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President of Ireland Christmas message 2007

       President of Ireland Christmas message 2007 President of Ireland Christmas message 2007 Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     President of Ireland Christmas message 2007

Message from the President

Christmas Greetings from President McAleese

As the winter evenings draw in, we gather family and friends about us to celebrate again "the moment when Before turned into After", when the birth of a child in Bethlehem changed the world.

This Christmas in Ireland things have changed. The long frustrating "before" of peace making has give way to the joyful, hope-filled "after" of peace made. Irish people along with our many friends throughout the world see in this Christmas, the most optimistic Christmas for many a long year.

The most successful problem-solving generation in our history has transformed the story of modern Ireland and so with the return of devolved government to the north of Ireland in May this year and with the perceptible shift from conflict to consensus we are experiencing an unparalleled confluence of peace and prosperity. It opens up the prospect of a brilliant future for all the people who share the island of Ireland, in fact the best future ever.

We think with gratitude and affection of our large and proud emigrant family, scattered all over the world, among them some who are undocumented in the United States. For them and for their families here at home Christmas can be an especially lonely time. We think too of our aid workers, missionaries and diplomats along with our servicemen and women who are spending this season far from home, often in tough and dangerous places in order to promote a fairer and better world.

More and more of Ireland's citizens do not share the Christian faith of the majority but we hope that they will enjoy the spirit of kindness and goodwill which is the very essence of this season. I hope that spirit reaches deep into the lives of all those who are bereaved, or ill, or feeling left out.

Today's Ireland is characterised by a rightful impatience to do things better and to make things better. Each one of us has the opportunity to make this Christmas season good for ourselves, our families, our neighbours, friends and our community. Let's ensure that no act of ours ruins Christmas for anyone.

For over 2000 years the story of the infant Jesus' birth has called people to gentleness and to consideration for one another. These things are the best gifts we can give and they cost nothing. Enjoy them and enjoy Christmas because of them.

Martin joins me in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a peaceful, safe and prosperous New Year.

Beannachta� na Nollag �n Uachtar�n

Agus muid anois ag druidim le d�luachair an gheimhridh bail�onn muid le ch�ile mar theaghlaigh agus mar chairde le go nd�anfaidh muid ceili�radh ar thr�th sin an athchl�, tr�th a raibh deireadh le �Roimhe� agus t�s le �Ina Dhiaidh�, tr�th a rugadh p�iste i mBeithil, na�on�n a chuir an domhan as riocht go hioml�n.

T� athruithe m�ra in �irinn faoi Nollaig na bliana seo. T� deireadh leis an �Roimhe� - an d�r�th� sin a bhain le s�orlorg na s�och�na. C�ad f�ilte roimh an tr�th �Ina Dhiaidh�, tr�th an Ghairdis, tr�th na S�och�na. Feictear do mhuintir na h�ireann, agus do chairde na h�ireann ar fud na cruinne gurb � seo an Nollaig is d�chasa� a bh� againn le fada fada an l�.

T� sc�al na h�ireann curtha as riocht go hioml�n, a bhu�ochas sin don ghl�in is fearr fadhb-r�iteach riamh i stair na t�re. Le rial� an Tuaiscirt tiomnaithe anois do mhuintir an Tuaiscirt � Bhealtaine na bliana seo, agus leis an athr� � chaismirt go comhaont�, tiocfaidh bl�th ar an ts�och�in, agus �s� rath�nas an t-ainm a bheas ar an bhl�th sin. Todhcha� gheal mar nach raibh riamh ag �r sinsir.

Le cion agus le bu�ochas a smaoin�onn muid ar na baill sin de theaghleach domhanda na nGael at� scaipithe ar fud na cruinne, cuid acu gan taifead sna St�it Aontaithe. D�ibh si�d, agus d� muintir sa bhaile, beidh an Nollaig seo dian agus uaigneach. Smaoin�onn muid fosta ar �r gcuid oibrithe deonacha, �r misin�ir�, �r dtaidhleoir�, �r muintir at� ar dualgas thar lear leis na seirbh�s� sl�nd�la agus na f�rsa� cosanta. Iad ar fad i bhfad � bhaile an Nollaig seo, agus cuid acu d� gcur f�in i gcont�irt chun Cothrom na F�inne a bhaint amach d�ibh si�d nach bhfuil s� acu.

T� l�on na n�ireannach nach Cr�ostaithe iad ag dul i m�id an t-am ar fad. T� s�il agam go mbainfidh siad tairbhe as spiorad na carthanachta agus na s�och�na at� mar dhl�thchuid den r�ithe speisialta seo. T� s�il agam fosta go rachaidh an spiorad sin f� chro� �r muintire at� tinn, at� ar an imeall n� at� ag caoineadh na marbh.

Nollaig Faoi Shean Agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise

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President of Ireland Christmas message 2007
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