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The human trash scum known as the british paras

   Irish Movies    The human trash scum known as the british paras The human trash scum known as the british paras Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     The human trash scum known as the british paras

The reality of this so called brave elite troop.

Even todays lot would be bad enough, typical recruited from the lowest of the low, semi literate thugs that decent people would have nothing to do with.
Yet many british people fall for the myths, believe the propaganda of the likes of the british legion and politicians and the monarchy sponsors - that their army are staffed by heroes all and the paras the elite..

Some elite! only if elite exclusively meant human low life trash, would they excel

Irish Quotes
Six members of Britain's crack Parachute Regiment were child rapists ... - UPI › Archives › 1983/05/17 › Six-me...
17 May 1983 — Six members of Britain's crack Parachute Regiment were sentenced to jail for the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl at an Army base and officials ...
The uniformed paratroopers were sentenced Monday after testimony that the struggling, screaming victim was tied to a bed for 30 minutes in November 1981, raped, kicked, hit in the face and urinated on.

The judge called the case 'disgusting' and sentenced two paratroopers for rape and four others for indecent assault in the attack at the Aldershot base some 35 miles southwest of London.

The men convicted of rape were sentenced to three and five years respectively and those convicted of indecent assault drew sentences ranging from four to 12 months.

Gen. Sir Frank Kitson, commander-in-chief of British land forces ordered a security check on all Army establishments after it was testified women were regularly brought into barracks.Irish Quotes

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Irish QuotesBritish soldier charged with raping six-year-old girl while ... › British-soldier-charged-wit...
21 Jan 2015 — The 30-year-old, who has not been named, is a member of the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. He is due to appear in court in ...Irish Quotes

Irish QuotesEx-soldier jailed for sex attacks | The Independent | The ... › UK › Crime
25 May 2012 — A former soldier who carried out a string of sex attacks has been jailed indefinitely. ... as he told the former Territorial Army Parachute Regiment captain he ... was convicted last month of three rapes and one sexual assault on ...Irish Quotes

Irish › sep › ukcrime1
18 Sep 2003 — Detectives in Kent are investigating a claim that three paratroopers gang-raped a teenage girl and took photographs of the attack with a mobile ....Irish Quotes

Paras 'filmed rape bid on recruit'

the trainee soldier is shown in the two-minute video being held down while another person attempts to rape him, according to the Sun.

During the footage it is claimed the trainee Para is taunted for being gay and after the alleged assault ends up curled on a bed crying: "Help me."

The alleged attack happened at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire last month and came to light when a mother was shown the images by her son, a soldier, and alerted military police.

The newspaper claims at least six men are seen either joining the assault or jeering with the "cameraman" and that the footage was sent via mobile phones around the base.Irish Quotes

Irish QuotesEx-soldier jailed for sex attacks | The Independent | The ... › UK › Crime
25 May 2012 — ... a "predatory rapist" as he told the former Territorial Army Parachute Regiment ... Judge Price jailed him for six years for a rape in 1995, to run ...Irish Quotes

Irish QuotesRecruit tells of vile male rape Army initiation
A SOLDIER has told how he was savagely beaten and raped by men of his unit during a banned initiation ceremony.
By Marco Giannangeli
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Sun, Dec 2, 2012 Irish Quotes

Irish › news › defence-secretary-gavin-wi...
6 Apr 2019 — ... British soldiers were arrested for the alleged rape of a female soldier. ... media showing members of the parachute regiment firing rounds at a ...Irish Quotes

Irish › news › convicted-paedophile-e...
20 Feb 2018 — An ex-paratrooper, who served alongside Prince Harry, is back in police custody after two weeks on the run following his conviction for child rape.Irish Quotes

Irish › News › Crime
24 Apr 2012 — Brian Witty, 41, previously a Territorial Army Parachute Regiment captain, was found guilty of three rapes and one sexual assault by a jury at ...Irish Quotes

Irish QuotesSCOTS PARA FACES 50 YEARS FOR RAPE IN U.S - Daily ... › News › UK & World
7 Dec 2005 — But he says she consented, then cried rape when he urinated on her ... The soldiers serve with 4 Para, the Territorial Army battalion of the ...Irish Quotes

Irish QuotesParatrooper Lee Clegg killed unarmed civilian teenagers
18 Mar 1999 — Getting away with murder?l ``A farrago of untruths,'' was how Judge Kerr summed up Lee Clegg's testimony as he delivered his ...

After the killings it was established that 36 shots were fired at the teenager's car with two bullets striking Karen Reilly in the back and one hitting Martin Peake in the head.

After being released early from jail, which sparked violence in nationalist areas, Clegg rejoined the British army and was later promoted.

After the double killing it emerged that a model of the teen-ager's car had been constructed in a canteen at Palace Barracks in Holywood, Co Down along with a papier-mache model of a bloodstained head.

A sick notice carried the words "Vauxhall Astra, built by robots, driven by joyriders, stopped by A Company."

Clearly realising they had acted hastily, the squaddies quickly moved to cover their tracks. PC Gibson was astonished to hear one shout to Aindow “Get down – you’re it”. Aindow lay on the floor and the other soldiers stamped on his leg. They were later to falsely claim that the car had struck Aindow.

Initially PC Gibson went along with the false tale. The soldiers were confident that there would be no repercussions. Clegg continued to patrol the streets of Belfast for another 11 months. A report from the DPP in January 1991 was marked “No prosecution”.

The paras celebrated the deaths with a particularly sick montage erected in Palace Barracks. It was a ten foot mock-up of an Astra car with a papier mache head stuck in the drivers window. Red paint marked the fatal head wound; bullet holes riddled the car body. Pinned up besides the car was a poster which read:

“Vauxhall Astra – Built by robots, driven by joyriders, stopped by A Company”.

However, local public disquiet at the circumstances of the killings led, in July 1991, to the inclusion of the events in a Panorama programme on the army’s “Shoot to kill” policy. PC Gibson changed his original statement and now told the truth.

The following month Clegg and several other soldiers were arrested. Clegg was charged with murder, for shooting Karen Reilly in the back; Aindow with attempted murder and four others were charged with offences related to the cover up.

In July 1992, Clegg was convicted by a non-jury Diplock court and sentenced to life imprisonment. Clegg had claimed that the first 3 shots he fired were at the front windscreen of the car, the 4th at the side. In fact no shots had entered the front windscreen, 9 shots had entered the back. However, the first 3 shots he fired were judged to be lawfull, but the last, which was found to have entered the back of the car and killed Karen Reilly, was judged unlawful. Aindow got seven years, the others were aquitted.

Cleggs appeal in April 1994 was dismissed, but Aindows sentence was reduced to four years when a charge of malicious wounding was substituted.

In January 1995 Cleggs second appeal to the Law Lords was also dismissed. But by now a powerful campaign to get him released was under way, with top figures from the military, political and media establishments on board.

Immediately following the failure of the appeal, Lt General Napier Crockenden, the retired Parachute regiment general, met Max Hastings, the editor of the Daily Telegraph. Over drinks they discussed how the media could help gain Cleggs release. Following the meeting a remarkable media campaign began. In weeks the Daily Mail claimed to have collected a million signatures. Over 100 MP’s called for Cleggs release, including Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe and the Home Secretary Michael Howard. The Telegraph & Argus joined the crusade enthusiastically.

Media reports now began to claim, quite untruthfully, that the Astra had “crashed through a roadblock”. The subsequent faking of Aindows injuries was conveniently forgotten.

Clegg also began to claim, for the first time, that he thought the Astra might have contained “terrorists” rather than joyriders, clearly contradicting his own earlier statements and those of his colleagues. Indeed, on the 24th of January, as the campaign began in earnest, one of the other paras who was there that night told BBC Look North:

“Whether it was joyriders or terrorists is not the point. O.k., we probably knew it was joyriders. The point is that the car was being used as a lethal weapon.”

The campaign caused outrage in Nationalist Belfast, where the hypocrisy surrounding Cleggs treatment stood in sharp contrast to the treatment republican activists could expect. Only one soldier serving in the north of Ireland had previously been convicted of murder: Private Ian Thain served only 26 months of a life sentence and was released in 1988 when he was welcomed back into the army and subsequentially promoted. The writing was on the wall.

The Prison Authorities wrote to Clegg asking him if he preferred to serve his sentence in England as oppose to the north of Ireland – a remarkable offer denied republican prisoners. Clegg opted for England, which meant jurisdiction passed from Patrick Mayhew to Michael Howard and also meant he was immediately eligible for an appeal for release on license. In July Howard ordered Cleggs release, after serving just 2 and a half years.

Clegg returned straight to Army duty, where, within a month, he was promoted to Lance Corporal and became a physical fitness instructor at Catterick camp.
Irish Quotes

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The human trash scum known as the british paras
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