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British mixing Politics & sport England Rugby embarrassment

        British mixing Politics & sport England Rugby embarrassment British mixing Politics & sport England Rugby embarrassment Information
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Boyle Bru

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     British mixing Politics & sport England Rugby embarrassm

Sickening sights were witnessed at Twickenham, endured as Ireland lost this weekend to England, even if it was in their own English game of rugby in their own Twickenham Rugby HQ back yard.

Ireland in context were only playing a sport, their fourth (at best) favorite national sport. Ireland were comprised of a team of native Irish (unlike England) and chosen from a pool of rugby players but a tenth in size that the English can call on (and they still poach foreigners).
If England Rugby plc can manage to convince their fans that they are now 'the real deal', a superior world beating team and this because they had just narrowly beaten a weakened Ireland team at home! Ireland that was under new management and by just 3 points at Twickenham, then good for them. That really is some achievement!

So the sickening sights were not just that Ireland lost this time, of course not.
In context, there was much comedic contentment obtained witnessing the self imagined mighty English reduced to being so relieved, and so over joyed beating Ireland by just 3 points at home, as it highlights just how insecure England and English rugby must be!
When they were seen jumping up and down after beating Ireland by just 3 points, at home! Calling it the best ever, a new dawn. It was a strange but not sickening sight!
Strange from their robotic coach who constantly referenced the experienced Ireland! Despite the fact that he has been in the job a lot longer than Ireland's new coach has, and that Ireland had more than half a team that was very inexperienced at international level.
Despite Ireland missing several first choice players. O'Brien and Ferris, and Bowe alone,would have seen a Ireland win.

A new dawn! A great English team, Really!

None of the basics of the rugby match therefore can be considered sickening, even without context. National teams of any quality should win at home, especially in their national sport.
Would a Ireland Hurling coach be seen jumping up and down, after so narrowly beating a English Hurling team?
They might, but they would be sacked that day.

The sickening sight was not the programed homer ref Joubert, who managed to miss two clear penalties for Ireland with 10 minutes to go. The same Homer Joubert who allowed the English-Irishman Farrell to stay on the pitch after a blatant yellow card foul, so he could minutes later kick a penalty, that homer joubert of course did manage to see for the home team!

But at Twickenham there was a truly disgusting sight.

No it was not the sight of the English rugby rose so prematurely mirthful at Ireland's expense.
Irish Community Images

The most sickening sight was once again the English and British bringing politics into sport.

Twickenham was inundated, O.T.T with the British military, from lining the pitch pre match, to more than one group of British army (self claimed heroes all) filmed jumping up and down screaming like schoolgirls for England's single try, a try that only equalled Irelands previous.
How unprofessional!

Onto their perverse and hideous help for heroes propaganda sellers, who were hawking for spare coins outside a international sports event.
Irish Community Images

Only the British would think of inventing the advert theme of heroes! Making heroes of every ignorant and disadvantaged kid employed by the state, who has been injured or killed while being paid to fight complete strangers in foreign conflicts that they previously knew little or literally nothing about.
Hero to reality
More than half of British Army recruits only have the skills expected of children leaving primary school, of school children aged just 11 years of age! Unable to complete day to day tasks, up to 9% were at the lower standard expected of seven and eight-year-old children

No wonder the British army were so often the cause of more problems, and encouraged so many civilians to violently resist them in 'their colonial wars' in Ireland and every where else they were sent!

These supposed heroes all, are not heroes at all! they are and were in fact 'all' salaried employees of the British state, cannon fodder used to fight in wars, most often wars of profit and illegal wars like Iraq. Wars where crimes against humanity such as Murder and torture have been carried out by their heroes all, presumably these war criminals were rogue heroes!
Wars in foreign places that are now in even worse shape because of the very presence of British post colonial so called heroes all.

Sickening to see the British mixing Politics and sport, making England Rugby a embarrassment, Twickenham HQ has become a advert for the myths of british brave and glorious.
Hypocrisy and arrogance of the ironically named United Kingdom

Can you imagine how the BBC would react, how they would inform the viewer if for example, any Russian national sports event was similarly so loaded with Soviet military and military 'charity' tin rattlers, who proclaimed Russian veterans of Afghanistan as heroes all.
Remember that Afghanistan that the BBC (presumably via orders and influence of Westminster) presented people they now call terrorists as freedom fighters and soldiers fighting the freedom fighting (or terrorists as the BBC now label them) as a occupying force.

Of course it would be hard to imagine a direct comparison in sport, because the soviet military would be professional and would have instructed their kids in uniform to respect a sporting event and not to be filmed jumping up and down screaming delight like schoolgirls for Russia.

British army jumping up and down like not professionals, like over excited
school girls at a pop concert, this is not a once off!
Not only do the British not professionals have previous form, this is a annual event of supposed heroes all.

Irish Community Video

British army professionals, what a shameless joke!
Heroes all! How perverse a definition.

The sickening sight was just the English British forcing their politics into sport again.
The British mixing Politics & sport making England Rugby a embarrassment to the fair minded who want to keep politics out of sport!

I had to tell one such fat slob collecting in his tracksuit rattling his tin for supposed heroes!
That we Irish, like many around the world do not just assume or consider him or the British army as heroes, in fact we know some are cowardly mass murderers and criminals

We Irish are not all going to be forced to have a poppy pinned on us by the British tv make up team.
poppy fascism

Not not one real proud Irishman aware of the real history would ever wear a poppy. Even the british myths of ww1 are perverse lies of Irish involvement and how they supposedly respected the Irish as equals.
British Betrayal of The Irish Volunteer of WW1 1914 -2014

Most british army today like always are just disadvantaged kids used by politicians and the wealthy business, in the very same manner that the aristocratic land owners have done historically.
Used the poor to make them wealthy.
Victims many are yes, but heroes! most definitely not!
Just stooges of Politicians and their wealthy sponsors, wrapped up in glorious bullshit hero myths, myths that the British appear to be more nave than most in blindly accepting.

Fools give their money to supposed heroes, people who are in fact salaried employees of the state, not coincidentally eagerly claimed as supposed heroes by the typically sad angry old men of the Britsh blazer brigade.

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