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What is the Origin of Plastic Paddy

       What is the Origin of Plastic Paddy What is the Origin of Plastic Paddy Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     What is the Origin of Plastic Paddy

Hal asked
What is the origin of Plastic Paddy.

Answer about the origin of the Plastic Paddy.
The term of abuse never came from Ireland or originally from anyone genuinely proud to be Irish.

Plastic Paddy started in England among the British nationalists. Calling someone a Plastic Paddy came out of their anger at witnessing the pride of the Irish emigrants, especially Irish Americans.

The cynical term plastic paddy, a term of abuse started within the ranks of the extreme right wing British nationalists politics, and from the generally ignorant ranks of the British army in the 1980's.
Plastic Paddy along with Fenian and Taig became a favourite anti Irish term of abuse for the ignorant ranks of the british army, the edl, bnp and nf.
Not that any of these ignorant British nationalists would be able to define what any of the terms meant, they just know it is anti Irish.

So the abusive anti Irish reference started in the 1980's, at this period of time, many of the British army, often members of extreme british nationalists were very anti Irish. They often still are today, just pre occupied with new foreigners.
These pathetic racist individuals are just about as ignorant as humans come, as has been shown by british army internal reports.

The term of ridicule and abuse of Plastic Paddy was reserved for anyone who was proud of being Irish. The National front and BNP hated anyone who said they were Irish and not British. Plastic Paddy or Bog trotters. Comical that these semi literate emotionally disturbed retards considered the Irish thick. The thick Paddy jokes from their semi literate mouths were never intentionally meant to be so ironic.

However and so typical of these ignorant racist British nationalists, all the while they abused those Irish who were openly proud of being Irish, some Irish were OK.
Some were approved Irish and never questioned, it did not matter that they rarely had any genuine Irish connection what so ever, as long as these supposed claimed 'irish' were subservient to their Saxe Hun Royal family and butchers apron, they were deemed koshe by these most ignorant of racists.
The likes of the british irish guards, were ok.
Irish Community Images
The Irish in the British military and police in context.
Unlike today, pre the war of Independence, the Irish guards like the RIC were generally Irish men.

Strange that colonized people are in the colonizers army and security structures?
On the contrary this is not just a common feature of colonialism, it is intrinsic and fundamental to the divide and conquer aims.

The impoverished Colonialized Irish were once upon a time,and for centuries over represented in the Norman army, later English army and the later british army.
The Irish share this sad historical reality in common with every other Colonized brutalized native. From before times recorded to the Celts in the Roman army, to the French collaborators and a dozen other nations in the Third Reich police and army.
Even today conscripts in the new Iraqi army join their Colonizers forces (for pay), despite the risks, as the bombs go off around them they still line up for work in the Police and army! This is not out of loyalty but as a direct result of the destruction and generalized poverty the Colonizers have brought.

The Irish by the 21st Century were generally not interested or actively shunning the British forces, the Irish no longer had desperate need.
Today the Irish in the British military are generally those who have no choice, they had been refused entry to the Irish military, the Irish army have much stricter general entrance requirements and higher standards.

So Ironically at the very time of the origin of the term Plastic Paddy, even the claimed Irish regiments of the British army in the 1980's and 1990's were not even remotely generally Irish.

They were recruited by necessity from people with no Irish connection what so ever.
For the ignorant and hypocritical British racists the 'so called Irish guards' were approved Irish and were never known as Plastic Paddys.
These so called Irish guards should have been regarded as the epitome of a Plastic Paddy, the only thing approaching being credibly Irish about them was their Irish Wolfhound.

Irish Community Images
How is he remotely Irish?
This posh but dim is the ultimate example of a phoney Irishman, if ever there was a plastic Paddy, a poor class imitation, then this rich boy is it. The Africans in the Plastic paddy Irish guards of the British army are as Irish as he is or ever will be.

Plastic Paddy is a 1980's British nationalist and racist term.
A racist terms created for people who dared show any respect for their Irish heritage.
The Irish haters in little England did no like to see anyone show any pride in being Irish, and that attitude was actively encouraged by every facet of English/British society, from their ironic ideas of comedy to their newspapers filled with racism against the Irish to their ignorant bully mentality so personified by maggie thatcher that BS British nationalist who ironically sold off Britain and England to the highest bidders.

The thick Irish Paddy stereotype was the staple part of the British for much of the 20th century, it was forced down the throats of every one who watched British tv, had perused any of their garbage papers or had consumed any of their unquestioning or selective questioning state media.
Those years, for generations if you lived there you had no choice but to consume such overt anti Irish racism, and there was no discrimination laws for the Irish to complain to, and so the Irish in Britain and most especially the descendants were told to either put up and shut up or worse laugh mockingly at their own Irish culture, and of course by default were piecemeal made to feel ashamed and deny their own heritage.

It was not until the mid 1980's that the Irish there saw the first flickers of a generalized rebellion against the Irish there keeping their heads down and mouths shut.
By then millions of Irish had been encouraged to forget and lose their Irish identity.

But times were now starting to change, the success of the Irish soccer team (ironically proudly and defiantly led by a English manager) that featured the sons and grandsons of Irish emigrants, had shown by example to the children of Irish emigrants that they were as good if not better than those who had laughed at their parents and cultural heritage for so long, that they maybe did not have to deny being Irish or feel ashamed.

Followed by the global success of the Irish Americans Flatley and Butler in the Riverdance spectacular, and all of a sudden being Irish was changed!
After centuries of being encouraged to self hate, the Irish in Britain not only wanted to claim back some or all of their Irish heritage. The Irish no longer would be kept quiet or stereotyped.
Of course this coincided with the English identity losing any real credible specifics. Ironically generations of Irish and West Indians being treated c0mmonly as second class, had saw to that.

Millions of these emigrant youngsters may have been encouraged to think of their own peoples identity as second rate, but that British racism only worked to a extent and on a level. Those same kids would also change what it meant to be English or British.
They would produce the writers and artists and musicians who would mock British society, laugh at the Bullshit and hypocrisy that was real Britain.

Irish Community Images
Another descendant of a German immigrant pretending to be Irish when not pretending to be Scottish.

The reality was the very parasite ancestors of these young born parasites, gave orders to kill all the native Irish and Scots who defied their colonial terrorism.
It was these parasite ancestors who rewarded the so called adventurers like Walter Raleigh, those mass murderers of poor natives.
Mass murderers of Irish women and children.
It was their parasite ancestors who handed out stolen Irish land and medals to murderers of Irish natives, as long as they got a overall cut of taxes of the abused natives.

Years later the parasitical descendants of these historic Germanic terrorist parasites, like the above saxe coburg gotha von wettins, when it suits their aims go around pretending they are Irish.
These parasites of all the Irish people, are the only plastic paddys, the Oirish, they are not people with a genuine love and respect for Irish culture.

You really could not make it up.
Irish Community Images
It was their parasite ancestors who also liked to decorate mass murderers of Irish natives, just as the current incumbent has done, Liz saxe coburg gotha von wettin, the mob queen who honoured those who lied about the Bloody sunday killers and honoured others such as sir john McKenzie, who's statement, whether honest or not! led the police away from psychopathic and cowardly British army murderers who were under his command.

Perverse parasites in palaces of London and those Irish who support or encourage them are the only Plastic Paddy's.

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