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Out of control Immigrants Ireland aka TRANSIT CAMP - is REASON for high rents

        Out of control Immigrants Ireland aka TRANSIT CAMP - is REASON for high rents Out of control Immigrants Ireland aka TRANSIT CAMP - is REASON for high rents Information
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Sceala Clann T.D.
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Re: Out of control Immigrants Ireland is REASON for high ren

Frank Devenny wrote:
Aug 14, 2021

mathematical fact-
Without the demand! the ever increasing numbers looking for accommodation - landlords could not get away with what are ridiculous & immoral high rents.

<span>updated jun 2022

It is-
the insane numbers of non eu economic immigrants allowed in to Ireland , even illegals actively encouraged in recently by default of a amnesty by fine gael (often landlords or related to) joke of a minister mcentee.
and joke of a leader martin who labels it not a once off amnesty but a once off regularizing of the non documented!!!

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Because of our extremely naive politicians- as the Swedish MEP unaffordable rents warns will be just one of the devastating effects we are all paying for.</span>


for the last decade - The Out of control immigration of low/ no skilled economic immigrant chancers into Ireland - is the cause for the insane high rents in Ireland - without those insane numbers allowed in (encouraged in by careless selfish politicians- often landlords or associates of employers of low paid low skilled workers !!)

in context of % to per head of native population, the numbers of low skilled into ireland in te previous decade is unprecedented on a world wide scale.

Long term will be unsustainable and already a national disgrace when our own young educated qualified people feel they need to or have to emigrate - as they do not get the free welfare & rent top ups so many low skilled immigrants do! we pay to top up the low paid used by so called business

Ireland insane reality ref immigrant numbers

<span>In the last decade, Ireland had the highest levels of immigration in the world.
Fine Fail and Fine Gael, they both defend the unprecedented and unfair levels of immigration into Ireland.
A million immigrants flooded into Ireland in just a few years, Ireland had a population of 4 million.

What about Irish native culture and our rights to our nation?

To comprehend a similar impact, imagine -

15 million foreign immigrants going into the UK, 15 million inside of a single decade.
75 million foreign immigrants allowed into the United States, 75 million inside of a single decade.

This is not a fair or sensible immigration policy, this is invasion and colonization by economic means.
All our politicians do is talk about immigrant rights and welfare.
The Irish people did try and say enough is enough, we voted No to Lisbon.
Both Fine Fail and Fine Gael ignored the Irish people and democracy, they demanded we vote again for the Lisbon Treaty, this time with the deception of promising jobs. </span>

Looks like some of the main media are at least starting to wonder & questions as to why Ireland has such a housing crisis, and such high rents for homes, everywhere evn in the most rural parts.

is Immigrants - 0r more specifically a non managed out of control number of immigrants.

Looney left extreme liberals shout racist - but they dont explain where they are going to live & who is goi9ng to pay for them!

Let them all in - but remember they have to live somewhere!

They pay their way is the claim, but do they!

The reality is many if not a majority pay little to Zero tax on their pay & when the allowances are taken into account - most take from the pot, not providers!

Huge scale of immigration is making our housing crisis worse

aside of greed of naive (their own children & grandchildren wlll eventually have to compete) landlords

The title if braver and accurate should read

Huge scale of immigration is the cause of the housing crisis in Ireland and is out of control

The politicians - mainly low thinkers or worse actively making money from the scam, will tell you housing stock is to blame- we need more houses.

Reality is -

Build them & they will come, more & more & more low skilled economic imigrant will come from the millions in the EU & billions more in the third world.
& live in all you can build - 5 plus (more like 10 plus) single low skilled economic migrants sharing a house at 250 a month each - they will come & come no mater how many you build!.

If it is not managed then it is out of control.


Housing & planning in Ireland is out of control.

Out of control Immigration in Ireland is the REASON for high rents & for the lack of housing, the problems faced by so many native & immigrant alike.

But the politicians are never going to tell you this basic flaw in the system - because they don't deal in reality.

Why are rents so high in Ireland
Renting homes - and the real problem in Ireland (what the likes of RTE supposed news won't mention)
the cause for rents being so high is the masses of immigrants.
As many have said here and there, the amount here compared to the native population is likely the highest in the world and all happened inside just a decade and is continuing and will eventually end badly unless sense and fair play occur and soon!

Ridiculously high rents in Ireland are caused by the far too many single foreign economic and welfare immigrants. The far too many immigrant chancers who have to live somewhere (once encouraged in by the corrupt) and soon realize they have no choice but to be part of a group to are able to afford the rising rents of greed driven landlords.

And subsidized on rent allwance PAID FOR BY THE IRISH WHO HAVE A HOMELESS CRISIS!!!

How can normal Irish people - families even with both partners working!
compete with a half dozen and more cconomic immigrants all working sharing a home.

Go to a rural town in any part of Ireland and you are more likely to be served or hear or see a foreigner than a native Irish person! HOW is that normal or fair or remotely sensible or remotely anything else but Colonization and the destruction of the native culture by other means.


just take that in! a newspaper "investigation exposed how a landlord was renting a five-bedroom house to up to 70 people. "

"other viewed properties were overcrowded, with up to 30 people living in some of the houses."

2018 and Irish politicians have sat by and sanctioned the return of the 19th century tenement slum

€1200 rent per month for a average family is almost impossible for a typical working Irish family.
And bear in mind this sort of rent is now typical in rural Ireland!!
And bear in mind that supposed Irish politicians have allowed this to happen! and as a knock on consequence employers across have zero incentive to pay a comparative wage to rent! why would they when they can replace you tomorrow so easily by economic chancers not just from the eu but also from the lines on supposed english language students from Asia who are mainly economic chancers.

€1200 pm divided by 6 (and often more) single foreigners = 200 pm
No problem for them and there is your problem.

even if it was four foreigners sharing!, it would be ( in comparison to working tax paying native Irish) very affordable and so the landlords given free reign by corrupt and cowardly politicians (often landlords themselves btw) can put the rent to the limits of extremes.


Readers note
Note most of the above including the quoted typical €1200 a month rent is from 3 years ago, 2018
€1200 was likely conservative then but is out of date in any city in Ireland now.
Matters have gotten much worse!

Dublin was the county with the highest standardised average rent at €1,745 per month.24 Mar 2021

And guess what despite covid - masses of so called "english language students" from india & pakistan & elsewhere. are coming in their thousands.

This has to stop or is Ireland just a perverse economic transit camp !

Not a place for families or any culture or sense of nation.

That is what is coming if no action is taken by the people you vote in!

Huge scale of immigration is the cause of the housing crisis in Ireland and is out of control

No matter what the so called "Irish politicians like helen mcentee & michael martin say "

they collectively have made Ireland a target for every economic migrant scammer from around the world.

When we already have a housing a schools a hopsiatal crisis
so called politicians are nothing short of criminally negligent

Irish Community Images

that is what endless millions of wanabe economic migrants around the world heard helen mcentee & michael martin say !
you pair of totally incompetent care less ignorant fools

economic immigration is a global reality, but helen mcentee & michael martin have made ireland a specific target

actively encouraged more and more into Ireland a small place already in crisis and has been for several years!
but of course that overpaid pair would not know that personally.

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Out of control Immigrants Ireland aka TRANSIT CAMP - is REASON for high rents
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