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The Irish were treated like SLAVES but worse

        The Irish were treated like SLAVES but worse The Irish were treated like SLAVES but worse Information
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Brian T Dublin

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     The Irish were treated like SLAVES but worse

They want to rewrite history, supposedly apologise tohave us all feel personal shame, for us to feel collective guilt for what actually was the crimes of England , effectively the crimes of their so called royals, what ever pan euro mafia family (typically hanoverian) was running the place at time .

Slavery of any kind then or now benefits a few and is not the collective crime anymore tan any other crime.
The British Crown monarchy controlled the slave trade.

Blame these mafia bastards who still benefit from the proceeds of crime to this day, by all means point out the mass willing selective ignorance of the collective english but blame is unfair - as the "crown" was ruled by absolute terror for centuries, only in very recent times has the front appeared benign (far from in reality today under the cloak) .

zero to do with supposed White supremacy, even the notion is pathetic to me.

There are only human beings, the shade of skin is irrelevant to the point and reality that human beings in history have been treated like slaves, abused and used by scum trash humans.
The reality is all shades of skin have been involved on both sides as victims and as abusing scum.
To this day humans with darker shades of skin are treating others with darker shades of skin as slaves, the same goes for all shades of skin of these trash like humans.

So it is with that reality that this message is addressed to the

Patronising supposed historians who selectively just dismiss the notion that only blacks were slaves.

These self imagined intellectuals have been educated by the embers of the dying british crown colonial abusers, infected with a selective pompous bias inside a restricted influence bubble.

These supposed historian struggle to think for themselves, they only seek approval for credibility from within their circle, so seldom able to even wonder outside let alone credibly cross reference supposed claims of supposed history! and so.

These ignorant unimaginative brainwashed so called historians claim that only black Africans were slaves.

The reality of how the supposed 'free' Irish were treated - was treated as bad as any paid for slave on paper.
The men women and children of the mere Irish - the sons and daughters mothers fathers of the mere Irish were treated just like any paid for slave on paper, treated as dirt.

That reality is there to read in contemporary accounts, for anyone who is not constricted by either british influence or modern pc supposed contextual political history , if you are not restricted by bias or by some approving supposed educator and their restricted accepted selective library of supposed credible references.

So again, this is not a dismissal on the way any slave was treated, whether supposed black or supposed white (neither literal colour is solely of any human being who ever lived) or what ever shade of skin who was abused and used by trash, typically colonial lacky trash on behald of so called royalty- reality criminal mob bosses.

It is a contextual reality that the Irish were considered for centuries
mere Irish by the so called crown and it's agents, or other supposed british republicans aka cromwell, these were the same, criminals using every crime known to steal resources of Ireland including its people by terror, terrorism. conform or die.

Irish were treated as a third class - less than - a reality that was quoted by the likes of Robert Kee (not Irish not bias) in his history tv book series in the Barbados as slaves and even centuries later in the USA. treated as cheap disposables.

before PC historians or selective contextual historians ever existed.

Kee stated contemporary references that effectively showed the Irish poor in the Americas were often treated worse than the paid for on paper slaves, more likely a Irish would be beaten to death than a paid for slave, it made no economic sense to take the life of a slave you had to pay for, the on paper slaves had to be paid for and so were looked after as property!


When the reality was the evil british crown could create laws to enslave by every other means and in every reality literally own people, laws that had the power of life and death over the mere Irish.

The mere Irish were treated like slaves by the trash evil british and before english and before them norman crown.

This reality is all aside to the other reality these selective supposed historians ignore.

The many to this very day who are living the life of slaves, often by default of the very nation that provided these supposed historians with a degree or worse o.b.e.

in 1798 the Irish in their own land could not even look funny or dare question any abuse by the so called soldiers of the crown.

Tens of thousands were murdered in cold blood, thousands were hung with little care to any sense of actual justice.

The contemporary accounts are there to read for any credible historian.

While you will struggle to find many such records of the words of the actual mere Irish, how would you? when the mere Irish were treated as slaves. That's why we Irish had mainly a oral tradition well into the 20th century.
our own books and culture and language even dress were proscribed for centuries and later actively discouraged by willing anglicizing lackies such as tbe crown oath swearing maynooth bishops right up until partition.

the only credible right the Irish had for centuries was the right to conform or die, to put up with crown laws and conditions or die, that was the reality for the vast majority of the natives of Ireland, slaves of the colonial crown.

poor Irish women living in outdoor camps, in the open among the furze (wren women) encouraged to be design of the crowns barracks in the 19th century, worse condition than the paid for slaves of Alabama.
Slaves of colonies, unless of course you PC new historians want to selectively state these women and their children chose this appalling life!

even further back
Look and you will find the actual written testimony and accounts of some of those on the very commission of the so called royals, so called royals (cromwell was just another supposed superior a ruler via terrorism, not remotely a genuine republican who believed in common rights, go look at the commonwealth coinage if you want an idea of king in all but title!) who got a tax cut of all land and resources used and profited from.

Cromwell came to Ireland to take land by terrorism and people by terrorism not for any credible religious cause.

People with some shame and a token of humanity such as
Irish Community Images

Scottish mercenary for a shilling carried out massacres before during and after 1798 on and on to 1920 to 1969 onwards.

Like the weasel looking & slave owning scots General Duff who massacred & made brutality a normality against the Irish.
duff the commander who interrogated tortured and perversely murdered Father Murphy, who's head was cut off body stuck on a post opposite the catholic chapel, his body burned in a barrel and heart cut out roasted and fat used to shine boots!

The locals forced to keep their windows open!

Does this all sound like a free people, or effectively slaves allowed to conform as slaves of the crown agents or die , made subjects at the whim by so called royals and their so called crown laws?
Laws designed to have a few in extremes of wealth and slaves below them with enough local lacky over seeing uncle tomas.

Uncle Tomas the very lacky predecessor of the lacky mentality type still around today who were reared ignorant brainwashed into selectively glorifying the crown terrorists blood red coat from past to present.

Talking of lackys! Go research the lacky scots catholic highlanders who volunteered to go to Ireland to put down the Irish for the crown, one officer of who, was so appalled at the every day cruelty and violence he witnessed, crown terror carried out by the crown agents against the mere Irish.

"Irish Husbands who would have their heads cut off if they cared to try to save the virtue of their wives.

Mothers who would have their arms cut off if they tried to save their daughters."

Surely that can not remotely be the reality of any free people, or any supposed period of mutually agreed labour of indenture is it!

No of course it is not!

It is extremes of the slave master, most evil terrorism carried out purposely by crown agents on commission of the crown, all means approved as and when needed to keep the Irish in place, keep them slave like, kept down below third class - to be used as and when the crown saw fit, they and their children.
Countless thousands of Irish children were TAKEN by the agents of the crown for the benefit of the crown.

the mere Irish were effectively SLAVES in every respect even in 1798,.
Later still into the mid 19th century independent european travellers remark how the poor are effectively owned by the few landowenrs, owned directly or via their brutal agents, lacky or foreign hires.

So no question what so ever that for centuries the poor Irish natives man woman and child alike, the majority were effectively owned and used like slaves, worse unpaid for more disposable slaves.
Clearly so by the contemporary accounts of the colonial landowners, who ruled areas along with anglican bishiops like petty kings, holding the lives of the mere Irish at their whim, thousands for example were hung without any trial before through and mainly for years after 1798.
Often in batches from bridges for public show!

Credible estimates of 50,000 killed in a few years and in all accounts mosttortured and killed were unarmed civilians, anglican or presbyterian Irish or catholic Irish or dissenter Irish alike, Irish was the crime!
Clearly so by the study of the very descendants of the crown elite like Pakenham!
again long before the selective PC Historians were effectively told by influence what should/could now be referenced and written for their thesis!

The Irish were slaves no doubt by default of the contemporary account of visitors and made clear by some of the very crown agents records themselves.

That's how clear the Irish were considered and viewed as 'other' as slaves to be used and abused.

You too can find contemporary accounts - if! you care to actually look with an open mind and not just demean further the circumstances of your own ancestors. Some of whom were living in the worst slums and infant mortality rates in all of Europe under the crown even into the 20th century.
Images can be found of Irish living in far worse than slave huts even in the early 20th century.

so no question of the reality that The Irish were treated like SLAVES but worse

So called historians who think otherwise! need to stick to their simplistic selective logic and conclude likewise that the Jews and gypsys and listed others in Nazi Germany were also then not slaves! just because on paper they were not officially owned by someone officially on offical paper via a trackable monetary transaction!
Can you now see Your imagined difference is selective and perverse!

So when next thinking about reality of history - try and actually imagine the every day reality!
consider the actual state of the actual Irish at the very same time period of the more widely recognized on paper African in enforced slavery in the americas.

Does not make either form of slavery acceptable, it does or should ironically make people reflect on so called white people.

The native Irish have no more in common with any supposed 'white' than we would any supposed 'black'
We do have in reality a lot more in common with those whos ancestors were treated like slaves of the past and the many still today, regardless of skin tone and supposed piece of paper.

Ironically the extremes of such limited ignorant mindsets - those who assume a 'race' because of the shade of someones skin - they have so much in common with each others simplistic ignorance.

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The Irish were treated like SLAVES but worse
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