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Orange Order Exposed as extremist anti Irish racist bigots

        Orange Order Exposed as extremist anti Irish racist bigots Orange Order Exposed as extremist anti Irish racist bigots Information
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Paddy in Oz

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Location: Melbourne

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Orange Order Exposed as extremist anti Irish racist bigots

Orange Order leader George Chittick is not to be mocked because he is a wee fat man who looks like a saggy old tit with mr potato head features stuck on haphazardly by a uncaring nature.

For that he can be forgiven, but he is a disgrace to be ridiculed because he is a anti Irish sectarian extremist (plastic) british nationalist that embarrass the entire human race of the 21st Century.

Irish Community Video

People around the world take note of what these so called Prods really are!

Ignorant arrogant hate chefs

Orange order spread ignorant lies about history,
such as the essence of their ignorant rank and file core belief - that the battle of the boyne was a Catholic v William of Orange Protestants, and protestants won
they encourage the most ignorant rabble of poor misled fools to believe this utter BS without question.

Here is just one wee fact that sort of makes George and the Orange Disorder look what they are, FOS.

William of Orange was not only funded partly by the Pope and backed by the Pope, he was part of the Papal flag furled Grand Alliance.

Battle of the Boyne or William was not about Catholics v Prods

Real history are in stark contrast to ignorant orange order myths and bigotry.

William's army was a part of the League of Augsburg, a cross-Christian alliance designed to stop a French conquest of Europe, William was supported by the Vatican.

William of Orange's own personal Bodyguards and his elite force—the Dutch Blue Guards—had the Vatican Papal banner with them on the day, as they were mainly Catholics.,

In fact, both armies were religiously mixed.

Another wee fact -
Most so called prods in Ireland do not actually have any formal religious faith.

Told from children, brainwashed that they are different, when the reality is the majority are just Irish, of ancient Irish Gaelic Irish speaking ancestry.
Their surnames give them away, they are just Irish from Ireland, just extra ignorant who have been reared on ignorant anti Irish and sectarian hate.

Take a look at the surnames of the three main interviewed by the (not at all inquisitive so called) "investigative journalist reporter" Ross Kemp in Belfast.


These so called British prods and spokespeople, are clearly Irish of Irish ancestry, they are just reared extra ignorant to being Irish.

Sadly and perversely and extremely ironically, many of these supposed British are oblivious to the reality they are descended from stolen native Irish children and their own Irish ancestors were poor victims of the supposed religion , in practise a state faith for colonialism.
Like the descendants of stolen Jews and historical Jews who denied their own origins and culture, growing up to be super uber Germans!

Maybe we should just pretend that these spokespeople really are different, really somehow distinct, like the so called scots irish!
Very few, the tiniest minority of the many hundreds so called Prods filmed on that recent so called 'Protestant loyalist' documentary, have actually ever attended any worship of any form anywhere of their own decision and free will.

Seriously though apart from these Irish being reared in selective ignorant plastic British protestant myths, they are Irish.

Encouraged, brainwashed by extremist plastic british nationalism and anti Irish racist bigots of the Orange Order, such as pitiful wee George.
The Orange order encourages the indoctrination of minors, little children.
Child abuse in any other name.
Irish Community Images
Irish Community ImagesIrish Community Images
Irish Community Images

Imagine if this were a openly sectarian and exteme Irish nationalist group that did this to children.
Paraded indoctrinated children as young as these to be nationalist banner waivers, drum beaters, idolatry to swear allegiance to a so called royal being, a flag and a so called religion, a so called special religion that made them superior!
Only they who were of it, could be proper of this so called race because of this so called religion!

The BBC would have immediately let you know exactly what you were looking at, informed you! so would RTE as would most of the hypocrites in both the Dail and Westminster.

Irish Community Images

Maybe that Irish Labor leader might want to ask the very same questions he does of Irish nationalists!
Doubt he or any of the hypocrites would though!

Some independents have.

Irish Community Video

Like Hitlers pure race Bullshit, you should pity them, fight them, but you should never encourage their hate filled ignorant myths.
Why because so many fools are looking for such simplistic myths to excuse their own failings in life.

The main problem in the North of Ireland is far too many people let these ignorant myth makers and liars not only go unquestioned, the British and Irish government actually give them grants in attempt to keep them quiet and go away.

Ignorance just does not go away!

Listen to a independent journalist describe these bigoted kids who were bred to be full of hate and have all these labels, yet can not expand a sentence in logic or any remotely credible history.

Simple ignorant hate filled plastic british nationalists of a type that shames and embarrasses real British people.

Irish Community Video

Time to stop letting the orange order tell their BS tales and their abuse of children, brainwashed with hate, unchallenged.

About time real British people from the island of Britain challenged these orange bigots who do their hate preaching in their name.

Too much to expect from Liz wetten sax coburg and gotha, (their queen) to speak out! the Queen of England apology
But she should have done by now, when the orange order serve up their sectarian and anti Irish hate meals, in her name.

If this was Britain, people would demand a stop to these extremist nationalists. Extremists like chiddick charged with race hate crimes.
Real British people do not go around marching with drums every weekend, thousands of marches in a year, every year singing about BS and made up history, or pretend they are religious.

British people do not put up with the likes of the EDL or the BNP or British National Front, they are commonly and collectively referred to as far right, even Neo Nazi.
Orange Order and British nationalist extremism in Ireland

The Irish should not put up with the even more british nationalist extremists of the orange order.
Would Cameron put up with this carry on in his home town.

He would, like the rest of the decent ordinary sane real British, demand laws to put manners on the extremists of the Orange order.
He calls out UKIP!
What then would he label the Orange order if he had to put up with it!

Ironic that wee George would almost certainly be arrested, the very least questioned by the Police on promoting some form of race hate or discrimination in parts of, if not anywhere in Britain for this threat and message.

Irish Community Video

Got to love Mary Macs wow moment in that last video, forgot about that comic moment, but thought of here straight away. Only this forum noticed it to make mention.
The Queen of England attempts a few words as Gaeilge. Welcome recognition of our native language.
Was there really a need for the WOW, or 2 or possibly 3 WOW's by President McAleese. How very patronising.
The Queen of England is not severely mentally retarded or suddenly Bi-Lingual.
It was a John Wayne attempting a few words in Apache moment, not a WOW.

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Orange Order Exposed as extremist anti Irish racist bigots
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