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so called grate britain - colonial crimes of evil terrorists

       so called grate britain - colonial crimes of evil terrorists so called grate britain - colonial crimes of evil terrorists Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     so called grate britain - colonial crimes of evil terrorists

In britain or should we say england or more like london the base of the few elite hangers on and cronies of past French norman and later Germanic Hanoverian brutes, terrorists that colonized all it could grab and ruled that island by terror killing any who dared opposed their aims. Colonized so completely by French Normans they re wrote history, inventing myths for ignorant peasants to buy into! britain a land so terrorized and so completely ruled by FRENCH blood and speaking parasites like Richard the Lionheart (aka French robber baron) who has comically become a idol of todays most ignorant little englander, who actualy imagine he was and spoke english just like them!

The supposed English victories over the French at the likes of Agincourt and before! how funny

REALITY CHECK Agincourt was really more like two competing French mafia traveller clans fighting for winner takes all.

St Crispin's Day Speech is pure myth - for a start Henry V barely knew english let alone spoke it natively! Ironically most of his life his mafia was kept busy killing native peoples of wales and (what is todays) England certainly not fighting anywhere on behalf of!
He had his lackies write what was a very early form of English for him, they had to translate and dictated it to the fluent French Norman speaking Henry V.

The supposed speech made on screen supposed history by pathetic lackies like sir Kenneth brannagh, all that is a total invention made up hundreds of years later. Simplistic myth but dangerous nonsense for morons like the EDL to revel in today as true and representative of true brits!.

reinvented fantasy patriotism of the simplest kind jus like Hitler & co invented their own pure Aryan Bullshyte dangerous supposed patriotic nonsense to convince a docile ignorant mass.

In Britain today more meek docile half wits, believe all the more recent Hanoverian fairy tales told them, history rewritten for anther generation of half wits who imagine these Germanic mafia families (like the latest saxe coburg und gothas) actually represent them! these fools actually believe these billionaire mafia represent their own ancestors culture.

Reality is many in todays London and England and the island of Britain are actually part or of mainly of Irish origin. Many of these peoples Irish ancestors were denied basic rights and were victims of such extremes of overt racism that they encouraged to not only feel ashamed and forget their own Irish connections but were indoctrinated by the evil powers in crown government to consider their own Irish people as third class, to mock and deride the Irish, their own now unknown and denied ancestors!

Most Cockneys were of Irish and Jewish descent, the very name cockney first mocked derided their origins but ironically now hides the origin and is somehow (history rewritten for half wits) considered the most engerlish of engerlish.

Wake up and grow up , this is 2016

these Germanic mafia families most certainly do not represent you, read their real history.

and the reality of their BRUTAL so called glorious empire, a empire of theft and murder stolen land via terror, via terrorism.
You ancestors like many Irish would have taken a shilling to do the dirty work, but they got little else except a perverse medal of supposed bravery!
Bravery is not having a machine gun and using it against complete strangers just because some scum public school pervert orders you to!

They took all by division and by the sword or machine gun, and for their own greed and resources and power, not for the benefit of any supposed foreigner or your ancestor!
how ironic the Hanoverian mafia foreigners calling other people foreigners

Saxe coburg und gotha, - the most parasitic immigrant family ever to sponge off the people of Britain and much of the world.

Good links

Mark Curtis - great british deceptions

John Pilger

reality of the Germanic british terrorist empire

crimes of saxe coburg und gotha royal brits, for their personal gain

Liz owns/claims most of the land of Canada, land, shoreline, sea-bed, river-beds you name it she claims it! just one of her physical wealth assets that was stolen at the point of a sword by her evil terrorist ancestors

For their benefit - not yours!
world war 1 and the perverse deaths of tens of millions - for their benefit not yours or your supposed brave grandad! poor fool granddad who would be jailed if he tried to resist conscription and shot if he did not shoot strangers more like
Most successful of all recent mafias was the

and they controlled both sides of ww1!
Both sides were grandchildren of the Germanic Victoria and her German husband and related too was the Russian parasite family and so was and is every other supposed royal (supposed special superior humans by right of being born!!) in Europe. including that evil murderer saxe coburg king of poor lite Belgium (another invented fairy tale so yiur ancestors could die in the mud for billionaires) who killed millions in Belgian Congo
Irish Community Images
Cousins shortly before they could not agree over who owned what parts of the globe to abuse resources.

No Brits ever ended slavery! the saxe coburgs simply compensated their mainly Anglican bishop slave owners and reinvented slavery at the end of a gun in places like Kenya and this was in living memory.

Apartheid South Africa! funny how for most of the worst crimes and slavery it was liz saxe coburgs head who was on the back of their coins!
so called queen lives in a 500 room (one of her many) mansion surrounded by her personal bodyguards, exactly like a mafia boss dreams.

She sneezes and thirty specialists doctors carry out every test going, her NAZI linked husband phil is the living dead kept alive by money no object!

You think these parasites represent you and your family.
How very stupid , the extremes of perverse idolatry.

Liza Gambino
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How dare you compare the Queen of England with a organized crime syndicate.
A Definition for you ignorant peasants.
Organized crime
Organized crime or criminal organizations, are transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals for the purpose of engaging in illegal activity, most commonly for monetary profit. Gangs may become disciplined enough to be considered organized. An organized gang or criminal set can also be referred to as a mob.

A Mob boss starts off just like you and me, they were once just regular humans.
They start out with just a idea - to make from others money by force of or threat of violence and terror.
So the wannabe mob boss gathers around them a few other bully boys, who they call their soldiers. The more successful the mob boss the larger their standing army of bully boys, and by default the greater their potential for violence and terror, and expansion!

Irish Community Video

In order to expand their criminal empire and illegal gains, they utilize their physical power or threat of, doing so the Mob Boss can force all those around them , under their control pay a cut, a tax of sorts.
The bigger the cut / tax take, the more the Mob Boss can expand into other territories gaining power.

Once they gain power, the big time Mob Boss can employ their own lawyers and accountants, the best in the business.
These Mob lawyers and accountants can sometimes be so powerful, they can start creating / designing the law, invent what is legal, defining the law itself.

Only once a Mob Boss has such power,can they can be considered a real success. Naturally the Mob Boss will want to keep hold of this power. The Mob retain power by keeping it in house, in the family, handing over power to someone in their own crime family, (you know, exactly like the Mafia of the movies do).

As time passes and generations of criminals pass on, the once effected population tend to forget the rough arm violent thug origins of the crime family.

People tend to forget that the Mobs core assets will have been gathered through crimes, terrorism, drugs dealing, protection rackets, valuable asset theft, mass murder, blackmail, prostitution, human slavery and trafficking, etc, for these crimes will all be covered in time with more acceptable fronts, direct line orders and evidence more difficult to pin down.

The past evil and crimes of the now successful organized crime syndicate, when not romanticized, will be confused or forgotten in the mist of time.
The all powerful Mob now has great influence and power, in every walk of life, including the media.

Every aspiring big time criminal understands this system, they know that crime can pay. If you stick at organized crime, get some luck along the way, and most of all are ruthless enough with the natives. Crime can pay - the evidence is there for all to see.
Irish Community Images
People tend to forget that the now-respectable Mobs core assets were gathered and gained via crimes - Drug dealing, protection rackets, valuable asset theft, mass murder, blackmail, prostitution, human slavery and trafficking, etc,
The ultimate aim of any serious big time Mob boss is to make their criminal assets and bully boy army appear not only totally legal, but admirable, honorable.

Have enough power to create or influence laws that allow them to keep all their gains from crimes, and stop any other aspiring thugs getting in on the act.

Otherwise sensible and logically thinking people will now bow their heads and stop in the streets to sight the make over Mob Boss.
Bowing before the all powerful Mob Boss, not in immediate fear, but in a perverted sense of loyalty to this now supposed charitable and honorable dignity.
Kneeling bowing and scraping to the honorable celebrity, a habit that does not tend to fade quickly with time. This curious habit is a direct link to a very real past. The historical fear of the original thug and founder of the Organized crime syndicate, now all legal, above board and made look dignified, honorable.
Irish Community Images
So as you see.
How ludicrous to even think of comparing the Queen of England with a every day common or garden organized crime syndicate Mob Boss.
Has the Queen of England directly benefited from past proceeds of crime?
Human Slavery or Drug dealing
for examples?

Of course not! Well OK all that did go on in the past, by her ancestors and connected family and she does of course directly benefit from past crimes, but that is all legalized.
Sort of confusing to you mere peasants maybe, but it is different.

Of course crimes may have even continued in her lifetime, especially in parts of the so called third world that was still directly controlled by the empire.
But! again that was all legal, as she owned it and them.
And of course all the many properties and land titles around the world that she now directly benefits from, OK so most if not all were historically claimed via violence and bribery by street soldiers of past organized crime families.

Still, The Queen of England is legit, official and all legal. She lives in a palace and all the billions and all her foreign possessions are most carefully accounted for by accountants and lawyers, under English law Laws that she puts her name to, so how can that be anything but straight and honest!

Every one of her assets, all the millions of acres of land and priceless stolen jewels and possessions, collected from every part of the globe, all that was simply a gift from the natives. She has the historic papers all legally signed to prove it.
The Queen of England is all legal and proper, the British monarchy a successful and professional organization. Not just a common mafia mob.

Try as they might, the likes of Al Capone and Saddam could only dream of such success.
They are just small time, nickle and dime mobs
Quite different.
Irish Community Images

For the divisions of the mafia, like the Chicago mob

Read about the much larger scale mafia fronts, like the East India Company or the Hudson Bay company

Private companies, on commission of the crown mafia who always toom a cut of their terrorist crimes against humanity

Nothing of course to do with this seemingly polite harmless old woman, sure she has personally done, nothing on her watch.

That's a fact!
As long as we selectively decide to completely forget on her watch

The decorated mass murderers of Bloody Sunday

The salaried torturers in Ireland

The salaried torturers in Kenya and many other places, the crown services employment of monsters like Idi Amin

then there are the many corporate crimes that she has personally benefitted from, as a major share holder in so many oil and mineral exploitation PLC's.

Just some examples of the many crimes against humanity we know of! Carried out on Her Watch!

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so called grate britain - colonial crimes of evil terrorists
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