793 with the defecting regiments that had first become part of the counter-revolutionary Armée de Condé and, in 1794, joined the Irish Catholic Brigade in the British Army. On the disbandment of this corps in 1797, O’Toole had been commissioned into the Hompesch. Villiers writes that, after the battle of Ballinamuck, O’Toole’s troop captured 400 rebels, and these may have been among those summarily executed. O’Toole went on to serve under Wellington in the Peninsular War and later rose to the rank of major-general. His family complained that his career was retarded by his religion, while another salient fact that, as a Catholic, he served with the dreaded ‘Hessians’ has been largely written out of Irish history. The wounded Villiers left Ireland in September 1798 and consequently retired from the British Army. The 60th Regiment went on to be a founding element of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

As late as 2005, the Carlow Nationalist declared:

‘When we spoke to the different areas that suffered at the hands of the victors [in the 1798 Rebellion], we were told that the area around Wexford Town suffered more than most. This area was patrolled by German mercenaries who went on a rampage of pillage and terrorizing the local population.’

This is clearly intended to mean ‘Hessians,’ since there were no other troops that can be described as German—either German-speaking or with origins in Germanic states. Villiers notes, however, that he had Austrian and Hungarian troops under his command. The term ‘Hessian’, of course, derives from troops from the state of Hesse-Cassel employed by the British to assist in its effort to suppress the American independence movement, some of whom settled in the United States after the war. These Hessians were not mercenaries in the accepted sense of the word, since the units retained their national status and the individual soldier derived no financial benefit, which accrued only to the Landgrave (prince) of Hesse-Cassel. The term ‘Hessian’ as a pejorative seems to have arisen in Ireland during or after the rebellion of 1798.

Many atrocities in that year, committed by local yeomanry or by other corps such as the Ancient Britons, may have been falsely attributed to the Hompesch or the 5/60th. Although Villiers reports that the two Hompesch units were dubbed ‘Hessians’, he does not comment on the rampaging reported by the Nationalist; this may have been the work of Wexford units, but since these were local men, many of them also Catholic, it was better to blame their atrocities on foreigners.

Nicholas Dunne-Lynch’s book on Napoleon’s Irish Legion will be published shortly by McFarland.

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uk most corrupt dirtiest money laundering state on earth
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