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Ireland run like a cheap business not a nation

        Ireland run like a cheap business not a nation Ireland run like a cheap business not a nation Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Kilkenny

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Ireland run like a cheap business not a nation

This Irish generation will typically never be able to own even a basic family home or ever be able to know a comfortable feeling of security renting a home long term for their dream of being a couple let alone dream of starting a family.

Not even hard working comparatively successful couples in 2024.

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Ireland 21st century , most especially these last 15 years has seen unprecedented numbers of economic immigrants.
70,000 brazillians
90,000 pakistanis , indians
68,000 Africans
105,000 ukranians
120,000 + Polish
45,000+ Romanians
40,000+ Lithuanians
20,000 Latvians
20,000 Moldovans
20,000 + Spanish


IMMIGRANTS OF GENERALLY LOW OR NO SKILLS , nothing except their willing (in the short term ) to accept low pay long hours & to live in a multi shared often sub standard accommodation.
Still very expensive accommodation but cost divided up between several even dozens & more immigrants make it viable to come and cut cows in shitty meat factories or pick strawberries or clean for minimum wage

who Guess What?
All Have To Live Somewhere,
All Will Take Up Accommodation of A Home And Take Up Resources Designed For A Irish Population of A Million Less People, Inside what actually is a comparatively very Small mainly Rural Landscape!

low paid crap jobs impossible for Irish families to consider or most people to accept as cant afford to pay as cant live with their children in groups like students.

But jobs ironically topped up by welfare , rent allowance free medical cards all courtesy of Irish tax payers, who's own children are by default priced out & miss out on every basic let alone owning a home or affordable rent, but now will wait & wait for a dentist or doctor or hospital appointment or special needs service school place etc etc

A broken chase to the bottom system in waiting

No matter what politicians selectively claim

These insane mainly economic immigrant numbers are most certainly not typically trained Doctors or remotely trained Nurses or Care workers or any needed workers Irish society desperately needs now more than ever (ironically needed to cope with needs of the insane numbers of low skilled low paid immigrants allowed & encouraged in), for the true benefit of Irish society.

They are by and large single low paid low / no skilled often not even able to communicate in English let alone Irish.


These economic immigrants wen actually working paye (few to none pay any tax after allowances & therefore credibly contribute to their own elfare or pension let alone anyone elses pensions) ! are typically basic low paid low skilled workers, delivery workers cleaners meat factory veg pickers who pay little to no tax because of low pay (minimum wage jobs) , ironically low pay topped up with welfare rent medical card etc payments, all paid for by Irish tax payers whose own children will be competing with for somewhere to rent.

You compete with for a doctors appointment, a dentist, a school place.

The numbers of economic immigrants coming in pro rata to native population these past 2 decades is out of control, unprecedented even by out of control Europe standards and unsustainable, and has led to really serious problems.

Housing crisis is just the obvious

The old saying, "they (immigrants who evolve from poorer and poorer nations) do jobs natives don't want to" is a perverse lie.

Even "they" don't want to , and can only come and do jobs if they live in shared cramped accommodation.

The reality of Ireland is it as become like a low paid high turnover meat factory, where the job interview amounts to "can you use knife"

Do we really need thousands of deliveroo workers, do we really benefit our society by this insane carry on?

Ireland like any nation needs immigrants, and we should morally accept in like any other nation our fair share of genuine asylum seekers who have no other choice (not bogus asylum tourism)

But what is going on and as been allowed to go on in Ireland these past 2 decades has turned Ireland into a unrecognizable free for all drive to the bottom.

Ireland feels like a transit camp,!
for now not blatantly obvious a no plan disfunctional ghetto,
for now an obviously divided but ironically supposed "multi cultural" ghetto culture.
not quite now but very close to that next step if allowed to carry on.

United Ireland will be just another oxymoron like the "united" states or "united" kingdom

Not genuine societies by any credible standards.

At least not for typical families for even basic dreams .

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Ireland run like a cheap business not a nation
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