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Westminster terrorism policy training Terrorists in Ireland

        Westminster terrorism policy training Terrorists in Ireland Westminster terrorism policy training Terrorists in Ireland Information
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Sceala Clann
Location: DUBLIN

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Westminster terrorism policy training Terrorists in Ireland

There appears to be more than just a coincidental link between the British military and terrorists, specifically British loyalist/unionist/orange terrorists and acts of terrorism in Ireland, especially in the North of Ireland.

The conclusion can only be that someone in high authority approved this policy of designing and managing terrorism. Someone therefore at Westminster must have known at the very least, it is more than likely they approved official policy, but off the record.

The conclusion is the British Westminster Crown Government designed terrorists and orchestrated acts of terrorism.
Going by historical habits of Westminster, this British terrorism will be hidden, buried deep in their secret files that the public will not be allowed to see for a century and more.

The British crown still have files from the Irish war of independence classified as top secret, near a 100 years after their state crimes in Ireland.

And to think that British Westminster accuse China and Russia of being secret states who abuse human rights!

Westminster terrorism policy training Terrorists in Ireland

Far too many former members of the British army became leading terrorists for just coincidence.

Far too many claimed to have been British Crown paid agents all along, all the while they were carrying out the most depraved acts of terrorism, murdering completely innocent people at random, the only loose aim being to stoke up sectarian divide.
Torture to mass murder in no warning bombings, these were carried out by British Crown salaried agents.

British terrorists who were, or claim to have been British Westminster approved agents.

There is also a long trend of supposed "deserters" from the British army who turned out to be still on the Westminster payroll, or claimed to be agents, claimed to have been Westminster salaried agents.
The apparent insubordination, a staged part of the Westminster ruse to get the member some street cred, and of course at the same time providing their senior ranks, those evil cowards inside the British government and leading military a (fake) convenient arms length distance for denial.

The UDA a British Terrorist group will prove to be of particular interest to current and future Historians and genuine investigative journalists.
My guess is eventual consensus will be the UDA was effectively a creation for sectarian division by Westminster, just as the Orange order was in the 1798 rebellion.
Street based gangs, taken over and moulded by the British crown for state terrorism purpose, to terrorize the Irish as and when required.

This is not a comprehensive list of members of the British army who were members of the UDA , just a sample that highlights the collusion between the British Crown and salaried terrorists of the UDA.

Brian Nelson

In the early 1990s, following the shooting death of Loughlin Maginn, John Stevens was named to investigate allegations of collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). Stevens was able to use advanced fingerprint technology, then unavailable to the RUC. The Inquiry team uncovered Nelson's fingerprints on some security force documents. The team began an investigation that, despite the obstructions encountered, would lead to Nelson's arrest.

When the Stevens Inquiry Team arrested and interrogated Nelson, he claimed that he had been acting on behalf on the British government. Stevens spoke to John Deverell, head of MI5 in Belfast, who confirmed that Nelson had worked for Army Intelligence and not the RUC. Sharp disagreements developed between the two security branches as the extent of Nelson's illegal activities within the Force Research Unit (FRU) was uncovered.

Over a period of two months, Nelson dictated a police statement covering 650 pages. He claimed that he had been tasked by the British Army to make the UDA a more effective killing machine. Using information that should have been confidential to his handlers he produced dossiers or "Intelligence Packages" including backgrounds, addresses, photos and movements on proposed targets, which were passed on to UDA assassins.

So the British govt operated death squads like Chile and Argentina Juntas.
In addition to the unofficial British death squads the British Govt must have known about, but never made public complaint of!!
The Committee RUC & Business control terrorist death squad

Charles Harding Smith first effective leader of the UDA (During Dáil Éireann debates in 2005 he was named as a "self-confessed British intelligence agent".)

Davy Fogel

David Payne

Albert "Ginger" Baker
ex-British Army soldier who is a convicted murderer, who carried out at least four murders carried out when a member of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), of which he was a leading member.
He claims that he was a British agent all along.
Baker was a member of the British army and while serving was selected by officers in the British army for "Special Ops"
Baker stated he was a member of the Special Air Service's (SAS) 22nd Battalion.

Some of the acts of terrorism that British terrorist Baker was involved with.
Baker was the ringleader of a UDA unit in his native east Belfast known as the "Romper Room Gang" which included Ned McCreery, who held the rank of Colonel within the UDA. This unit was described by journalist Maeve Connolly as having been as "repugnant as the Shankill Butchers".

On 18 August 1972, the unit carried out the first of four sectarian killings. Baker shot 21-year-old barman Philip Faye five times in the head on the doorstep of his home in Island Street. Faye, who was a native of County Cavan and who had a limited understanding of the sectarian divide in Belfast, answered the door to Baker and confirmed his religion when asked if he was a Catholic. Baker then opened fire. Faye had worked at the Girton Lodge Hotel, one of the locations used for UDA Inner Council meetings and as part of his job he had served drinks to the UDA leaders whilst they met. Herron had ordered Faye's killing when he found out he was a Catholic, fearing that he might have heard sensitive information at the meetings, although in fact Faye had no links whatsoever to republicans.

This was followed a month later by the killing of another Catholic barman, Paul McCartan (52), who was abducted by the unit and brought to a UDA "romper room" for a "rompering". These notorious UDA "romper rooms" had been invented by UDA brigadier Davy Payne in the early 1970s. They were located inside disused buildings, lock-up garages or rooms above pubs and drinking clubs. Once inside, a victim would be "rompered" (brutally beaten and tortured), and then killed.[11] After other members of the unit savagely beat McCartan, Baker then shot him to death. According to a police report members of a foot patrol had stopped a drunk McCartan as he walked along the Newtownards Road shortly before his abduction but had let him pass after he refused a lift home. Baker would however claim at a later date that the police had picked him up and had left him off just fifty yards away from where they knew the UDA gang was waiting.

In early October, James McCartan, a 21-year-old forklift driver from The Markets (no relation to Paul), was abducted from the lobby of the Park Avenue Hotel on the Holywood Road after a party. McCartan's friend John Jamison, a Protestant, had attempted to get him away from the gang but he was beaten as was McCartan's girlfriend and as Baker bundled him into the vehicle he yelled at Jamison "he's a Fenian bastard". He was brought to several UDA "romper rooms" located in UDA clubs in the Newtownards Road area - specifically in Finmore Street and Clermont Lane. McCartan was then stripped naked, hung up by the ankles and subjected to lengthy torture sessions at each club which included being beaten with a pickaxe handle, stabbed 200 times, and his head dropped down onto the concrete floor. The romperings were allegedly presided over by McCreery, and when they had concluded, McCartan was hooded, bundled in a car and taken to waste ground beside the Connswater River off Mersey Street where Baker shot him three times, killing him.

Tim Pat Coogan alleged that Baker was an active participant in the brutal torture. According to testimony at the subsequent trial, the UDA drinking club in Clermont Lane opened during the rompering with several UDA members and their girlfriends arriving to drink and watch the attack.
Maybe former President McAleese "friend" and so called soldier Jackie McDonald, might know some who would have been in the most depraved audience
UDA terrorists invited to Dublin by President McAleese
The families of the victims of the UDA, victims themselves of the UDA, must be sickened by the thought of McAleese and her husband entertaining the UDA who were terrorists, members were twisted sick cowardly depraved murderers of innocent Irish people.
And were they entertained at Irish tax payers expense?

McCartan's body, which was unrecognisable, was found on 3 October on the waste ground where he had been killed. Baker would later claim that McCartan was a wanted republican although again he had no paramilitary connections.

On 1 February 1973, Baker and McCreery mounted an attack on a bus which was transporting Catholic workmen in Kingsway Park, Dundonald, east Belfast. After Baker got the bus to slow down when he affected a limp crossing the street, he lobbed a hand grenade inside the vehicle, mortally wounding Patrick Eugene Heenan (47), a married man from Andersonstown with five children. Heenan had been a foreman on the construction site of a Catholic school in east Belfast. He died after receiving a fatal gash to an artery in his leg. Several of his co-workers on the bus gave statements to the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).

Albert Baker stated he was a British Intelligence agent and member of the Military Reconnaissance Force (MRF).

Ashamedly Irish politicians have too often failed to protect Irish citizens from British terrorism. Having failed to even investigate properly the Dublin and Monaghan no warning british terrorist bombings.

Americans have known a long time what the British state were up to in Ireland.
Note the date of this press report

Killer Turns 'Supergrass' Uda Figure Spills Beans On British Plots After Deal Fails
Posted: September 06, 1989

Albert "Ginger" Baker thought he had a deal that was too good to turn down.

At age 25, the Belfast-born British army deserter was faced with spending his next 25 years in jail for murdering four Catholics in the British-occupied Six Counties of Northeast Ireland.

In one particularly appalling case, Baker helped plan and carry out the so- called "Romper Room" torture-murder of a mentally impaired Catholic.

The "Romper Room" - perversely named after a popular children's television program - was the back room of a drinking club that served as East Belfast headquarters for the loyalist Ulster Defense Association.

The victim Baker set up was unrecognizable after being stripped and hung

from a beam for a "rompering" of savage beatings and sexual mutilation with a boning knife, before being roasted with a blowtorch!

When Baker was convicted of that and other atrocities, the deal he found so attractive was put to him by the crown prosecutor's office. All he had to do was "grass," or inform on, and testify against his fellow killers in the loyalist death squad.

Due to the number of people he would have to "grass," Baker realized he'd be what is known in the argot of the British underworld as a "Supergrass." He didn't mind the dirty name, though, because the reward for such wholesale snitching was a much earlier release than a man could get for appearing as the crown witness against a single accomplice.

In Baker's case, it meant he'd be transferred to a prison in mainland England to protect him from reprisal by ex-comrades in the UDA. After no more than two years, he would then be quietly returned to the British-ruled section of Ulster PRovince for safe resettlement under a new identity.

But something went wrong with this scenario.

Although judges in the special non-jury court had uncritically accepted ''Supergrass" testimony in cases involving alleged members of the nationalist Irish Republican Army, when confronted with the first such testimony against the pro-British UDA, they failed to convict anyone Baker fingered!

That was 15 years ago. And "Ginger" Baker is still in England's Durham Prison, having long since realized that the deal he once thought too good to turn down was unilaterally scrapped by the crown prosecutor because it produced no convictions.

Embittered at having been stiffed, Baker sent for Ken Livingstone, a militant Labor Party member of Parliament who is prominent in the movement to recall British troops from Northeast Ireland.

To Livingstone's amazement, Baker volunteered a detailed account of ''direct involvement" by British intelligence agencies and the provincial police "in sectarian murders in the north of Ireland."

Although Irish nationalists have long accused security forces of active collusion with UDA death squads, this was the first detailed testimony that supported such conspiracy charges.

According to Baker, during his involvement with the death squads, the deputy commander of the UDA was "directly controlled" by a British intelligence officer "who was code-named 'Bunty.' "

Baker alleged there were occasions when police actually supplied weapons for UDA assassinations, sometimes directly from a police station. He said the police would also drive weapons through army checkpoints on behalf of the UDA.

When raids on members' houses were imminent, Baker said the police would first tip off the UDA and assist in hiding its weapons. On one occasion, said Baker, the UDA abducted a victim for assassination within 150 yards of patrolling police, who were aware it was happening and looked the other way!

Although Baker knew the British intelligence "control" officer only by his code tag, he was able to name many of the police he implicated.

Fortunately, Livingstone tape-recorded all of these allegations, which Baker's lawyers say their client will swear to in an affidavit.

The Labor MP has included the charges in a book to be published later this month, and he passed on a transcript of his tapes to the British home secretary.

As a hedge against government suppression, a full transcript also went to the Observer, a newspaper not in awe of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

This story could undermine her very reign!

One of the most disturbing aspects is that many if not most who managed and trained the british terrorist thugs and murderers have never been brought to any justice, no senior British politician or military officer has ever been made pay for their crimes against humanity in Ireland.

On the contrary in the UK it is far more likely that the British queen has decorated the terrorist management, and those who designed and encouraged crimes against humanity have been celebrated as heroes inside of Buckingham palace.

What Sir John Jeremy Mackenzie knew about the Pitchfork murder

Look who this so called Queen of England personally honored

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Westminster terrorism policy training Terrorists in Ireland
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