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Israel army behaviour tactics methods like early Nazi SS

       Israel army behaviour tactics methods like early Nazi SS Israel army behaviour tactics methods like early Nazi SS Information
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Brian Whelan

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Kildare

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Israel army behaviour tactics methods like early Nazi SS

Sat Jan 20

Some Jews, & Israel as a modern state - seems to think no one can even question Israel - without being so called anti Semitic.

Just a cheap easy & perverse attempt to silence people.

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When Congolese suffering as a people as a tribe has been far worse!

Israeli women soldiers give shocking testimonies about Israeli army (Full Documentary, 2007)

Listening to the words straight from out the mouths of women (so called soldiers) of Israel perversely labelled "defence" forces !

Israel army behaviour & tactics & methods mirror early 1930s Nazi SS

The women who openly tells you, describes how she had the power of life in her fingers, able to make other human beings instantly jump to her mere finger beckoning.

imagine how much worse more of a bully thug monster the typical male is.

As someone who generally used to empathize with the notion of Israel,
I believe the modern state of Israel is the most anti semitic act around.

Irish Community Video

Liaten to the so called woman at 28 mins onwards openly admit she abused basically tortured humans beings just for being Arab .

At 46 minutes how they undress a human being and "they "abuse" them,
For a rude gesture!

Imagine If Russia did this evil!

No call for a ban on Israel sports by the so called free west so called democratic world!

Double standards of the most debased form.

When the world knows via UN and human rights agenices, numbers that show that Israel in a couple of months has caused around twice as many deaths of innocent civilians as Ukraine & Russia combined has in near 2 years.
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Respect so called Brave Israel army?

No just basic evil thugs!

ZERO respect! for what appears more generally as an out of control hate force of ignorant racist bully thugs who cause more problems and death than remotely protect or promote peace and safety of humankind.

Irish Community Video

Modern Israel perversely labels any questions as anti semitic, promotes this perverse notion as supposed logical thought!

Currently and for some decades can by and large get away with this by those in power fearing being labeled anti Jew! by others bribed or corrupted who promote the simplistic story that Jews were so especially victims of historic racism and sectarianism (which was never remotely true - The Belgian Congo for just example approx 20 million murdered in late 19th early 20th Century) that they have created monsters who think and clearly now often behave as if they just because they are supposedly Jews can do what ever they want, murder abuse victimize at will and call it self defence!

Ironically for these thugs, human history proves such abuses of power are temporary, they will never know or be at peace.
In 2023 /24
The extremist monsterous actions of their own Israeli Government have created a complete and utter vacuum that will never know peace ever be at real peace with any neighbour that surrounds them

A nation a community anyone who thinks as modern Israel clearly does, who acts like a monster always devours their own souls in the process, destroys themselves.
A reality of human history.
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Evil is Nothing new re ZIONISTS fascist extremists, early Zionists co operated met with NAZIS.

How Zionists collaborated with the Nazis, in conversation with Tony Greenstein

Zionist Israel was is a race racist project! says a Jew.

Irish Community Video

George Galloway: Zionism and Nazism cooperated

Irish Community Video

Anyone who even questions these extreme zionist fascists are labelled anti semitic.

Just like Hitler & nazis did, labelled anyone who dared question anti Aryan, anti German .

Extemists, facists BS myths held preached as facts of history.

Extremists past open haters of jews now love Israel

Irish Community Video

Israel is the most anti semitic act around

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs
Labels current Israel Govt.


Irish Community Video

Israel will label Dr. Jeffrey Sachs just another anti semitic.

But Dr. Jeffrey Sachs is Jewish!

tattooed Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer (RIP):

“I saw in Auschwitz that if a dominant group wants to dehumanise others, so as the Nazis wanted to dehumanise me, then this dominant group must first be dehumanised in a way themselves by diminishing their empathy through propaganda and indoctrination - in order to be able to be as cruel as some were. The same holds nowadays for Israel. I am appalled about how hateful, how dehumanised that they do not see any human aspect in any Palestinian anymore, it’s terrible. The Zionists have not any right whatsoever to use the Holocaust for any purpose. They have given up everything which has to do with humanity, with empathy - for one thing: the state, the blood and the soil, just like the Nazis. I learned at school about blood and soil, and that’s exactly their idea too - and humans do not play a role. Judaism as I learned it is highly, highly ethical, and so you can not connect Zionism with highly ethical. You can only connect the words ‘aggressive,’ ‘oppressive,’ ‘stealing’ and ‘robing’ with Zionism, but not highly ethical. Zionism and Judaism are contrary to each other because Judaism is universal and humane, and Zionism is exactly the opposite: it is very narrow, very nationalistic, racist, colonialist, all this. There is no national Judaism, there is Zionism, and there is Judaism.”

Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer

Irish Community Video

Holocaust survivor Rene Lichtman “Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza. We've got to fight back.”

Irish Community Video

4 months ago
Israeli American scholar Omer Bartov, one of the world's leading experts on the Holocaust, says Israel's brutal assault on the Gaza Strip is at risk of becoming a genocide.

Irish Community Video

Some may suggest it is perverse to suggest a close link between modern Israel state and Nazi Germany.

Yet update!
4 jun
just found this online

Albert Einstein Jewish in 1948
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Israel army behaviour tactics methods like early Nazi SS
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