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Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing

       Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing Information
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Brian T Dublin

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing

Soon we will sight the celebrities wearing plastic poppies, some of whom will claim they are honoring (in complete unquestioning ignorance) Irish volunteers of the first world war.

Hypocrite unionists and unionist lite such as David Ford and his queens men alliance.
Will have no issue celebrating, honouring if not romanticizing obscenities known as world wars, where hundreds of millions died for causes rooted in if not started by his beloved monarchy mafia extended pan European crime syndicate families (royals).

Ford who likes to point fingers selectively like all absolute hypocrites.

While he correctly pointed his fingers at ignorant adults who adorned their children in paramilitary garb, he did so to one side! the Irish side.
he has no fingers pointed to orange lodge bigots who adorn children in perverse charade.
he has no fingers pointed at his beloved queens child cubs and scouts and boys brigades and army cadets, clubs that all indoctrinate children and are blatant british nationalist and teach children to bow before supposed royals.
no fingers pointed at his majesty who has her foot soldiers go around schools perversely impressing little children with every weapon of inhumanity.
Children lifted into tanks and fighter aircraft at fetes and fairs is cool for Forde.
For Unionists - provided it is their queens foot soldiers doing the indoctrination, carrying out acts of child abuse in military garb!
fingers remain unpointed.

Ford is a typical pious selective unionist! Ignorant to their own selective and perverse double standards.
Honor and commemorate war and acts of violence as long as it is his version and agrees with his bias.

The funds collected from those plastic poppy's go towards promoting the British monarchys mob foot soldiers.
The sentimentality and ignorance will whitewash over a Colonial empire made from war and terror, and make heroes of their modern salaried soldiers of fortune legally killing strangers in illegal wars like Iraq.

The British legion funds from poppy sales - go towards the British army murderers of innocent Irish people, and even British army child murderers.

The British poppy cynically sentimentalizes, purposely romanticizes war.

In summary all theirs were brave heroes fighting evil cowards. Unquestioning children of all ages, are encouraged and brainwashed into associating war with romantic sentimentality.

The evils of war, wars that were rooted in Colonial competition of exploitation, are simplified and made justifiable if not noble, the dead glorious and brave!

But the truth of their so called glorious dead and what those millions of innocent and generally ignorant conscripted victims actually fought for, that is a very different reality!

WW1 in essence was a mafia in fight, a very large scale and elaborate mafia in-fight, but that is what it actually was! nothing more than which well armed bully boy dictated to other bully boys and effectively got a tax take (their cut) and personal wealth from the most lucrative areas inhabited by other human beings.

The mafia though was not Italian hoods, no these were all Germanic and so successful a mafia they controlled the teachers and historians who called them aristocracy, and not what they were - Bullly boys!
Most successful of all recent mafias was the

and they controlled both sides of ww1!
Both sides were grandchildren of the Germanic Victoria and her German husband and related too was the Russian parasite family and so was and is ever other supposed royal (supposed special superior humans by right of being born!!) in Europe.
Irish Community Images
Cousins shortly before they could not agree over who owned what parts of the globe to abuse resources.

These parasites should be seen for what they are! a perverse panto!

But unfortunately and almost unbelievably all around the globe, human beings actually take their own pantomime serious!
Only other nations parasites and perversities are obvious!

Saxe Coburg und gotha or Von Wettin Dynasty, that is the real name of the current parasites who call themselves Windsor and British royals!
The Most successful Economic migrants to Britain.
Irish Community Images

Belgian Leopold was another evil saxe coburg mafia mob boss and human parasite and every bit the genocidal mass murderer as Hitler.


Poor little Belgium the British royal cousin employed so called historians so labelled Belgium in ww1 !

Without a hint of shame the royal glistorians fed the ignorant and gullable masses lines they knew would work!
are you a chicken ?
Go fight for the rights of small nations!!
Irish Community ImagesIrish Community Images

Belgium that via it's so called king, had been for a few decades before ww1 abusing millions of Africans, who were enslaved and murdered for Leopold saxe coburg und gothas personal gain! man woman and child murdered and maimed in the millions.

Poor little Belgium the british cousin royal glistorians called it!

Missionary John Harris of Baringa, for example, was so shocked by what he had come across that he wrote to Leopold's chief agent in the Congo saying:

"I have just returned from a journey inland to the village of Insongo Mboyo. The abject misery and utter abandon is positively indescribable. I was so moved, Your Excellency, by the people's stories that I took the liberty of promising them that in future you will only kill them for crimes they commit."

Irish Community Images
Mutilated people from Congo Free State
Leopold saxe coburg gotha extracted a fortune from the Congo, initially by the collection of ivory, and after a rise in the price of rubber in the 1890s, by forced labour from the natives to harvest and process rubber. Under his regime millions of the Congolese people died; modern estimates range from 2 to 15 million, with a consensus growing around 10 million. Human rights abuses under his regime contributed significantly to these deaths. Reports of deaths and abuse led to a major international scandal in the early 20th century, and Leopold was ultimately forced by the Belgian government to relinquish control of the colony to the civil administration in 1908.

ww1 was the vital ingredient for ww2!

The parasitic von wettin saxe coburg mafia, and their systems for extreme personal wealth via colonial terrorism, their knighting of their most efficient thugs and hangers on (Barons and Lords, princes etc) were the direct cause of both world wars and countless millions of deaths.

These perverse bloody Wars were not heroic or gallant or glorious or inevitable, they were a direct result of this perverse so called royals and their cynical abuse of human kind for the benefit of themselves and a named few.
A elite on both sides of ww1, first cousins that despite their different uniforms and but similar number of unearned medals, were never at any credible personal risk of dying in any combat!

that were actually caused by the in-fights of competing European Colonial dynasties. Competing cousins of so called 'Royal families'.
The Schleswig-Holsteins, The Hapsburgs and The Saxe Coburg Gothas are more connected, both by marriage and crimes against humanity, than any American based mafia family ever was or apsired.

World War 1 was Germanic Cousins fighting each other. The Kaiser was a grandson of the supposed Queen Victoria, who's own husband another German, was also closely related.

These so called Royals are perversely held up in Britain (and in the small minds of their colonized most ignorant) as representing the reason why millions of poor souls died screaming in agony in mud.
For Queen and Country.

The historic reality was very different to the encouraged ignorance.
The poor souls generally knew little about the reasons for war or why they were in trenches firing shots at complete strangers.

Historical accounts of the general 'Live and let live' approach of both sides in early ww1, prove this reality. The real soldiers story, the history highlights the absurdity, the senseless slaughter.
A reality the propaganda printers in Westminster never wanted told.
The Generals had to encourage war, had to invent hate, in order for the senseless waste of life to proceed large scale.

Irish volunteers of WW1 are also perversely claimed by these so called British Royals. This perverse story, the simplification of Irish fighting for Britain is most eagerly told by those of contented ignorance from inherited bias.

I have grabbed some of the excellent points made on here about Irish Volunteers of ww1 and ww2.
The points show that the Poppy does not represent or honor the Irish Volunteers and war dead of ww1

History study reveals that most Irish men never fought in ww1 for the British or for Britain or for any British royals. The Irish volunteered in numbers and fought because of a promise of freedom for Ireland. A promise which turned out to be a cynical British lie.

The Irish volunteered and fought in wars, many wars for many nations and many flags and causes - because they the Irish were often of such a poor and discriminated class, that they would understandably view almost any job of pay as a opportunity, if not their only ironically perceived chance of "a living".

If you genuinely want to pay honor and respect them, then don't buy a British war poppy, pass those hawkers by, ignore them as many would ignore a poor Irish beggar.

And then, when you next see a Irish beggar who you may normally ignore, give them that few euro instead.
Make a difference direct to the class of people that war always hits most, the poor.

Many of those Irish that lost their lives, and volunteered in both world wars came from the poorest class, sometimes even beggar stock.
Peter Tyrell's survivor of Letterfrack and ww2 POW - his Mother had to beg on the streets of Ireland to help feed him as best she could.
Next British poppy day, show you understand and care by ignoring that sentimentality and symbols of war.
If you want to pay respect and make a difference, do something that makes direct sense.
By helping the poor at home in Ireland - give them a caring hand for a day, or your spare change.
The dead of ww1 of poor Irish stock, the cannon fodder, would sleep well that night, knowing you understood.

More of the excellent points made on here about Irish Volunteers. The quote below was made at the time of the stage managed visit of Elizabeth Saxe Coburg and Gotha, (which is the real surname of the billionaire tourist).

What is the UDA doing at the The Irish National War Memorial Gardens?
The UDA are terrorists and cowards. they disgrace the memory of the brave Irish soldiers who died in the world wars.
McAleese has said that she knew very little about Irish soldiers in WW1. McAleese claims that as she was growing up, no one talked about Irish soldiers in ww1. Most will find that claim very hard to accept, but accepting it was true for her family. Unfortunately it seems that very British bias people have informed her very simple overview. She now seems to think the Irish were fighting against the Germans out of some fear of Germany, fighting a common enemy.
That is not true, not even in a general sense. Once on the battlefield yes a common enemy appeared, but that is obvious do or die of war, not the cause.
The Irish soldiers in ww1 were mostly Irish nationalists, Irish volunteers to ensure home rule. Irish men who thought of themselves as Irish not British, these volunteers did not want to be ruled from England.
The Irish volunteers only volunteered to fight in ww1 because they were told to by a Irish leader called Redmond.
The Irish went to their deaths on a false promise of home rule that Redmond had accepted as true from the British. It was a terrible waste of Irish life, in a war that had no natural cause from Ireland or for the Irish. That senseless war of competing empires is not something to be proud of, and never to celebrate or distort for any cause.
They were not British heroes. They were regular poor young Irish men fighting because they thought their volunteering and their sacrifice would help set Ireland free.
They were lied to and their youth taken advantage of. If they are heroes then they are Irish heroes.

The British Queen being at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens is controversial enough, there are difficult aspects for many to accept. But McAleese can never explain the UDA invite, their presence is a insult to the memory of dead Irish soldiers, insult to any soldier.
The vast majority of those Irish soldiers would turn in their graves if they knew such British criminals and terrorists were around. The vast majority of Irish who fought in WW1 were Irish Nationalists Volunteers, fighting because of a promise of home rule for Ireland. These Irish volunteers were not fighting as British and were not fighting for the Queen and Britain. To state anything different is distortion and perversion of history.
There was never conscription in Ireland, any part of Ireland, north or south.
Most Irish Volunteers in WW1 and WW2 were Irish Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics, any Roman catholic were the main target of the sectarian UDA - British Queen Loyal terrorists.

The UDA have no place in Dublin, no place at this ceremony.
McAleese and her husband have done more for UDA terrorists than they have for ordinary Irish people.
The sight of President McAleese and her husband makes me feel sick. I am ashamed of them representing Ireland in any event.

If the Irish soldiers of world war 1 were sometimes victims of airbrushing out of Irish history, that was wrong. A much more serious injustice would be the whitewashing of their real story.

Down the centuries the British cynically used poor Irish men to go and die in their wars of empire. Most of that history is lost.
The story of the Irish world war 1 volunteers and the dead must be understood by the Irish people, and it must be from our learning of our own events.
People need to know the true story of the Irish volunteers.
These were Irish men, volunteers and nationalists.
Never again should we just accept a British perverse version of our history, promoted by British journalists like Kevin myers.

The vast majority of Irish volunteered to fight thinking they would help free Ireland. England had promised them this, but it turned out to be a cynical lie.

Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing.
Perverts of history like Myers would have us believe the Irish volunteers were fighting as loyal British.

Some of the histories of Irish volunteers. These will help to stop the whitewashing of the Irish volunteers. And stop the lies that Britain was a positive benefactor in Ireland, or anywhere else they robbed for their monarchy.

Irish volunteers in ww1

Reginald Dunne
Joseph O'Sullivan
Tom Barry
Joseph Walsh

These men, Irish volunteers of ww1 would not want you to buy a British blood poppy. The money you hand over for that plastic flower goes to support British war machinery, and their modern mercenaries in illegal wars like Iraq.
How does that pay any respect to Irish volunteers - who were slaughtered in muddy foreign fields - for the benefit of competing European monarchies.
We must learn from the mistakes of history, not encourage the same ignorant mistakes.

The Irish volunteered, because the British promised the Irish self determination.
After the hundreds of thousands Irish Volunteers had fought and most dying in foreign fields.
The British broke their promise, and instead supported a British minority in Ireland. They sent armed thugs like the Black and tans and auxies to terrorize Ireland.
The homes and families of many of the Irish volunteers would be
destroyed by these British terrorists of their cynical King.

Irish Community Images
Joe O'Sullivan & Reginald Dunne

``...We took our part in supporting the aspirations of our fellow-countrymen in the same way as we took our part in supporting the nations of the world who fought for the rights of small nationalities... The same principiles for which we shed our blood on the battle-field of Europe led us to commit the act we are charged with.

``You can condemn us to death today, but you cannot deprive us of the belief that what we have done was necessary to preserve the lives and the happiness of our countrymen in Ireland. You may, by your verdict, find us guilty, but we will go to the scaffold justified by the verdict of our own consciences.''

The statement of brave Irish men Reginald Dunne & Joseph O'Sullivan after they had assassinated Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson.
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, was not so much the great British Field Marshal, as the man behind the Orange Terror. As Military Adviser he raised and organized a body known as the Ulster Special Constables who are the principal agents in his campaign of British terrorism in Ireland.

Both brave Irish men were I.R.A and former Irish volunteers of WW1.
British journalists like Myers do not want you to study ww1, they want you to accept their pro British fairy tales.

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