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Israel benefits from Ukraine Russian war

       Israel benefits from Ukraine Russian war Israel benefits from Ukraine Russian war Information
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Brian T Dublin

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Israel benefits from Ukraine Russian war

Israel by default of their location and own extremes ,Israel is imo a de facto a fascist state - founded by extremist zionist jews for extremist jews.

Maybe understandable considering the persecution (by no means or comparison historically exceptional btw as many groups have suffered even worse abuses, natives of Ireland under Elizabethan & Cromwell & Victorian, Congo under Belgium , Tasmaia under British, Native Americans, Numerous African under Arab and European etc, etc,,, ) history of Jews, but the extremes of Israel are not excusable.

Jews (not just one type btw, of what ever variety) do not own suffering and untimely death in any period not even ww2.

Israel needs to look for excuses, diversions needs to spread their problems around the world.

Israel because of their own extremes Needs to be constantly paranoid & on look for any opportunity -

Interesting quotes about how Israel benefits from another 'civil war'

Russia oil & gas will likely be banned by the EU soon (encouraged by US who don't need it)
Wonder where the gas will come from??

Could not even wait a week to be excited about the prospect of at least one possible benefit of suffering of ordinary people in war.

Can Israel become Europe’s gas supplier?
With Europe realizing its complete dependency on Russia's gas, and if played with the right cards, the crisis in Ukraine can be an opportunity for Israel's gas exportation to Europe
Published: FEBRUARY 27, 2022 16:34

Russia sidelined kept busy, Syria who they have never forgiven Russia for not allowing regime change, so it's looking kind of good for Israel, even championing the idea of peacemaker!

Promoted by the Ukranian President who happens to be jewish, who is backed by a Ukranian Oligarch who happens to be jewish who happens to have sponsored Neo Nazis in Ukraine to fight a proxy war for the past 8 years.

And because it is Israel, I feel I need to state
I am not a conspiracy theorist! Not even someone who believes Israel has no right to exist, Certainly not someone as ignorant to think all Jews are the same.

I just never accept that wars are simple, been in one seen the pointless nature and the absolute hypocritical BS both sides selectively spin for their gullable audience to cheer on murder! While always a few sit back promote and profit or benefit in some form or other.

Israel has a right to exist but does not have a right to behave as it wants,as it clearly has for decades in Palestine and other nations they have been encouraging if not directing mayhem and divisions in.
Syria & Libya the most obvious former enemies now all but broken by designer civil wars - proxy wars!

Has Israel forgiven Russia for not allowing it to comepletely destroy Syria!!
Hilary Clinton/Biden clearly never did!

Israel has clearly benefited from if not directly behind / encouraging conflict and divisions in surrounding nations.

That should be obvious even to extreme Zionists who look only to selectively excuse certain types of terror!

But what about Ukraine.

Aside of the benefit of distracting Russia.

Israel sees financial gains!

No need for conspiracy as
Israel news outlets from day 1 of the war were looking at the financial benefits of war & death.
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No conspiracy theories needed re Ukraine, Zelensky clearly linked to Israel, if not directly then by default through his backer Kolominsky.
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Zelensky has links to a Ukranian Oligarch (a corrupt billionaire who btw named his son Israel!) who funded the extremes of nationalism, neo nazis.
Igor Kolomoisky

Surely the main responsibility for the millions of civilians effected by designer wars and terrorism lays at the door of the USA & UK lapdog.

It was the politicians of the UK and USA who especially encouraged the so called Arab Spring.
Nothing what so ever to do with resources of oil rich nations unwilling to play free ball with western multi nationals.

noted how this supposed democracy movement was not so promoted (or sent weapons) in saudi or other similar undemocratic wealthy but co-operative despots.

This mayhem is the stuff of dreams for Israel, all their potential enemies in their region in the space of a few years, has had a regime change and civil war encouraged by USA and lapdog UK.

Almost every other nation could see this chaos coming.
Libya Iraq and Syria may have been run by dictators like many of their neighbors!!
Only a liar or someone blind and ignorant believe what those nations are now is more humane and better.

Only nation that benefits is Israel!
So anyone who wonders about why things happen! must wonder of Israels pervasive influence and how much apparent chaos was designer made.

I believe in Israel btw and it's right to exist and protect itself.
But it has no right to behave like a dictator and a bully which all too often it has and all too often with the blessing of the USA and lapdog UK.

USA & UK should accept all these people they claimed to care so much for so recently.

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