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Pakistani immigrant doctor sexually abused patients

        Pakistani immigrant doctor sexually abused patients Pakistani immigrant doctor sexually abused patients Information
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Frank Devenny

Irish Forums Member
Location: Mayo. Ireland

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Pakistani immigrant doctor sexually abused patients

<span>Three separate investigations are underway into a series of complaints of suspected sexual abuse of unconscious patients by a doctor at Naas General Hospital, RTE Investigates has learned.

The investigations " being conducted by the Health Service Executive, the Irish Medical Council and An Garda " relate to the alleged conduct of Dr Aamir Zuberi, an anaesthetist who worked at the hospital since at least 2012.

The concerns came to light when several staff members from the hospital reported their concerns to hospital management, who in turn reported them to local gardai. The allegations relate to four patients, with each of the suspected incidents of sexual abuse witnessed during 2016 and 2017.

However, RTE Investigates understands that it was not until December 2017 that concerns were first raised with hospital management in Naas. At that point, Dr Zuberi was placed on administrative leave with pay pending investigation.

One patient, who requested anonymity, described how he learned about his suspected abuse from gardai. He told RTE Investigates that he was suspected of having been sexually assaulted following surgery to remove his appendix.

Dr Aamir Zuberi is an anaesthetist who previously worked at Naas General Hospital
"He called me. I said 'Is everything okay?' And he said "are you sitting down?" And I knew it was serious then," the man said.

The garda went on to describe how several statements had been made about suspected sexual assaults of the man and others.

But, almost four years on since the complaints were received about Dr Zuberi, the patient has never had any contact from Naas General Hospital or the HSE.

"I got no correspondence from the hospital," the man told RTE Investigates. "Just to say that we are internally investigating this."

'They said I was in safe hands' - alleged hospital abuse victim

"I"ve not even had an apology " just the recognition that they were looking into this. I haven"t got the words to say how I feel about Naas General Hospital. Nobody is accountable for anything."</span>

RTE report that this evil was a immigrant from Pakistan, and is now back in his native Pakistan!

<span>The criminal case against Dr Zuberi has since stalled, because the doctor left Ireland and returned to his native Pakistan.</span>

Pakistan won't likely extradite the evil, but happy to export their trash like the lowest of evil who raped a young girl with downs syndrome and claimed he knew no better, implied would have known better in his native land, as they would have been labelled / made to wear a badge.
Pakistani Man jailed for rape of young woman with Down Syndrome seeks extra time to appeal

WTF is Ireland doing allowing these criminal trash into Ireland.

Pakistan is not in the EU, neither is Brazil or India.

This year alone 3 stabbing murders by supposed vital immigrants from Brazil! again WTF are they doing here, for what apart from a few individual greedy exploiters of the low paid, do they serve?

Man arrested in connection with murder of Dublin boy Josh ... " Irish News
THE chief suspect for the stabbing attack that killed 16-year-old Josh Dunne has been arrested by gardai tonight. A Brazilian national ...
28 Jan 2021
Gehlen (39), a Brazilian national, was unanimously convicted by a jury of murdering Ms Colomines (37) at the home they shared on Dorset Square, Gardiner Street Upper, Dublin 1 on October 25th, 2017. " News
6 Nov 2021 " Brazilian national Diego Costa Silva, 32, appeared before the Dublin District Court on Saturday charged with the murder of his wife Fabiole ...

Bad enough out of control immigration at any time, but In a pandemic it seems even more are coming in!
No checks no controls effectively amounts to a collective crime against the people of Ireland, carried out by native politicians who not only allow it, but actively encourage it with brainwashing simplictiy as if only so called 'blacks or immigrants are victims of crime and racism',

people in Ireland are becoming reluctant even afraid to even speak out against obvious wrong doings for fear of being labelled racist.
That is a sickness that has to stop!
or we'll end up like so many places where 'ethnic criminal abusers' got away with sickest of crimes and for years in England.
In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children, had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by predominantly British-Pakistani men

But this complaint has more to do with non EU here as any specific race, don't want vast numbers of any of them here on low skilled or criminal high skilled , why would we? do you think they would they would want the same in reverse in their land?
We just we don't want any more criminals coming here from any other country , we have enough of our own and EU we can apparently do nothing about as part of the EU.

But we need not allow any non EU in though, that's the point.

It seems no one is checking who these 'supposed vital 'immigrants are and not a single politician cares less about the native population of Ireland.

Point is clearly Few to NO IMMIGRANT CHECKS ARE GOING IN & continues to be so even during a pandemic.

As of Nov & the claims by government officials that the 5% unvaccinated are causing the problems!

Wonder if anyone has looked at who this 5% actually are!
Wonder how many of the so called 50% plus who make up hospital & ICU patients are low paid non vaccinated supposed vital immigrants?

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Pakistani immigrant doctor sexually abused patients
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