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Slovakian immigrant (roma?) on disabilty benefit charged

       Slovakian immigrant (roma?) on disabilty benefit charged Slovakian immigrant (roma?) on disabilty benefit charged Information
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Sceala Philosopher
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Re: Slovakian immigrant (roma?) on disabilty benefit charged

Gerard Delaney Tipperary wrote:
Slovakian national
(presumably one of those supposed vital & hard working immigrant workers who do the work no Irish wants to do !! of course a BS stereotype but one that wont offend or be corrected by extremists on one side of the spectrum)
on disability benefit!!
(at the Irish tax payers expense in so many ways!)
has been charged with the murder in Tullamore,

a immigrant from slovakia claiming and being paid disability benefit has been charged with the murder of Ashling Murphy. Charged with the brutal evil murder of that fantastic human being who clearly had given so much of her young life to caring and teaching others.

Slovakian national immigrant on disability benefit
(depriving genuine residents in need of vital services)
not able to work! but able to fill in forms for free weekly handouts and effectively free housing!

yet it seems this low/no skilled immigrant on disability was well able to be riding a bike around Irish town and targeting vulnerable women for most evil attack and murder and destroying the lives of so many others.

This is not really about immigrants per say or even in general, as the vast majority I'd guess and hope and experience to date are decent enough, but! and it is a big but!
this evil is a symptom of the COMPLETE PISH TAKE GOING ON since 2004 by far too many immigrants who are not working and are violent , enabled in by lack of any credible border controls of who comes into Ireland and the active encouragement by default of those extremists trying to deflect and silence any debate on what is so CLEARLY GOING ON.


Actively encouraged by some naive (PC for the cameras) politicians and extremist supposed carers of human rights!!!!

These people who try and silence and then act without a referendum or direct vote approval are partly responsible for allowing so many violent non nationals into Ireland, all too many with violent criminal records in their own home country who come to Ireland and soon carry out crime from assault & theft to rape and murder.
Life changing crimes!

These extremists who want to blame this on 'men' as if its typically men of Ireland to blame' ironically same would mostly also have no borders at all in their disney world!

They should go an try & live in the likes of parts of Eastern Europe where Roma live in extreme poverty and slums and see how they are listened to about womens rights!
These gobshytes extremists (every bit as bad as extreme right cranks) would soon realize how very different the cultures are and how much worse life is for females in parts of the world.

Dangerous Violent non nationals who have destroyed so many lives in Ireland.

Let's hope this case which highlights the dangerous evil already here and is the start of a watershed moment, a stop and re check of the passports and backgrounds of all adults who are non nationals who have come into Ireland and especially since 2004.

But as someone else said going by what happened in the UK, it wont be a watershed.
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This warning from the UK a few years ago suggests 2 things
No watershed moment & one of far too many similar horrific crimes over there which led in a major way to natives wanting out voting to be out of Europe , as they wanted no more unknown immigrants of such different cultures taking over parts of their towns and villages and cities.

However it has been long known that some horrific crimes have been carried out in Ireland by 'other cultures of immigrant minorities'
Immigrants coming from cultures or nations with very different ideas of women's rights.
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Is this what Irish politicians want? if you do nothing similar will happen here, just after a similar crash of the welfare system, capped to stop people taking the pish, unfortunately all pay the price with foodbanks the norm in the uk now.

People will be silenced by the corrupt who make money out of renting one of their homes or using this situation for some low skilled business, by the naive to the plain extremists who appear to only believe in or consider the rights if people are immigrants or some other supposed minority, the journalists and supposed academic human rights activists who make a living out of pretending they care.

The complete pish take of Irish naivety and in particular the complete pish take of the Irish social welfare system, a system that so many in actual need go without or homeless , asks it seems more questions of the natives or long term residents of Ireland than it clearly did of this evil from slovakia or where ever who claims they are unable to work, but able to cyclc and target crime most evil.

If guilty then this almost certainly would not have been this evil's first attack, it seems most victims who survive serious crime against the person don't even come forward, they are made to feel helpless by these violent dangerous evil attacks.

Sick of what is going on & that not one of the political parties are willing to call out the amount of serious crimes carried out by recent immigrants.

I expect (and would hope so) some of these parties would be all to eager to be calling it out as it is! if hundreds of serious crimes, life changing crimes against the Irish people were being carried out by british in the North or anywhere in Ireland!

But selective silence!

We have problems of our own in Ireland?
Too many native evil, (but at least the Garda are able to track and know who they are)
We have taken far too many economic immigrants per head of population as it is. Ridiculous levels of non nationals in Ireland, around 20% official seems more like 50/50 when out and about even in the most rural towns.

Ireland is a dangerous place because the Garda clearly have no clue or powers to know who is here!
watershed moment is impossible- when there are no border checks
Ireland is in crisis for housing and basic services

Almost anywhere in Ireland now, especially where ever one of these shit meat factories or shit mass grown vegetable crops are

OK to call it out as long as it's a brit or English or German it seems!

Will German, French or Dutch inscribe the epitaph of Emmet?
When we have sold enough of Ireland to be but strangers in it.
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed
To whom do we owe our allegiance today.

Irish Community Video

Consider this.

If the great Luke Kelly & others were happy to call out Germans & French & Dutch in poem song, call them out for buying up rural property a few years back and imposing upon Ireland and the Irish! and when most Irish sang along in understanding the message! and few to no one seemed to care or be supposedly outraged to counter the reality of what was going on!

Did the extremists on the left side of the spectrum call this out?

But was that labeling not typically far right racism?
A label they like to throw around to silence debate!
Labeling the Germans or the French Or Dutch a problem, to blame!

Then why are there people trying to silence what is going on now and with something far more serious and important to all decent, SERIOUS CRIMES AGAINST THE PERSON CARRIED OUT BY NON NATIONALS?

Of course we can all see not Luke was only saying the reality of what he heard and saw, he did not mean all Germans all French and all Dutch, did he!?

If Luke had said they were Nigerians Or Roma or Eastern Europeans imposing at the expense of the native Irish!

Would the extremists on the left side of the spectrum suddenly jump up and call this out?

Of course they would!
More they would collectively gang up and hound to destruction Luke to shame and silence. the most extreme among these so called liberals would rejoice in their own forms of violence.

The same extremists on the left end of the extremist spectrum would not even today call out Luke's original as far right or stereotype or even consider it, yet it hardly needs scrutiny!

because like all extremists they selectively pick upon and are only selectively interested in re-wrting the parts of a story that suits their own extreme agenda.

They'll freely label anyone label you far right if you dare even comment on certain subjects, as they only care about certain subjects, and of course the subject of the rights of the resident Irish, whether woman man child, not being one of them!

Supposed liberals!
No they are extremists who want to silence, selectively they won't even or have a genuine care for the all too many SERIOUS CRIMES SERIOUS AGAINST THE PERSON (often low/no skilled = not vital) CLEARLY GOING ON IN IRELAND COMMITTED BY NON NATIONALS

Ireland can not even look after it's own native Irish travellers properly, Ireland is still working through where our own are able to access basics!

To encourage invite in thousands of low/no skilled in is asking for a nightmare!

Roma generally living in the most deprived parts of Central and Eastern Europe, many illiterate and with extremes of violence a day to day reality, are not and can not be Ireland's problem to even attempt to sort or worse as of now, clearly encouraged in by a system that has zero checks.

Just common sense, no economics doctorate required to work that obvious economic and social issue out.

Personally don't believe this is a EU problem, Ireland has the power to not allow convicted serious criminals entry into Ireland.
Ireland has the power to monitor who makes welfare claims.
Ireland has the power to not encourage welfare abuse.
Ireland has the power to not encourage welfare fraud.

Ireland does not need to and further has no possibility of providing for the half a billion population of Europe.

Even the extreme left of the spectrum must see that reality! or maybe that's just too logical like asking the extreme right to see some logic.

Immigrants are not the problem,
but encouraging in low /no skilled in is!
Providing easy (easier) access to welfare is (how uncaring is that in a nation of so many homeless as it is) a problem.

Allowing in any known serious criminal is a crime against all in Ireland.

The demand for checks needs to be louder than the supposed caring selective cries for human rights.

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Slovakian immigrant (roma?) on disabilty benefit charged
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