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The aims of Toby Harnden ex British military officer

   Irish Movies    The aims of Toby Harnden ex British military officer The aims of Toby Harnden ex British military officer Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     The aims of Toby Harnden ex British military officer

If this is correct

"Toby Harnden was a fomer british military officer, one who was selected to go through university as a salaried British military officer, while still in the British military"
Harnden would have received some form of bursary or scholarship, financial supports in order to graduate at university.
The british military do not do this for anyone, they expect a return!

Toby Harden will not be able to credibly deny that during the 'troubles' (and probably to date) the British state had a determined policy of promoting British Crown state propaganda in Ireland (and across the worlds media) via state agencies either public or secretly employed.

Toby Harden will not be able to credibly deny that the British state specially selected serving and former serving members of the British military (all branches) for 'special work' as agents of the British state in Ireland.

'HM Secret state agents 'special work in Ireland' took various forms, from the obviously disguised undercover British state murderers who looked like and quacked just like terrorists, to those colluding with terrorists and directing terrorism, to the more subtle 'dirty work' the black propaganda campaign, where people like journalists and historians were employed (embedded) to promote a pro British opinion/slant, to the more mundane general spying on all aspects of Irish society.

All British Crown agents were employed within the same overall agenda of discrediting anyone Irish who was opposed to the British Colonial presence in Ireland. And to discredit and demean any organizations thought to be of remotest assistance to the resistance of the British state presence in Ireland.

Then when it comes to Ireland and Irish people, and specifically the British military presence in Ireland, how on earth can harnden ever credibly be described as a remotely independent or detached journalist.

Credible Journalists are not supposed to be subjective or emotional.

According to Harnden some people have accused him of being a British state agent. If he is not a british state agent or was never, then harndens work to date has certainly set out with specific agenda.

Toby Hardens paperbacks to date, all have a pro British and pro British military slant and theme, confirming that he is most definitely subjective and emotive about British involvement in Ireland.

One called bandit country amounts to hearsay and unsubstantiated tales in agenda against Irish nationalism that resisted his british Crown government. Judge Cory concluded that Bandit Country had contained only “speculation and hypothesis”.

Judge Peter Cory is damning in his account of Harnden’s evidence

“In summary, the investigations into the book Bandit Country and the article [by Myers] `An Irishman's Diary' indicate that the authors' allegations that there was a Garda mole, or that a Garda member facilitated the murder of Officers Breen and Buchanan, appear to be based upon hypothesis, speculation and a source or sources of information that the authors refused to disclose.
Statements and allegations were put forward as matters of fact, when in reality they were founded upon speculation and hypothesis.
It would have been preferable if the book and the article had made this clear. Fairness to the victims' families demanded no less.''
(Source - Cory Collusion Inquiry Report – Par 1.144. Delivered 7 October 2003)

Harnden declined to attend to give evidence in the smithwick tribunal, but is content to sell more books, make more money using the tribunals name when ever it selectively suits!

Whats the betting Toby will get his obe before he retires?

I do not agree with anyone who uses violence for political ends, but think we need to try and understand what causes political violence and not just accept the spin of any state media.
This post made me think about what is terrorism
Organized crime and state enforcement and terrorism
States do use journalists and historians, some are mouthpieces for the military or government.

Took us a generation to know the truth about Bloody Sunday and the way that Westminster controlled the press to tell obscene and evil lies.

And remember politicians and the media (encouraged by Westminster) even tried to blame the Dublin and Monaghan bombings on Irish people.
The British authorities not only refused to co-operate with Judge Barron but have also ignored repeated requests from former Taoisigh and especially the all-Party motion that was unanimously adopted by Dáil Éireann in July 2008
Where is Shatters apology over the lack of state concern over the crimes of British terrorists and mass murder of Irish citizens?

Those journalists and historians who like money or status too much, or have a bias, clearly have done work that is subjective.
Another angle on the doubts around the subjectivity of Toby harden
Good point about how harden was approved to get inside knowledge of British secret service?
We know the MOD approved his books!

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The aims of Toby Harnden ex British military officer
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