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British Betrayal of Irish nationalists volunteers of WW1

   Irish Movies    British Betrayal of Irish nationalists volunteers of WW1 British Betrayal of Irish nationalists volunteers of WW1 Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     British Betrayal of Irish nationalists volunteers of WW1

Re the topic
British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014

This is around the same time of the Belfast pogroms, where Irish Catholics and Protestant Irish nationalists were burned out in the thousands by Britsh nationalists loyalists and protestant extremists.

Makes you sick to know of the full story, when the likes of the ignorant perverts of history like slob eoghan harris go on and on about the few dozen (not even proven) supposed British loyalists murdered for being spies and enemies, or as Harris lies and twists, supposedly murdered for simply being 'Protestant', which is a myth.

Harris is not only a liar, claiming in print that the IRA never shot at one Catholic, when the real history is many times more Irish that were shot as traitors to their neighbours or crown agents, and happened to be Catholic in religion, were targeted and executed by the old IRA, in a time of war.

Irish republicanism has never been about religion or lack of, unfortunately Harris wants to twist the facts of history.
Harris wants to promote the Westminster Crown myths that encourage supposed Protestants to think of themselves as British and not Irish.
Harris still does that! He and his kind who imagine the word Protestant covers all and means something specific and distinct, and he does this even in the 21st century, which means one thing, ignorant people like him are part of the ignorant problem!

Myths of Harris, much like the myths that supposed Protestants, or loyalists were the main soldiers of WW1.

Former Irish Guard and RIC D.I. McKenzie (a Presbyterian) on retirement opened “The Guards Club” on the corner of West Street and Smithfield on premises above a bar. He befriended many Catholic men, not just those who like him had fought in the 1914-1918 war, although he knew quite well how shabbily Irish Catholic men, Irish nationalist volunteers who had fought in that war had been treated by the British unionist state of Northern Ireland, some had survived the horrors of war only to return home to be murdered in their beds or dragged into desolate fields to be tortured and their bodies mutilated by (Orange inspired) cowards who refused to join the war as soldiers.
These Catholic men had joined that war having been told by the Nationalist Party leaders that they were fighting for “the freedom of small nations”, that their actions would somehow help bring about the freedom of Ireland. One Nationalist Party Leader, Joe Devlin. later, at the height of the slaying of Catholic people in the 1920’s troubles, said he regretted urging men to do so. At one point Devlin, who was the M.P for West Belfast, wrote to the then British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, “ I am angry and disgusted to learn that a Catholic ex-service soldier, who had lost a leg in the war was beaten up by “ B Specials” in Belfast .. I am ashamed now of having asked these men to join the British Army to fight for the freedom of small nations when this is the treatment they receive in their own country from those who are supposed to be upholders of law and order”.

To date no apology from Unionism has been forthcoming. It is all to wasy to pass off what I have here wrote as ' no doubt some will attempt, but I defy anyone to explain why it has been kept out of the public domain for so long..

Buck Alec was a Orange thug loyalist and suspected mass murderer

A point students of 1920’s Belfast must take into consideration is although Buck Alec Robinson was what he was... the fact is the establishment created him, aided and abetted him whilst he was useful to them in their sectarian pogroms. Buck was an illiterate exploited by wiser and educated men. It is all very well for some to say ‘forget the past’, whilst Belfast City Council are holding huge celebratory pageants about the glory of the Titanic .. but yet failing to point out that the shipyards where this hunk of metal that folded when it hit an iceberg was built practised massive discrimination in employment against Catholic people... Some people remember what they want and brush the rest under the carpet, but you can be sure that which they brush under the carpet will be to their advantage. In this grant and funded society in which we live, I bet it would be impossible to get grants or funding to write the ‘hidden history of Belfast and the six county statelet’ Too often the establishment in these six counties are selective in their history.. And will brand one who points out the ‘warts’ as, ‘living in the past‘, or perhaps call him a 'bigot', for writing the truth. To deliberately omit aspects of history is to concoct , is to lie, to deceive... and one must ask the question... why are they omitting aspects ??? ... Have they something to hide..? Perhaps there lies the reason why they don’t like history being told, warts and all!!!
But if anyone ever suggests to you that Buck Alec Robinson was a mere quaint character who kept toothless lions, I hope you give them the answer they deserve, and don't forget to mention who supplied him with his guns......

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British Betrayal of Irish nationalists volunteers of WW1
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