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Innocent Irish Teenager murdered by british army killer

       Innocent Irish Teenager murdered by british army killer Innocent Irish Teenager murdered by british army killer Information
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Brian Whelan

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Innocent Irish Teenager murdered by british army killer

Irish Teenager Manus Deery was a totally innocent victim.

"He didn't pose a threat to soldiers or anyone else."
Derry child Manus Deery 'was eating chips when soldier shot him dead'

Irish boy was murdered by a british army killer, this murdering thug given a gun was a british terrorist by definition and is a terrorist in any impartial definition. This child killers lies were covered up or not investigated, a common practise for the british political machine in Ireland.
They would perversely when ever possible attempt a press release and blame it on the IRA, even the Dublin bombs and the cowardly evil murders of the Miami Showband had this added perverse aim in mind, UVF terrorist agents of the british army and crown.

This now deceased killer private william glasgow was the very sort of british army thug with a gun who caused the troubles, made what was a bad situation much much worse and last years and cause more hate than existed.

Have you ever wondered why the mass killings in Ireland ceased when the british army finally left! No longer in Ireland to ignorantly bully and terrorise people. From spraying urine from washing up bottles from tanks at shoppers for fun to murder, the british army were the problem, NOT the answer!

this thug Glasgow never had the courage to own up or say sorry for the murder of a innocent child , William Glasgow of rthe britisgh army welch fusillers was a cowardly lowlife.

Not all in the british army are but by moral definition wlliam glasgow and all too many in the british army were and still are nothing but common violent thugs, but common violent thugs with guns.

glasgow and too many of his kind in the british (perversely claimed by some all heroes) army were nothing but vicious semi literate thugs given a gun by the crown and trained to hate and target Irish people.

A British soldier who shot dead a teenager in Derry was unjustified in discharging the fatal round, a coroner has ruled.

Manus Deery, 15, was killed as he stood outside a chip shop in the Bogside area socialising with friends in May 1972.

He was struck in the head by fragments of a bullet that ricocheted off a wall.

It was fired by a soldier from a fortified observation post high above the Bogside area on Derry's historic city walls.

Private William Glasgow, now deceased, claimed he had fired on a gunman but missed and hit the wall. Presiding coroner Mr Justice Adrian Colton said his assessment of the evidence was there was no such gunman.

"The discharge of the round was unjustified," he said.

However, Justice Colton said he was unable to determine whether the soldier was under an honest belief that he had seen an armed man - citing his inability to question the late serviceman during the inquest.

He added: "The force used was disproportionate to the threat perceived."

The killing, which occurred months after Bloody Sunday in Derry, was one of the most contentious of the Troubles.

The coroner said the teenager's family pursued a new inquest to address a "perceived stain on his character" related to insinuations he may have been involved in paramilitary activity.

He told Derry courthouse that he had "no doubt" the boy was blameless.

"Manus Deery was a totally innocent victim," he said.

"He didn't pose a threat to soldiers or anyone else."

During inquest proceedings the Ministry of Defence acknowledged that the shooting was unjustified. In a statement given the day after the incident, Mr Glasgow claimed he fired at a gunman standing beneath an archway beside a pub in the Bogside.

He was not prosecuted. A new inquest was ordered by the north of Ireland's attorney general John Larkin in 2012. The original inquest in 1973 returned an open verdict.

The coroner said official police investigation of the shooting in 1972 was "flawed and inadequate".

As for the shameless RUC British Milice so called Police


The soldiers' depositions - later given to the family - were illegible.

"We fought for years to see the RUC investigation file. When we eventually got it, we couldn't believe it,"

"There was a statement from our mother 'Margaret'. Our mother's name was Mary and the RUC had never taken a statement from her.

"There was also a statement from Manus's 'cousin James'.

"We have no cousin James."

The days of these british terrorist thugs ordering Irish people around at the end of a gun are over, the days of the bully boy brit getting away with murder are over and their corrupt government covering it up, their cowardly and perverse british army press officers inventing and creating lies for the pressare over, the days of these killers being rewarded and decorated by their so called queen are over.
At least over in Ireland!
Such a shame for humanity that these bully boys leaders still think they have a right to go into other peoples land and keep the peace (terrorise one side at the end of a gun) are not over yet.
Pathetic that these british goverments and so called royals think they are the world's police or have the right to go into other parts of the world to land they historically stolen at the end of a sword and flame and then claim democracy inside they drawn lines and created borders to purposely divide.

All that should be over and soon will be, but it is already long past time that the world realised that young men usually with little social or life skills and often from broken and violent homes are not the answer to any foreign or domestic other social problem!
people like the british army murderer william glasgow needed education and psychiatric help when they were young and before they damaged others around them, most certainly not a uniform and a licence to kill.

This murder of a Irish teenager by agents of the british crown would be one of countless thousands, and a sad and shameful symbol of what the british establishment did in Ireland and around the world and perversely claimed heroes did it and for peace!
From drummer boys to the use and abuse of the most disadvantaged in life to the murder and degradation and abuse of foreign children like Manus Deery, a symbol of what the british army has actually been about for millennia - systemic child abuse.

Time the world said no to british army and all inhumane thugs with guns.
Time to stop the perverse imagery that suggests these thugs with guns are somehow instant heroes and the moral superior the minute they put on a uniform.

Time the world listened less to the pathetic blazer brigade who reminisce all sentimental and heroic about what were actually an assembled group of generally under educated under privileged young men who themselves were abused by the British establishment.

And listen more to these men formerly of the british army who have grown up and have a mind that does not just accept or romance or justify violence.

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Innocent Irish Teenager murdered by british army killer
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