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British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014

       British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014 British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014 Information
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Sceala Clann
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014

A song about the British Betrayal of the Irish after World War 1

British people are not generally aware of the full story of any war that their government has a bias interest in. Most accept they are ruled by a government of spin and propaganda, when it comes to home politics, but perversely they seem to accept the Government 'stories' when it comes to abroad.
The British media are every bit as bias as any other, but the British people are encouraged to actually think theirs are somehow different, that the likes of the BBC and ITV are not controlled by Politicians and business interests.
When the reality is their national media are of course as bias and corrupt as average and often far worse, if only because they present themselves as somehow superior, so very bit as bad but generally more perverse and cynical!
Never mind their stories of 1914

Take a recent example of British state controlled news/ lies.

The BBC and British media painted innocent civilians mass murdered by the british army in Derry as terrorists and did so for decades and this in recent living memory.

So should people believe British history presentations which are often as not just taken direct without question from British military reports of the period. Pathetic how they present diaries of soldiers as history, men in stress do talk BS, bravado, because they are generally and naturally scared.
This leaves aside that diaries and notes would have been censored by the British army anyway.
The British shot Men for going against orders, and they appeared to shoot the Irish more readily, as the shot at dawn investigators concluded.

Sadly most of the British are not even aware of their governments specific and extremely cynical betrayal of the Irish people after WW1.
Not that extreme cynical betrayal was a one off for Westminster and the Crown, they built their empire on the very model.

The British people do not know that their British Govt not only dismissed democracy for Irish people, dismissed the Irish peoples vote for home rule, they do not know that their govt betrayed the hundreds of thousands of Irish who fought for them as volunteers on the promise of home rule for Ireland.

Once Westminster had used the Irish Volunteers with false promises, they revealed once again just how untrustworthy and cynical the British government really are (liars)!
Westminster actually backed up a small minority for selfish interests, a minority who were openly declaring they would be terrorists if they did not get their way.
The British betrayed the Irish and backed a minority group of extremists, simply because these extremists were willing to wave a union jack and were very useful to another minority, the landowning class .
Those Crown interests who owned (via past terrorism) vast estates, people like Winston Churchill's family, who owned vast estates in the Northern part of Ireland.

We Irish people, Ireland itself, has paid a very heavy price for British lies and back stabbing in ww1.

The British Crown betrayal of the Irish people in World War 1
Some of the more ignorant and far right British nationalists actually imagine or even claim, that the Irish betrayed them in WW2.

The problem is most British know so little of their own real history, they are generally only told or encouraged to read of the myths of their own superiority and greatness and of their heroes. They are not told the full story of their cowards and liars and cheats!

Doubtful if many know of their own governments betrayal of the Irish after WW1, or that they did the same to other nations, such as India. How the Crown and Westminster divided foreign land by force or deceit, encouraging or created divisions of hate, and cynically did so to use all their peoples and steal their resources.
The Crown created the conditions for extremists and terror to thrive in many lands, and encouraged extremes of poverty for the majority everywhere. Cynically used the colonized poorest to expand their empire elsewhere.

Funny that the British know their own Governments are crooks and liars, but many appear to imagine, or want to imagine that the lies and evil of Westminster stopped at home.

The British government have been really evil in Ireland, one of their most cynical acts was the betrayal in ww1.
This happened many years ago and time moves on, so the Irish are starting to forget.
We need to remember what Governments and powerful organizations like the British Crown did! If we forget then we allow the romantics to not only perverse what war is, we also allow the liars with bias incentive to rewrite history.

The Irish volunteers were Betrayed!
The songs are still around the hint at the real history. Johnny McEvoy singing about the British Betrayal of the Irish after World War 1
The Dublin Fusiliers

Irish Community Video

The John Redmond mentioned was a Irish leader of the time, he was a Irish nationalist and considered a hero in 1914 before WW1.
The Irish believed and had faith in Redmond.
When the first world war broke out in 1914, Redmond accepted in good faith the British Crown promises for a home rule Ireland. Redmond then set about encouraging the Irish Volunteers to swap uniforms and fight on the British side in WW1.

Like many Irish leaders before him, Redmond was lied to by the English Crown. He paid the price for his mistake, so did countless Irish victims of WW1, including Redmond's own Brother and good friend Tom Kettle.

Redmond had asked for a Irish Brigade.
When he was refused by the Crown, Redmond should have known better right then!
The Crown insisted on the Irish volunteers be scattered into various regiments, some of no Irish connection. While at the same time the Crown ensured the minority uvf were formed as one unit.
Redmond may have had little option but to take the promise, accept the Crowns word, he could have and should have insisted on a Irish brigade for the Volunteers.
That way at least the Crown could not pervert the consequences as easily as they did.
Many living descendants of Irish volunteers now only know their ancestor as in the British army. How perverse and sad that their ancestors memory is placed so simply, leaving out entirely the real general nature of the hundreds of thousands Irish volunteers of world war 1, Irish men who thought they were fighting for Ireland, sent after being told they were fighting for Ireland.

History is always complex, there is always more to the story, any story from the past can never be told in complete, but the real essence can be interpreted with effort, the essence always remains to be understood.
The essence is the real lesson, not the glorious nonsense, or romantic hype or even genuine heroic individual story.

The essence was, of a British Crown cynical betrayal of the Irish people, the British Crown dismissal of democracy and the active encouragement and arming of a violent extreme minority, the Orange order uvf.
The British crown backed a minority of extremists terrorists and turned their hounds on the majority in a depraved act of betrayal.
That is the essence that covers hundreds of thousands of individual stories.

Copied from Finns World war history section.
Thought it was a good time being 2014

More good insights and thoughts on the Irish and the first world war.
Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing

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British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014
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