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James McClean Irishman refuses to bow to Poppy Fascism

       James McClean Irishman refuses to bow to Poppy Fascism James McClean Irishman refuses to bow to Poppy Fascism Information
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Irish Author James McClean Irishman refuses to bow to Poppy Fascism Sceala Irish Craic Forum Irish Message
Frank Devenny

Irish Forums Member
Location: Mayo. Ireland

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     James McClean Irishman refuses to bow to Poppy Fascism

At least there is one Irishman in sport who will not have a British war Poppy stuck on him.
Three cheers for James McClean for standing up against British Legion Poppy fascism.
Fitz the cac offered this little gem in context.
Irish Community Images

The british legion admired the nazis, visited Adolf

Irish Community Images

Irish Community Images
so did their so called royals

Followed by a quite Brilliant satirical cartoon on James McClean refusing to wear a Poppy by Fitz the cac.
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Should there be no questions, should we just sheepishly accept the crown Westminster version of history?
Should we accept a version of history from a source that history shows repeatedly lied and falsified events in Ireland for their own power gains.

Maybe the person who puts on a Westminster crown uniform really are all instantly transformed heroes like the crown story!
Despite evidence of the general low quality of british army recruits and evidence of british army murderers and thugs and criminals and serious sex offenders among the ranks of the british army.

How perverse what is happening in Britain, the British Legion has become fanatical about the Poppy being seen.
Everyone must wear a Poppy in Britain, how shallow and how insulting to those who were conscripted or volunteered for no pension to sacrifice.

Many people in Britain, (not just the Irish in Britain) now view their sales tactics and propaganda actually insults the sacrifice, especially insults the conscripts and Irish volunteers of world wars.
Who are not the same as the modern salaried employees of the British army, volunteers for decent pay and pension to fight in wars as and when corporations instruct politicians of the need.

The Legion and the poppy naive / ignorant, claim the Poppy is not political.
That is a perverse false claim, it is a lie.

The Poppy is political, of course it is. The Poppy supports current British service people. You support them by poppy donations or wearing, then so you (by default at very least) support their evil unnecessary designer wars.

If it is not political as the Legion and biased claim, to anyone naive enough to accept their propaganda without question.

Then, ask the poppy sellers this question!

How would the Legion describe those who financially support the Taliban? in any way?

Would they wear the Easter lily to remember our Irish war dead who died to free our land from British colonial rule.

Those Irish who encourage this Poppy fascism and intolerance, shame on you for your ignorance or revisionist history.
The Poppy has nothing to do with Irish sacrifices of either WW1 or WW2. To claim so is another perversion of history by Unionists.
Ireland and the Irish Volunteers was stabbed in the back by Westminster.
What was the reward for the hundreds of thousands of Irish volunteers, who thought they would get home rule? The black and tans and British Colonial state terrorism!

The poor young fools led by Donkeys, who were sold lies, perversely even told they were fighting for the rights of small nations, even small catholic nations. Belgium!
Shows the ignorance of people today, who imagine even a token credit in such a claim.
For the ignorant of real history! This supposed small nation Belgium, was a Colonizer, a virtual dictatorship, a brutal colonial nation!

Irish in world war 1 airbrushing to whitewashing

The Irish who lost their lives in ww1 are all long gone, those who survived that obscene waste of life are now also all gone.

Your money goes to current employees of the British army, employees who fight for pay and pension, in any wars that business requires.

The Poppy was not a British idea, but Haig the criminal Gerneral took it and eventually perverted its use for nationalism.
The Poppy was supposed to be about Peace, the Legion have perverted it for their own ends like some old boys club.
Are the British legion encouraging Poppy fascism, with their 'in your face political poppy', everywhere on British tv, is the poppy seen worn by all, even forced onto Irish people on British tv.
Put on Irish kids like Jedward, as if they asked for that!

Look at these tweets for a idea of how twisted that nation has become about so called remembrance.
Led by the likes of the Daily mail,

Irish Community Images

Irish Community Images

This twit's idea of respect clearly being conform to his views.
Irish Community Images

Irish Community Images

When someone pointed out that James McClean is from Derry and like most Irish and especially from that Irish city, he would not consider current British army as heroes or brave. This is how this extreme British nationalist remarked of the Irish victims of Bloody Sunday.
Leaving aside his ignorance of Irish history, this extremely biased twitter even thinks his own Prime Minister David Cameron was wrong.
Irish Community Images

This a example of the supposed mutual respect that extreme unionists so falsely cry about.
Irish Community Images

Irish Community Images
This DUP lad who looks like he has borrowed a suit from a grown up, another fine example of mutual respect.
Irish Community Images

Led by this chap from the Daily Mail, and his simplistic extremely bias so called journalism. Colin Yioung has been editing his initial article ever since people noticed what a simplistic one sided devoid of any fair context piece it was . Ridiculously biased, it was like a personal anti James McClean witch hunt, a call to hate fest.
Irish Community Images

Mutual respect means, you wear your poppys, but do not expect others to do so, any more than you would wear something that you found political or uncomfortable.

The Good Friday Agreement was voted for by the People of Ireland, that agreement accepts there were at least two identities in the 6 counties.
People born in the 6 counties, are officially Irish by that agreement, considered as Irish as someone from Dublin.
In every county of Ireland, we are Irish not British and we never will be British, that is regardless of our politics or having none.

We can respect those who want to be British, as long as they respect the Irish. We are not Poppy buyers, we do not want to support any current foreign military, and that is what the poppy funds do.
The days of the Irish conforming to British identity are over. This is a two way street of peace, time for the Irish to stop giving way all the time.
People need to be reminded we are Irish, we are not going to dilute that and we have equal rights.

Bravo James McClean, a Irish man who would not bow to British Poppy Fascism.

Would not forget what a bunch of terrorists thugs, who "called themselves a army" did in his home town.

Irish Community Video

It took nearly 40 years to hear the voices hushed, that Westminster called liars, labelled bombers. It took near 40 years for British army officer, to label some of his supposed own as behaving like Nazi storm troopers

The foolish and those who do not care anyway, are happy to go along with what ever the BBC & ITV tell them, so James McClean going against that simple grain, there is no shame in that.

Poppy promotes british killers as heroes all, they are not!
Many are cowards, many of them are murderers who have not been brought to a human court of justice, to date.
It is a symbol, one that only credibly represents what it has become now, a extreme British nationalist jingoistic sham,.
A British symbol that anyone remotely proud of being Irish should refuse to have any truck with.

Final word to war mongering romantics sentimentalists

Irish Community Images

We've had 87 years to think what war is. To me, it's a licence to go out and murder. Why should the British government call me up and take me out to a battlefield to shoot a man I never knew, whose language I couldn't speak? All those lives lost for a war finished over a table. Now what is the sense in that?

— Harry Patch, Nov. 2004

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James McClean Irishman refuses to bow to Poppy Fascism
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