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BBC News RT News both political state influenced Propaganda

   Irish Movies    BBC News RT News both political state influenced Propaganda BBC News RT News both political state influenced Propaganda Information
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Sceala Clann
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     BBC News RT News both political state influenced Propaganda

Sun Jun 08, 2014

For years we Irish around the western world including Ireland, have been told that the likes of North Korea and China and Russia control their news.
You can't believe their news as it is state influenced.

With the advent of the internet and the freedom for individuals to examine and cross reference news events, only now has it become clear that the likes of the BBC are every bit as state influenced controlled, presenting selective news, effectively promoting a state political line, effectively using the news.

If one watches the Russian RT News and then Compares the British BBC news, it is striking how both are so similar in style and obvious bias.
Both the BBC and RT news present the news in a bias manner, they both select news events to highlight a general political viewpoint.
There is no doubt the BBC is presenting selective news. On the current conflicts in Ukraine, if anything I would say the BBC was far more bias and more selective in what it presents.

Ukraine highlights the BBC for what it is, a state news agency.
The BBC are basically ignoring Ukranian violence and state crimes but are actively looking to highlight where ever and when ever it can any negative aspect as Russian crimes.
The BBC is habitually using subjective references as matter of fact, as it it is the news.
For example they present the news as Russian fighters crossing into Eastern Ukraine and state this in a factual manner, but provide no actual evidence or even credible hearsay.
That is worse than any selective bias that RT news are doing.

The BBC presenters just like RT presenters are selected and trained to appear as impartial not bias.
Please what John Simpson! He reeks of a British monarchist and apologist / excuser, just a clever charade presents him as appearing to be asking the questions.
Like the worst of RT he only asks the ones he is been detailed.

As for the BBC lapdogs , Kev caught Fergal Keane out in the supposed history of Ireland, with shameless and perverse British bias.

I think we Irish should not forget how the British media effectively spoke as one on Northern Ireland.
Irish violence was presented as terrorism and murder, a matter of fact often without any independent or impartial reference. how the British govt influenced RTE by not allowing reporters unrestricted access into many areas, and silencing political dissent and a voice at the start of the troubles with the British violent internment of thousands of innocents, nearly all Irish.
We need to recall how the BBC presented Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy massacre and many other horrific events (Which turned out to be British terrorism not Irish) basically exactly how the British ministry of defence had briefed and instructed them,.
The BBC presented the British propaganda often without question, but worse sometimes with a thin simplistic veneer of doubt, to portray impartial news but actually designed to deflect any genuine serious enquiry. The BBC served the British political and Ministry of Defence.
The idea was to present themselves as credible impartial news presenters, perverse when they have never been this.

When the BBC presented what was British violence and British terrorism, whether carried out by official British military they did so vaguely, carried out by rogues or mistakes, when the crimes were via one of its so called loyalists wings, who are actually extreme British nationalists, the BBC presented them as religious extremists, part of a presented theme, a supposed "Irish problem"!
The world now know the so called Irish "problem" was really a British v Irish problem. The state controlled BBC at the time clearly went out of their way to not present the problems and violence in Ireland for what it was, as a hangover of British colonialism!

For news events like Ukraine the only way to get somewhere close to the actual news is to read between the lines of both bias state news agencies.

Look at this for a example of extreme bias and state political news presentation.
Afghanistan has seen foreign armies come and go.
Worst was soviets ended in 89
which culminated in the rose of the taliban

david lloyd

bbc news kabul

Conveniently and selectively ignoring the many brutal British colonial wars in the region, ignoring the arming and support of the Mujahideen and extremists like bin laden when it suited the British Government.
The BBC and ITN presented the Mujahideen (many of whom were not Native but foreign fighters) freedom fighters, this was when the Mujahideen were blowing up thousands of young Russian soldiers, and their ritual beheadings of POW's, were seldom presented, and if so viewed more as revenge than acts of disturbed extreme evil.

At last people are starting to expose the BBC as a state news agency, a political news wing of the British government
Others have started to notice the BBC for what they are and always have been, a state controlled and influenced news agency.

Perhaps you disagree with some views, however these views are so diverse they would be difficult to simply dismiss.

Ukraine: BBC Propaganda for Dummies

nsnbc : The BBC has done it again. In a lengthy article with many �unverified� photos of �alleged� Russian soldiers in the Crimea, the BBC gives its readers all it expects (and wants) EU and other English reading citizen to know about the Ukraine to qualify as a Ukraine expert. Only�

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BBC News RT News both political state influenced Propaganda
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