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Ireland 1923 v Ukraine government bans religion in 2023

        Ireland 1923 v Ukraine government bans religion in 2023 Ireland 1923 v Ukraine government bans religion in 2023 Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Ireland 1923 v Ukraine government bans religion in 2023

Imagine if a new Irish free state way back in 1923 declared the Anglican Church of Ireland illegal

Declared the clearly english rooted & Crown linked protestant Anglicans were no longer allowed to enter their churches or pray in public!
personas non grata
Their religion was to be officially banned proscribed, their vicars arrested if they try enter their many churches and many cathedrals (many of whic btw were taken stolen by force of arms from the older RC church via colonial terror enforced reformation)

Imagine that happened way back in 1923!
We would never have enough room in the libraries for the selective historians writings, correctly telling us how sectarian we were (whilst of course they totally ignore centuries of past extremes of terror of the crown and lunatic crimes of so many variants of so called protestants (not a religion btw never was! ) and the overt apartheid sectartian state of so called northern Ireland a gerrymandered sectarian racist set up by and approved by the english crown !


In 2023

Supposed super hero former joke comedian zelensky has done all that plus.
and claimed new Churchill ( here the claims make some sense as Churchill was a selective - not only believed in terrorism he was the man behind the black and tans and crown terror in Ireland)

Irish Community Video

Irish Community Video

Ban of freedom of thought even justified by some supposed free media !

Irish Community Video

Even if Russia left today!

The extreme minority of what are overt nazis in ukraine, have far too much influence for any genuine peace to ever exist.

And worse this minority is driving the agenda, encouraged and armed for years by some perverts of power war mongers in the west like this multi millionaire so called Christian,

war monger lindsey graham

Reality check

Ukraine will never know peace by dictate! because so many Ukranians are ethnic Russians and no law is going to change that!

history shows the acts and extreme sectarian apartheid laws will only serve to reinforce difference, reinforce the minority mindset, divide.

No neo fascist laws no or perverse selective news in support will ever rewrite that reality.

But barely a word! from the so called democracies of the West!

In 2023

Ireland for all its faults was never an overt racist sectarian let alone a clear Neo-fascist ultra BS nationalist state like the current Ukraine government is

On the contrary

Irelands first President was Douglas Hyde a member of the Anlican Church of Ireland St.

despite the Roman Catholic Church being the largest most attended of all the various Christian service in the (oxymoron) uk , with around 7 million members of the RC, that so called united kingdom to this day proscribes them from being crowned a supposed so called royal monarch.

Only recently allowed members to be a prime minister.

Still Compared to so called Ukraine another BS state that dictates what a Ukranian is, what they can read or teach or say or pray to ! the uk is a paradise of freedom

If a tiny bit of land of Ireland is not seen viable as a absolute part of Ireland because of a minority of people who consider themselves as british, a minority in this small island of Ireland who would not even make up 10 % of the overall population !
If because of them Ireland was divided and a part gerrymandered into parts is reality, is justified because they did exist !.

if that reality makes any sense, is justifiable is necessary for peace, is fair.

Then try explain justify how a much much larger minority in a much much larger piece of land called ukraine can not expect similar logic fairness applied.

nothing new
Ukraiine so called Leader back in 2014
Petro Poroshenko announced another cynical approach of the Ukrainian government to the recalcitrant residents of Donbass during his speech in Odessa.

Imagine te court case before imprisonment if some Irish politiician said this about the british minority in the north (ironically it as a familiar ring to it of times past extreme ignorant ulster unionist leaders.

Irish Community Video

Perverse selective excusers will try & justify this oaf ukraine oligarch Petro Poroshenko the billionare brutes words attempt some context.

When the only context is the absolute fact-
people have different ethnic identities all over and Ukraine is no different it is not and never as been a unified land never as been or will be one nation of one mindset.

You are going to have to learn to live together and accept difference.

nothing changes does it

poor on both sides led on by wealthy perverse. encouraging them to war, to sacrifice their children , so the already perversely wealthy can grab more, while the poor are told to grab flags.

saw some Irishmans post which sums up the actions of a former comedian now full time conmanian one sided story teller
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