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Ireland has no room for any more from Ukraine.

       Ireland has no room for any more from Ukraine. Ireland has no room for any more from Ukraine. Information
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Irish Author Ireland has no room for any more from Ukraine. Sceala Irish Craic Forum Irish Message
Gerard Delaney Tipperary

Sceala Philosopher

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Ireland has no room for any more from Ukraine.

Ireland has taken in far too many immigrants and supposed asylum seekers in the past 20 years, out of control numbers.
Ireland has already taken in unprecedented numbers per head of population by any world standard.
something approaching 20% already here are not Irish nationals. that is one of the highest levels of non nationals in the developed world.
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cut benefits to stop Te Ukraine CHANCERS!

AS EVERY OTHER EU NATION (MOST PREVIOUSLY were already providing much lower welfare anyway are cutting back welfare to them again) HAS DONE LONG AGO

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This immigrant shock has happened in just 20 years, it is extremism and literal stupidity to imagine we can take any more without causing real harm down the line, a breakdown of society.

And that reality / logic is just a social cultural one, without even considering the reality of the housing crisis in Ireland!

Ireland simply has not the homes or accommodation for any more people of any kind from anywhere, whether Ukranian refugees or more economic immigrants or asylum seeker or what ever label a immigrant is, or one placed on them by the well salaried executives of some NGO - who promote extremism, extremism as in we must!
they don't care what problems the Irish already have,, they just demand we accept more and more and don't even dare ask questions, that is the level of the brainwashing.
Enough is enough, far too many here for human rights sense!

Pre war! Ukraine was one if not the poorest most corrupt nations in eastern europe, so few immigrants will be going back! no matter the naive BS the politicians tell you!

This is Ireland and the Homeless problem BEFORE The brainwashing politicians and their media started telling us we need to home maybe 200,000 ukranians!

That is like the uk government (who typically happy to arm their imagined enemies enemy to the teeth - with no paperwork or visas required) accepting the equivalent of 2.7 million!

or the usa accepting more than 13 million!

Those numbers promoted by Irish politicians as feasible, necessary! and promoted in way to shut you up! are nothing less than insanity, literally asking for extremes of political unrest (at best)

One again this is in a Ireland that already has a housing crisis!
A Ireland that has a serious homeless problem
A Ireland where a hundred times the homeless numbers have little or no home security, hundreds of thousands reliant on welfare handouts to subsidize exorbitant rents!

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Do they not know many Irish and immigrant alike right now! can not even find a place to rent? even if they could afford the high rents, there are few to none to rent in many areas!

THAT IS THE REALITY OF IRELAND! 2020, worse in 2021 & now impossible in 2022.

There are few to no homes to rent! and for every one that comes up about 15 people are looking to agree that day!.

Yet the extremists think we can home more!

Time for others to act! when the EU did nothing when the likes of Poland recently boasted of taking in Zero types of immigrants, they can now take in the Ukranians from Ukraine where it seems Poland's leaders are one of the worst currently promoting war not peace talks.

Talking of encouraging war war to the last ukranian!

Let the uk and usa take the refgugees, they are the ones who have been promoting a civil war in Ukraine since at least 2014. arming Ukraine to the teeth!

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As you can see with not much effort (no journalist course needed) NOT AS SIMPLE AS RTE repeat courtesy of the british brainwashing corporation who portray ukraine as one nation, despite the fact that a third are ethnic Russians and there has been a civil war going on since at least 2014 in the East of Ukraine.

Ireland does not have enough accommodation for it's own citizens and the far too many immigrants here already, let alone more.

Time to admit - we can take No more - the Irish people need to stop these wealthy elite politicians who are not effected and do not care what problems they cause now and down the line.

Tens of thousands of Homeless native Irish in Ireland are ignored! but Ukranians must be found homes!! says the brainwashing main media

Irish politicians ignore homeless crisis to pretend care for Ukraine

Homeless crisis for many native Irish - free rent immigrants

Ukraine asylum seeking process Ireland abused by scammers

Ireland Ukraine Refugees - Do Gooders or Human Traffickers

Ukraine the most corrupt nations in Europe! extreme far right neo-nazis! but no background checks!

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Ireland has no room for any more from Ukraine.
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